Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: How To Solve

The main component of a garage door is either wood or heavy metals. But, with torsion springs, anyone can lift these heavy doors very easily, even sometimes only by using a couple of fingers.

But, if any of the major components of the door’s mechanism fails, then the door will not work properly. This is why your garage door only opens a few inches. This article is about this specific problem and its solutions.

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: How to Solve

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: How to Troubleshoot / Diagnose?

To solve the door issue quickly, you must properly diagnose the problem and its location. Such details will help the professionals to give a speedy and efficient solution. You have to follow three steps for it:

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: Troubleshooting
Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: Troubleshooting

💁1. Manually operate the garage door

First of all, you need to locate the problem’s root. You must find the problem in the door or the door opener’s motor. If you find that the door’s torsion spring is broken or damaged or if there is another technical fault, then you need to hire an expert.

To manually operate the garage door, you need to pull the emergency release cord first; it will disconnect the door opener from the door and will allow you to manually operate the door. Now follow the track and slide the door, and if you feel any resistance in moving it, the torsion spring has some issues.

💁2. Examine the door spring

The resistance while moving the door indicates that the string has a problem and cannot properly counterbalance the door’s weight. These springs are on the metal bar, usually placed above the door.

You need to check the string very properly. If it is broken, You can easily locate it as a broken torsion spring will have oven-extended coils. If two springs are on your door, you must check both of them properly.

💁3. Hire an expert

It is good to hire a technician if the problem is for a broken or faulty torsion spring. An expert only can give you a speedy and efficient solution after further diagnosis.

If you want to replace the broken screen, you must carry the broken spring to the store because an unfit replacement can ruin the entire door mechanism.

How To Open Garage Door Manually? Step by Step Guide

💁Process of manually opening a garage door from inside

  • Unlock all the locks with keys: Before moving your garage door manually, you must unlock all the locks and latches. 
  • Plug out the opener: Most garage doors have an automatic door opener. You need to disconnect this opening mechanism. You can do it just by disconnecting the power cord.
  • Use the emergency release cord: First, try to find this cord. Mostly it is in red. It connects the center track with the door’s arm with the help of a trolley. Before using it, you must ensure the garage door is closed. Now pull it to disconnect the door from the trolly. Only after it can you move the door manually.
  • Slide the door: Now you can move the garage tour following the rail. If you find any major issues in doing it, then you need to concern a technician.
How To Open Garage Door Manually? step by step guide

💁Process of manually opening a garage door from outside

  • Use the emergency release kit: In most cases, there is a small lock at the top of the garage door. After unlocking this lock, you will find an emergency release cable. The corresponding key is also needed here.
    • After pulling out the lock tumbler, you can find the cable. By using this cable, you can disconnect the door’s mechanism and make the door free to move manually.
  • Unlock the door: Besides the handle and next to the emergency release kit, there is another lock. This is the main lock of the door. Before moving the garage door manually, you have to ensure that the door is unlocked. 
  • Slide the garage door: After following these processes, you can easily and effortlessly move the garage door according to its path. But if there is any uneasy situation you can contact the technician; for better advice.

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: What Are The Reasons?

Below we are mentioning some of the most common causes of the problem. Please go through them properly. Hope these will help you to detect the root of your door’s problem. 

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: reason and solution

💁Faulty Connection

If the connection between the door opener and the garage door is not proper, it can be one of the main reasons your garage door opens only a few inches. To solve this issue, we just need to disconnect the power supply and reconnect it properly after one or two minutes.

💁Faulty sensors

Most of the updated and modern garage doors come with inbuilt reversing mechanisms in which many sensors are used. The door will not operate properly if the sensors get dirty or blocked by any object. If possible, try to clean these sensors regularly to avoid such issues.  

💁The problem in track alignment

One of the most common causes of the problems mentioned above is the improper door track. If the rail of the garage door gets out of shape, the door will not run properly on its path.

The rail gets reshaped, then tries to make it almost perfect by using a mallet, and after that, tighten the screws to ensure its shape. If it is severely damaged, then you have to call a technician.

💁Broken tumbler spring

This problem cannot easily spot unless your door has stopped working. If you want to check the springs, you must manually operate the door. You must disconnect the cord connecting the door handle and door opener.

When moving the door manually, if you feel heavy, it indicates the problem in the door opening mechanism. To solve this type of tissue, one needs to hire a technician. 

💁A low battery in garage remote

From time to time, you have to check and replace the remote’s battery. Else you can face such a situation where the door will open only one or two inches.

💁Cold weather effects

Cold weather, especially below zero-degree temperature, greatly affects the door mechanism. Follow proper winter maintenance if you want to use the garage door smoothly.

First, you must clean and wipe down the entire door. If any foreign particles are present on the track of the door, then clean them immediately. Then you need to use silicone-based lubricating material on each pulley, bearings, roller, spring, and every moving component.

On the other hand, metals get shrunk slightly in winter. This may be the reason why the door will not operate correctly. Lubricating material is the only solution here. 

💁Problematic logic board

If the garage door suddenly stops working, it indicates that the problem is in the logic board. The logic board reads the Signals and operates the door accordingly. After manually checking the door’s operation, if you don’t find any major issue, there is an 80% chance that the problem is in the logic board.

Garage Door Only Opens A Few Inches: Reasons

The most effective way to deal with a faulty logic board is to replace it with a new one. Sometimes after rebooting the logic gate, it starts working properly. So do, reboot the logic gate once before taking the final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my garage door limit?

This is a very simple process; you can do it yourself with the help of a flathead screwdriver. You can find the limit switch adjustment screw at the side of the door opener.

You need to turn it down by moving the screwdriver clockwise. After adjusting the screw, try to open and close the door once. Adjust the screw until the tour starts operating normally.

How do you adjust garage door sensors?

A technician will be a good option to do it. Else you are determined to do it yourself, then follow these steps sequentially; first of all, disconnect the power supply of the garage. Then unscrew the sensor holder’s screws.

Then move the sensors slightly downward. Now, place the string and properly tighten the knots. While doing it, one thing kept in mind is that the sting must be placed properly. At last, tighten the holder’s screws.

How do I calibrate my garage door opener?

Recalibration is a must when your garage door starts facing malfunction. To calibrate your garage door, you don’t need a professional.

If you want to shut the stuck door, you just need to use the emergency rope, and with the help of the inner handle, you can make the door back on track. No expert or no specific tool is necessary here.

Do both garage door sensors have to be green?

In a garage door, there are two LED lights for the sensors. One of them will always be ‘ON’ and green, indicating that the sensors are properly connected with power. The second one is for door alignment.

If your garage door’s alignment is not in a proper manner, it will blink red or yellow; if everything is okay, it blinks green. So we can say that both garage door sensors have to be green.

How do you fix a misaligned sensor?

To fix a misaligned sensor, follow these simple steps accordingly. First, turn off the power supply by tripping the MCB of the garage. Now you have to loosen the screws that attach the sensor to your door and slide the sensors downward so that the mounting brackets don’t fall.

Now with the help of a string, locate a new position for the sensors and maintain a proper level. Now tighten the screws in their new positions.

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You don’t need to panic much if your garage door only opens a few inches. It is curable within one or two hours if you find the proper reason. But if it has any serious issue, a technician is much needed. But if you want to skip such an uneasy situation, proper maintenance and time is time servicing are necessary.