What is Tandem Garage? Easy Explanation

We are all familiar with the typical garages we would find in our homes. These traditional garages are built so that if you have two cars, they can be laid up sideways, but we have another type of garage known as a Tandem garage; the tandem word means line-by-line.

What is Tandem Garage? Explained in Detail
What is Tandem Garage?

The concept of a tandem garage is somewhat similar to a traditional garage; however, the car is lined one behind the other, so you cannot move the car that you have parked earlier without moving the car that you have parked afterward because the second car would block the first car. If you wish to move the first car out of the garage, you must eventually move the second car.

What is Tandem Garage?

Tandem garages are the kinds of garages in which the car is supposed to line up one after the other. Multiple types of tandem garages can alter per the requirement of the kind of vehicle or the number of vehicles.

different types of Tandem garages

If you are among the people who did not know about tandem garages before this article, then don’t worry. We will guide you through it. In this section of the article, we will discuss the most common types of tandem garages used by people. Some of them are:

💁2-car tandem garage

As the name suggests, this type of garage is based on the longitudinal concept, which means that it is structured in such a way that the width is equal to the parking space of a single car and the length is double that of a standard garage which is used for one vehicle.

In this type of tandem garage, the car is parked one before the other and is placed in a single line. In these types of garages, there are two points of entry and simultaneously two points for the exit.

💁3-car tandem garage

As the name suggests, this type of garage is based on a combination of a 2-car tandem garage and the standard type of garage. It would seem like the 3-car tandem garage is a standard one, but inside there is a longitudinal section on any of the sides of the garage.

There is space available for two cars at the end of the garage and extra space for another car in front of another car. People usually use multiple entries/exits.

What is the difference between a tandem garage and a standard garage?

If we try to analyze the types of garages that people mostly use, it comes out to be that the categories can be divided into tandem garages and standard garages. If you are unaware of both of them, then don’t worry.

We have developed a detailed analysis of all the differences between a tandem garage and a standard garage. Here is a detailed difference between both of them:

standard garage vs tandem garage


The most significant difference between both garages is the amount of space that is available in both garages. The standard garage has three feet difference between the car and the sides of the wall, and the car difference is 6 feet.

The tandem garage has three feet between the car and the sides. Space is the key difference between the two types of garages. Suppose you have only one car and a tandem garage, then the space for storage might not be optimal, whereas you would get more space for the storage compartment in the standard garage. 


In standard garages, it is easy to move both vehicles if two cars are parked inside the garage. But this concept changes in the case of a tandem garage; you cannot move both cars simultaneously because both cars are parked in a single line, one after the other.

If you wish to move behind the car, you must move the front car first to make this happen. This can be tiring as you have to move the first car, then move the second car, and then park the first car again.

Benefits of a tandem garage?

In this section, we will discuss some of the advantages of tandem garages that might be considered relevant points of discussion on this topic; we have accumulated these points through our detailed research and analysis of this topic. 

The tandem garages are known to be less expensive if we compare them with the standard types of garages. The reason for this is fairly simple: there is not much extra space built because the cars are lined up one after the other, so there is no extra space that needs to be spared.

This cuts out the extra expenses that one has to bear in the case of a standard type garage which requires more than an adequate amount of space for the cars to be parked. If we talk about the overall property space that a tandem garage takes up in a home, it comes out to be much less compared to a house with a standard garage.

As in tandem garages, the cars are lined up one after the other, so there is much less space consumption. So if you are somebody who would like to use the space for other purposes such as gardening or other outdoor sports, then tandem garages might be the perfect fit for you.

The Tandem garage also turns out to be successful for those with a single car, as a single car would not require much space, and you will have extra space for storing other supplies. With no hassle, a single car can fit into the tandem garages. 

Disadvantages of tandem garages?

In this section, we will discover some of the disadvantages that come with tandem garages, tandem garages might be very useful for people who own a single car, but it has some disadvantages as well; we have come up with a detailed analysis of why there are some of the problems associated with tandem garages. 

  • While you are in your car after you have parked your car in the tandem garage, if you try to get out, then it might not be too comfortable for you as compared to a standard garage where you get a wide range of motion and space. Parking and getting in and out might feel like a hectic job.
  • It might also violate zonal laws where you live. To avoid this situation, confirm with the zonal inspectors or look for the zonal laws before deciding to build a tandem garage for your house.
  • Some of you might need a lot of space in their parking for the storage of mowing laws or other gardening equipment, for this tandem garage might not be the best option for your people as you would suffer a lot to reach for the equipment.

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So, I hope I have been able to explain what is tandem garage in a easy way and the pros & cons of it. If you still have any confusion, please let me know in the comment box.

Type of garages differ as per the requirement. As per the vehicle you are having, generalizing the use of tandem garages or any other type of garage might not be the most optimal in every situation. So explore all the parameters and conclude why or why not you need a tandem garage for your house.