5 Best Air Purifier for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

best air purifier for garage

You can go up to three weeks without eating. You can survive three to four days on average without fluids, but it only takes six minutes without air to damage your delicate brain and survival beyond is unlikely.

The air that you breathe is the most pressing life necessity. So why not take as many breaths as possible of pure clean air? With so many chemicals and equipment stored in the garage, the possibilities of having contaminated air.

For DIY-ers who love spending time in the garage, breathing fresh and clean air is crucial. In this review, we take a look at the 5 best air purifiers for your garage. All the items reviewed have the highest ratings and positive reviews from thousands of customers. They are also from top companies with great reputation.

Best Air Purifier for Garage

Whirlpool WPPR02000M Air PurifierCHECK PRICE
GermGuardian AC5350B Air PurifierCHECK PRICE
Molekule Air PurifierCHECK PRICE
Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air PurifierCHECK PRICE
Alen BreathSmart Classic Air PurifierCHECK PRICE
  1. Whirlpool WPPR02000M Air Purifier.


The Whirlpool air purifier is a strong air cleaning solution recommended for spaces that measure up to 580 square feet. Its filtration system comprises of a true HEPA filter and inactive carbon filter. Its true HEPA filter can capture particles that are as small as point three microns.

The true HEPA filter rids the air of allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. On the other hand, the carbon filter absorbs odors as well as capturing large particles it might destroy your HEPA filter. It’s good to note that the HEPA filters need to be replaced every 12 months, and active carbon filters every three months.

Another good thing about this unit is that its indicating light’s alert you when filters need to be replaced. Are you concerned about energy consumption when running your machine? Well, this unit offers an energy saver mode that allows it to run on low fan speed. You can also choose to run it on medium high or turbo mode depending on your air cleaning needs.

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The Whirlpool air purifier uses sensors to detect the quality of the air in your room. The unit uses the measurements taken by these sensors to automatically increase or lower the speed of the fan. This feature allows you to relax without worrying about the quality of air in your room.

Are you looking for a unit that will not disturb you when you’re sleeping or working? The Whirlpool is designed to ensure that you have your piece as it does its job of cleaning the air your breathing.

The unit features the quiet partner system which is one of the quietest and most efficient air purifier technologies that ensures that your room is quiet. The feature makes this air purifier a suitable choice for spaces that demand quietness such as bedrooms and offices.

Are you searching for an air purifier that can clean the air in your room even in your absence? Well, you’ve got it. The Whirlpool features a programmable timer that allows you to plan when you want the unit to purify the air in the room. With this feature, you can do the job even when you’re not in the house.


  • Best in its class.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Reduces odors.
  • Energy efficient.


  • None.


  1. GermGuardian AC5350B Air Purifier.


This CARB compliant and Energy Star certified for in one device does not only purify air, but also captures allergens, kills germs and reduces odor. The HEPA filter easily captures dust mite pet dander and pollen up to 99.97% efficiency.

The UVC light technology uses titanium dioxide that effectively kills airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores. It also has charcoal filters that remarkably lessen odors from smoking cooking in pets.

This elegantly-designed 28 inch tall device is ideal for spaces up to 167 square feet. It is AAA germ-verified which means that its air cleaners can easily remove home air pollutants based on clean air delivery rate CADR circulation. It circulates and filters air four times faster per hour.

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This compact tower weighs 11 pounds only making it easy for you to transfer it from one room to another. Its digital display panel allows easy selection of functions which also include an eight-hour timer and filter change indicator. The five speed allergen control lets you set it on high speed down to super quiet sleep mode.

To keep your air purifier working well for a long time, replace the filter every six to eight months using filters see model FLT500. It’s also important to use model FLTE28CB4 poor carbon filter replacement. Use genuine spare parts from Guardian technologies if there is a need.


  • Good quality.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Modern design.
  • Odor removal.


  • Loud.


  1. Molekule Air Purifier.


It’s the recipient of the Edison Silver Award as 2017 as best new product 52 best inventions of 2017 award of time and one of popular science 10 great home innovations of the year.

This award winning premium purifying machine uses the photo electrochemical oxidation, a patented nanotechnology of molecule that gets rid of indoor air pollutants by working on the molecular level. By eradicating the harmful VOCs, viruses, odor, smoke, allergens and does add a microscopic scale, the surroundings become safer for the family.

PECO is the product of an extensive 20 years of research of scientists to utilize free radicals to oxidize pollutants. Unlike HEPA, this innovative technology is capable of destroying the smallest harmful particles in the air.

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It has a 360-degree air intake system that absorbs air from all angles. The pre-filter process is the air trapping the large particles of allergens like dander and dust while pushing the VCOs into PECO filters where they’re completely destroyed.

Once the light activates the nanoparticle coated filter, a chemical reaction occurs to break down harmful pollutants to the most my nude form. The unique features of this extremely beneficial and stylish looking air purifier only allow harmless, fresh and safe air back inside the room after a very quick purification process.


  • Innovative tech.
  • Dual-filtration.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Portable design.


  • Very expensive.


  1. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier.


It is one of the high performance and visually appealing products of Callaway that explicitly enhances the living condition of many homeowners. This compact, but mighty purifier is backed with cutting edge features that outperform other brands. It has an advanced four-stage filtration system which is capable of eliminating air pollutants and harsh odors.

It’s rated and HEPA certified purify rooms up to 350 square feet with standard eight foot ceilings. On high setting this powerful device delivers 5.7 air changes per hour ACH in the area filtering the air continuously and rapidly every 10 and a half minutes.

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For a smaller area like bedrooms said it in a medium setting to gain 7ACH an efficient quiet operation. In this setting, the HEPA filter cycles the air every nine minutes with 41 decibel whisper like sound emission.

Another impressive feature of this exceptional purifier is the air quality indicator that is powered by Particles Sensing Technology. It automatically kicks into full gear when necessary and stops the fan to save energy after 30 minutes when it doesn’t detect air pollutants.

There’s a colored LCD indicator that makes you aware of how dirty or clean the air is inside your home anytime of the day. To prove its superior ability, it was used in the 2018 New York City real world test. In high setting, it amazingly reduce the particulate level by 99% within 35 minutes.


  • 4-stage filtration.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Vital ion system.
  • Great value.


  • None.


  1. Alen BreathSmart Classic Air Purifier.


It comes with one white panel, two HEPA pure replacement filters and forever guarantee that provides a lifetime assurance. This sleek and compact purifier uses the whisper Max technology that promotes quiet operation promoting a good night’s sleep or undisturbed surroundings when you’re working.

There is a pit noise frequency that Sleep Score Technology that promotes sound sleep. The device’s intuitive intelligence laser sensors adjust automatically to capture particles as little as 0.3 microns.

With best buy seal of consumer digest, there’s no denying that this 10 by 17.8 by 26.8 inches purifying device gives superior cleaning power. Thanks to the smart minds of NASA’s airflow engineers who develop the breed smart technology, it can purify indoor air pollutants of up to 1,100 square feet area every 30 minutes.

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Its four unique options resolve the issues of odors, mold, allergens, bacteria dust and mold. You will also lob its low energy consumption that’s comparable to 105W light bulb, a real deal breaker indeed. The 15 designer panel choices make it easy for users to pick up the right option to suit their home decors and preferences.

It’s perfect for open spaces and huge family rooms and it’s also recommended biologists and doctors for people with allergies.


  • Modern design.
  • Intuitive intelligence.
  • Quietly powerful.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Costly.

Best Air Purifier for Garage Buying Guide

Shopping for the right air purifier can be confusing and frustrating. The market is crowded with misinformation and confusing claims. That’s why we’ve sorted through all the information for you, and we’ll guide you through the process of deciding on an effective air purifier for your home and family.

Air Purifier Technologies

There are three air purifier technologies commonly marketed HEPA type filtration, Electrostatic Precipitation and Ozone Generators. These technologies vary greatly in their ability to effectively purify the air.

After years of testing and collecting thousands of customer reviews, we only recommend high efficiency HEPA type filtration which is widely recognized as the most powerful for air purifier units. Brands like Austin air, Allen, Blue air and Aller air all use high efficiency air filters in their units to capture airborne particles.

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These filters will remove 100% of common allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. Basically, a high efficiency HEPA type filter is mandatory if you’re looking for a truly effective air purifier.

Other common types

Now, in addition to HEPA type filtration, there are other filter and air purifier technologies that can help with different types of indoor air pollutants. An ionized helps remove pollen, bacteria, odors and chemicals in the air. However, an ionic-only air purifier provides an adequate filtration.

Ionizers are added to HEPA units to improve their performance, but shouldn’t be used as the sole method of filtration. Pre-filters will capture things like hair and larger dust particles. When you add a pre-filter to your air purifier, you can actually extend the life of your main HEPA type filter.

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Activated carbon is recognized as the most efficient and widely used material for treating gases, odours and dangerous chemical toxins especially from common household items. Activated carbon is so effective. It’s used in military gas masks. So if you’re concerned about odors or chemicals in your home, look for an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.

Ion Elements

The silver iron element is one of the most advanced Sterilization Technologies used for removing microbes. A filter with a silver iron coating will greatly reduce the presence of fungi and bacteria. In general, look for an air purifier with a high efficiency HEPA type filter first and foremost.

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If you’re concerned with anything other than removing particles from the air, for example if you’re concerned with eliminating chemicals or odors from your environment, go ahead and pick out one of these additional technologies to complement your high efficiency HEPA type filtration.


Well, this sums up our review of the best air purifiers for garage review. Just like any room in your household, you probably spend a ton of time working on one project or another inside your garage. This is why the air you breath in should be perfect for your general health.

Best Air Fresheners for Garage: Reviews & Buyer Guide


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