How to Clean Garage Floor Oil Stains

oil stain

Believe it or not, garages are the most busy and abused part of a home. Why? This is simply because it is where the cars are kept and all the tools and other heavy equipment you have at home. For this reason, the garage is prone to oil spillage and oils leaks from the vehicles and sometimes oil containers falling and spilling oil all over.

If not cleaned immediately, the oil can turn into stain making it difficult to clean. Apart from your garage looking uglier and messier, the value of your house can also decrease with time because no one wants to move to a house with a garage full of oil stains.

Removing oil stains from a garage floor is not as hard as you might think. There is simple ways that you can actually follow and your garage floor will be as clean as new. These methods are proven to work as charm. Reclaim your oil stain-free garage today.

One stain removal process may not work for all types of garage floors. Most garage floors are made of either concrete floor, epoxy floor, garage tiles, and others are covered with garage mats. Let’s explore on how to remove oil stain from each type of garage floor.


How to remove oil stain from garage tiles

To remove oil stain from tiles, you will need a Grout-eez cleaning liquid.  The cleaner goes for about 20 bucks on Amazon. This cleaner not only removes oil, dirt, clean and grease from a tile floor, but it also removes any other type stain.

The process is simple, apply the Grout-eez to the floor and let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then agitate the grout with a brush. You will immediately see the results even before cleaning with water. The next step will include rinsing with warm water, and your garage floor will be sparkling clean and free of oil stains.

This method works, and the product has excellent reviews with five star ratings. I tried it myself, and it is definitely the best method. There is another method on YouTube that involves making your own cleaner at home, although I find it more expensive since you will need to purchase several ingredients to make the cleaner. Anyway, check it out by clicking the following link.

How to remove oil stain from concrete garage floors.

how to remove oil stain in garage

I tested two different methods and both of the worked great, but the second method was excellent. So you may need to employ both methods.

Method one, using TSP

Take some TSP and pour over the adjacent stain. By using stiff wire brush, scrub out evenly. Then put on some kitty litter to absorb the stain. Shovel off the kitty litter that absorbed the TSP and you will see a noticeable difference.  So TSP, I’d say that’s a good method to try on an oil stain.

Method 2, using Drylok Etch.

Now, be safe when you use all these chemicals. Wear gloves safety glasses. The method is super easy. All you need to do is to pour the liquid on the area with the oil stain and scrub it with a stuff brush.

How to remove oil stain from epoxy garage floor

Some things you will need right away are rags, acetone or daunted soap. Start by wiping off the large areas oil as much as possible. Next, you will have to pour the acetone on the center of the area covered with oil stain and begin to wipe it off.

Make sure you have your rubber gloves to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals. Once you are done with wiping the acetone up, you will immediately see the surface is clean and clear. This even makes epoxy flooring one of the best because it is not prone to oil stains.

How to remove oil stains from mats in garages

how to clean oil stain in garage floor

A few things you want to have on hand are denatured alcohol, some white cotton towels or rags and a mixture of four ounces of water to a quarter teaspoon of a decreasing type of dish detergent.

Oil-based stains require a solvent or dry type cleaning agent. Before adding anything to the mat, always pre-test the solution in an inconspicuous location. You can try your cleaning solution you know behind the door or inside a closet somewhere where it’s not going to be noticeable in case something goes terribly wrong.

Apply some of your cleaning agent to your towel and then blot the spot not rubbing working from the outside edge towards the center. Remember to always blot never rub because rubbing is going to cause friction which is going to take the twist and lay out of your carpet yarns and you’re going to wind up with a clean spot that looks all distorted and just looks worn.

You can see the towel will turn black as the oil is being absorbed the towel. After successfully removing the spot, take a denatured alcohol again and just wipe over the area and that’ll help remove any of the residues from the dish detergent that may be left in there.

You can then take a hair comb and groom through the fibers to stand up the yarn to assist in drying and also restore any of the crushed pile that may have resulted from the blotting.


Well, hope these methods will help you remove oil stains from your garage. All of the methods are very easy and can be done without paying professional cleaners who will take lots of cash to do. Please leave a comment on the methods that you have tried yourself and have found helpful.

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