Garage Door won’t Close with Remote: Solutions

If you are unable to close garage door with remote, it must be because of faulty remote. If you are sure batteries are not dead and the remote is okay, the it must be because of misaligned sensor.

Garage Door wont Close with Remote
Garage Door wont Close with Remote

Garage door sensors are located a few inches from the floor and are installed at both ends of the door, if you know how to check the alignment. 

In short, there are several reasons for garage door not closing with remote, I have explained each one of them below. 

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Garage Door Won’t Close With Remote: Reasons and Solution

Well, here are the most probable reasons and common issues for your faulty garage door won’t close with remote. 

Garage Door Won't Close With Remote: Reasons and Solution
Garage Door Won’t Close With Remote: Reasons and Solution

💁Faulty remote

It can be possible that the remote system that you are using to access your doors may be damaged or may not be able to transmit the signal to the garage door system to open or close it. Try seeking a replacement for your garage door remote.

💁Dead remote battery

A dead remote battery could be a normal reason why this is happening. Try checking the battery panel of your remote control will let you know if this is the case or not after confirming that you have a dead battery then replace it with a set of new batteries.

💁Garage sensors

Garage door opener sometimes may not receive the code signal which is sent by the remote via radio frequency. There can be many reasons behind it. It is best to consult a professional in this case.

💁Misalignment of the sensors

If the sensors are misaligned or if they are placed in the incorrect pattern, position or arrangement then it may lead to the problem of misalignment of the garage door sensors. This can cause not closing your doors with remote. 

How to Fix Misalignment of the sensors?

  • Step 1- Turn off the power to your sensors to avoid any electrical injury that may be caused to you due to electrical wire exposure.
  • Step 2– Now loosen the screws that are deployed at the mount of each sensor. Release them just enough to allow the mounting brackets to move up and down. 
  • Step 3- Without unscrewing the mounting brackets, slide each garage door sensor as far down as feasible.
  • Step 4– Tie a thread to one of the sensors such that it will run across the center of the sensor if pushed across the doorway.
  • Step 5– Cross the doorway with the string and attach it to the opposite sensor. Place the knot such that the string also passes across the sensor’s center.
  • Step 6– To secure the garage door sensors in their new location, tighten the screws.
  • Step 7- Before you complete, double-check that the string is level. When you tightened the screws, the sensors may have become misaligned.
  • Step 8– Finish by removing the rope and re-connecting your garage’s electricity.
How to Fix Misalignment of the sensors?
How to Fix Misalignment of the sensors?

💁Dusty or clogged garage door sensors

If there is a lot of dirt that is clogging the sensors then it might be possible that you will not be able to close your doors.

As the sensors might look at the clogged dirt as the obstruction that is blocking the rays from receiving the other garage door sensor hence it may look at the dirt as an obstruction. If nothing works in this list you may need to look for garage door services. 

How do these Garage door functions?

The functioning of these doors is not as complex as it seems and vary as per garage door manufacturers. These doors are usually installed at both the ends of the doors and are placed around a few inches from the ground.

Door sensors can be operated with a remote-controlled device, moreover, all the door sensors can be accessed through the remote-control system. 

How do these Garage door functions?
How do these Garage door functions?

While some controls are wired to the garage doors and cannot be operated through a remote system. This remote-powered system is very convenient as it does not require you to leave your car again and again for opening and closing of the doors.

You can just push some buttons and see the magic happen. Well here we have put up a detailed analysis of how the door sensors actually work:

  • The setup of the door consists of an infra-red radio system that has the purpose of activating the motor as soon as the button is pressed on the remote to open or close the doors.
  • After that, the electric motor activates it hence further engages a garage door track and pulley system pull this track and pulley system comes under the door setup.
  • This pulley and rack system then facilitates the opening and closing of the garage doors.
  • Now comes the use of these sensors, these sensors will scan any obstruction or obstacle that may not be suitable when entering the garage.
  • Suppose a child is playing under the doors and the driver unknowingly closes the doors then without these garage door sensors this situation can turn into a whole disaster.
  • While the sensors are already placed and are working perfectly then the gate would not close in case there is something that is blocking the rays that are between the sensors to ensure that there is no obstacle in between when closing the door.
  • These sensors use a photoelectric beam of light to sense the obstacle is something. One of the sensors emits the beam and the other one captures it. 
  • So in case, if there is any obstruction that blocks the beam from reaching the other sensor. Then it will not allow the closing or opening of the garage door as it may lead to disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the other reasons that might cause this problem?

There can be numerous reasons why you are not able to close your doors using your remote. With the help of our deep analysis of this topic we have tried to cover all the reasons that can cause this problem are listed below:
☑️ Something is blocking the door that is why the garage door sensors are not permitting the doors to close down all the way.
☑️ Faulty safety sensors or safety feature can lead to the malfunctioning of the  doors which would revoke the sensors to close the doors.
☑️ Misalignment of the door sensors as this come under the garage door sensor system. As these sensors are equipped for safety purposes.
☑️ Clogged or dirty sensors can also cause this problem as these sensors work by projecting a beam of light from one to another and this beam of light is the concept that is used to detect any obstruction or obstacle that is blocking the door. Hence if the sensors will be clogged they won’t be able to project the beam of light, as a result, this would come under the obstacle category for the sensors, and then the garage door won’t close.

Can garage doors be fixed?

Yes if you have a faulty or your garage door is broken or damaged somehow then you can easily repair it or get it done by professionals. 


The door is very important when it comes to the convenience and elegant look it offers to the houses. doors are also mandatory in the U.S. as per the government.

If you suspect anything wrong with your doors try to take action as soon as possible because it may not seem a big problem but it can cause major havoc if ignored for a long time.

Moreover, try to maintain your garage doors by regularly keeping a check on them by checking the wiring and the sensor systems to avoid any casualties that might be prone.