How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Garage: 9 Easy Ways

Even though we hate it, spiders still find a way into our garage, making it difficult for us to work there. You may have tried many things to keep them away, but they still find a way. This can happen for a few reasons, like if there are food sources for spiders, congenial living conditions, and easy access. 

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Garage
How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Garage?

Thankfully, there are a few ways to deal with this crisis, and in the following article, we will look at how to get rid of spiders in garage. 

What are spiders attracted to?

The first step towards removing spiders from your garage is identifying the things these bugs attract. 

What are spiders attracted to
What are spiders attracted to?
  • Light: For starters, spiders don’t like light. Of course, like other animals and insects, they are attracted to their food source. 
  • Food: If some insects are attracted to light, spiders will follow. 
  • Living conditions: Generally, spiders are attracted to dark, cool places to hide.  
  • Access: Spiders seek shelter in a pile of wood, leaves, sheds, and garage.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Garage?

Spiders find their way, and convenience to stay in your garage. However, it’s natural for you not to like sharing your home with these creepy crawlers. Thankfully, there are some convenient ways to deal with this menace.

For instance, removing any clutter from your garage. Spiders like to stay in cool dark places; cardboard boxes and bins are perfect for that. Instead, you should use sealable containers and compartments to keep spiders away. 

Cleaning your garage regularly is also another way of getting rid of spiders. Once you clear off the pile of leaves and other clutter, you efficiently clean their hiding places. Likewise, eliminating spider food sources is also an effective way to keep our spiders. 

Spiders prey on other small insects; thus, if you maintain hygienic conditions in your garage by regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep it bug and spider-free. 

Many people have also benefited from peppermint oil as a spider repellant. 

While these household methods are effective, they might not be enough to deal with a large-scale infestation. In that case, you might need professional help.

Common Measures to Get Rid Of Spiders in Garage

Dealing with spiders can be difficult if you don’t know a few common methods. In this section we have covered a few unique methods to deal with a spider infestation in your garage. 

 Measures to Get Rid Of Spiders in Garage
Measures to Get Rid Of Spiders in Garage

💁Reducing Moisture in Your Garage

It’s common for homeowners to spot spiders in the garage during summers; they come in during summers to escape the heat, search for food, and mate. 

However, along with spiders, other insects like centipedes, cockroaches, and crickets also get into the garage. These insects will be more drawn to your garage if the area is moist. 

So, if you have any water leaks in your garage, fix them. Additionally, look out for water leaks around your home as well. 

Reducing moisture levels in the garage will keep spiders away to a great extent.

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💁Eliminating Food Source for Spiders

Even after reducing the moisture levels in your garage, you may still find these creepy crawlers if they have some form of food source in your garage. 

Other insects like flies, bees, and ants might find their way to your home and attract spiders. 

So, getting rid of these kinds of insects is essential. If there is nothing for the spiders to eat, they won’t come into the garage. 

💁Keeping Your Garage Tidy

As mentioned earlier, keeping your garage tidy will keep the spiders at bay. Spiders are mostly found in dusty and dirty places. Thus vacuuming and sweeping the garage weekly is essential. 

Cleaning does not only keep the spiders away but also removes their webs and eggs from the area. Besides, a vacuum cleaner damages the soft abdomen of spiders, thereby eliminating them.

💁Seal Any Crack That Spider May Use to Enter Your Garage

Spiders enter our home through small cracks and gaps in the walls and roofs. Thus, it’s essential to cover these up with a special sealant such as caulk or paste made from petroleum jelly and permethrin powder. These are readily available in any local hardware store. 

You can also cover the doors and windows with a screen that works as an additional layer to keep spiders out.

💁Setting Spider Trap/Catcher

While the methods mentioned above are highly effective, some people prefer to take more decisive actions and use sticky traps to eliminate spiders. 

These traps are also readily available in all hardware stores and are mostly best indoors. Sticky pads are basically a piece of cardboard covered in a sticky material that catches the spiders’ legs. 

You can also create a DIY trap at home with a piece of cardboard covered in double-sided tape. You can replace the double-sided tape with a sticky insect coating available in garden stores. 

Before you catch the spider in the trap, you have to lure them. This can be achieved by setting up a water source. Make sure you set up the trap next to the water source, and it must be all arranged in the dark nooks and crannies where spiders tend to stay.

💁Increasing The Amount of Light in Your Garage

Spiders don’t like light and seek to stay in dark and dank places. However, if you have noticed, they crawl out if you switch on a light bulb. Why? Because it’s their hunt time. Spiders snack on other insects that are attracted to light. 

However, they won’t last long if they cannot hunt. Thus, if you have big windows in the garage, keep them open during the morning and have the blinds up. Use natural light as much as possible. During the night, keep the lights off unless you are working in your garage. 

Natural Sprays/Repellant/Essential Oil to Get Rid Of Spider In Your Garage

Before seeking professional help for spider infestation in your garage, you can try the various natural processes to eliminate spiders.

We have listed our three best options for you to try: 

Natural Sprays/Repellant/Essential Oil to Get Rid Of Spider In Your Garage
Natural Sprays/Repellant/Essential Oil to Get Rid Of Spider In Your Garage

💁Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Take some DE and spread it along the areas you have seen spiders crawling out, like window sills. Spread out the DE evenly like a thin layer of dust. 

Though DE does not stop bugs from entering, they coat the insects and gradually dehydrate them. Spiders are quickly eliminated with DE. Since they live in dry environments, the effect of DE is quick on them. 

💁Peppermint oil Spider Repellent

To create this, you will need the following ingredients: 

  • 5 drops of peppermint oil.
  • 5 drops of dish soap.
  • Water 2 cups.
  • Small spray bottle.

Pour all the ingredients into a small spray bottle (use a glass bottle).

Shake the bottle well, making sure all the ingredients mix well. Spray the area where you saw the spiders or suspect they are hiding. 

Make sure you spray all the corners, crevices, and other dark places. Spray the entry points like window sills and cracks. After spraying, leave it as it is, don’t clean up.

💁Vinegar spray

Things required: 

  • 1 cup water.
  • A small spray bottle.
  • 1 cup white vinegar.

Like the earlier method, mix all these ingredients well and spray the areas where the spiders frequent. These include the crawl spaces, window sills, and crevices. 

You can also place dishes filled with vinegar near the spider entry points and corners.


With all these methods mentioned in this article, you will not have a problem with spiders (if any) crawling in your garage. However, if the problem does get serious, seek professional help.