Best Wood Burning Stove for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

The wood burning stove has been used as a supplementary heat source for thousands of years. It’s said to have been invented in 16th century Europe, but did not become prevalent until the Industrial Revolution.

Fast forward to 1744, Benjamin Franklin produced his own wood burning stove that emitted less smoke and he did successfully compared to the usual fireplace. Although the Franklin stove didn’t gain much popularity, a lot of success of wood stove designs were inspired by it.

Today, wood burning stoves are more efficient and widely used in many homes. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for a fast and effective way to heat their space. Now, that the winter season is fast approaching, we have reviewed the top five best wood burning stoves that will make your living area warm and cozy.

Best Wood Burning Stove for Garage

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood StoveCHECK PRICE
Drolet Blackcomb Wood Burning StoveCHECK PRICE
US Stove 3000 Extra Large EPA Certified Wood StoveCHECK PRICE
Drolet HT3000 on pedesta WoodstoveCHECK PRICE
Drolet Escape Wood Burning Stove with BlowerCHECK PRICE
  1. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove


The Guide Gear wood stove generates 75,000 plus BTUs per hour providing a steady reliable heat for your 2400 square feet of living space. It’s also the cleanest burning large fire box on the market. It has three and a half cubic feet that can take logs up to 20 inches which means less logs compared to other smaller stoves.

It also features the high tech non-catalytic X BT fire box that produces maximum results for your fuel. To guarantee you clean and efficient burns every time, this wood stove is EPA certified in WA States certified as well.

The durability of the Guide Gear wood stove is evident by its cast iron arched door and quality welded steel designed for years to come. It is a six inch top vent that fits standards so pipes and allows for easier installation. This wood burning stove also comes with side heat shields and a built in rear heat shield for close clearances.

Ashes can be easily removed with its convenient ash drawer and it comes with a blower for an added value of over $100. Aesthetically, the freestanding Guide Gear wood stove perfectly accentuates any modern or contemporary space with its sleek satin black steel body and cast iron door with added cast legs and pedestal.

Display it as a focal point in your living room area and let friends and family gather around on chilly nights. You can also enjoy the look of the roaring fire with its arched door design with large door glass and air wash system.


  1. Drolet Blackcomb Wood Burning Stove


This wood stove is a great choice for single family homes due to its highly efficient and effective indoor zone heating. The pleasant Hearth wood stove provides warmth for 2,200 square feet of your living area thanks to its 77,000 BTUs per hour output.

As an EPA certified wood burning stove, it has an amazing 85% efficiency rating with 3.6 grams per hour of emissions. With a little assembly required, the Pleasant Hearth wood stove features a brick lined fire box and chrome handles for safety and efficiency. Its front solid cast iron door allows you to load 20 inch logs and offers a simple way to tend to the firewood.

The wood burning stove operates best when fueled with season cord firewood. To control how you heat your living area, the Pleasant Hearth wood stove comes with a conveniently located push pull draught control that allows for regulated heat output and burn time.

For no mess burning every single time, the wood stove comes with an ash drawer for quick and easy cleanup. The stove also comes with a variable speed blower to achieve quiet and powerful heat distribution. The elegant looking Pleasant Hearth wood stove also features a ceramic glass window that can resist the scorching heat while offering you a beautiful view of the flames as it burns.

It also comes with an air wash system to maintain the cleanliness of the glass window. To top it off, every purchase of the Pleasant Hearth wood stove comes with a five year warranty so you’re guaranteed the product of superior quality and craftsmanship.


  1. US Stove 3000 Extra Large EPA Certified Wood Stove.


If you’re looking for a heavy duty fire box to keep you warm and comfy during the winter, the US Stove offers the largest plate steel stove that can heat up to 3000 square feet. Get cozy with this three cubic foot fire box that can produce about 123 BTUs of heat using wood.

For convenience, the large stove can accommodate 21 inch logs for burning thus decreasing refueling time. Relish eight hours of warm temperatures when the stove is filled with would. Enjoy this 400- pound equipment as it comes with an air blower to extract more heat making the house warmer.

Some users use high flow fans for improved heat distribution. Safe to use even in mobile homes, this wood burning stove is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for added peace of mind. It’s environmentally friendly giving off just 1.9 grams of particulate per hour, thereby making it one of the cleanest wood burning stoves in the market today. It’s convenient to use and maintain.

The bin under the fire box allows easy Ash removal. Another feature that makes this wood burning stove special is the front glass. It enables users to see the fire inside the stove. Just a reminder, glass replacement plus repair could be pricey so take the extra care and loading logs into the stove to avoid breaking the front glass.

Compared to others, this one is priced reasonably making it a hot option when you think of warming your house during the cold coming months.


  1. Drolet HT3000 on pedesta Woodstove.


It is made by North America’s largest and most respected wood stove and fireplace manufacturers the stove builder International. It passed both the USA and Canadian safety standards making it a good safe choice for your home this winter.

The pedestal type fire box comes in metallic black making it a great looking piece of equipment that can be placed in your living room or wherever you need warmth and comfort. It emits 4.3 grams of particulate per hour and generates a maximum heat output of 60,000 BTUs.

For improved heat distribution, the fire box has fire bricks inside which refract heat for added output. With all this in place, this fire box is efficient enough to heat a space area of 850 to 16,000 cubic feet for up to five to six hours.

Although created as a medium wood burning stove, this fire box is versatile enough to accommodate 20 inch logs. Fire is viewable through the large ceramic glass doors. It’s also durable enough to last for a long time. Its body is made of carbon steel while the air tubes are built out of stainless steel.

Cleaning up this wood burning stove is easy too. The glass doors are kept clean by its air wash system, while the easy to access Ash drawer makes Ash removal a breeze. Overall, this wood burning stove is one of the best buys you can make during the winter. It’s safe, environmentally friendly and economical.


  1. Drolet Escape Wood Burning Stove with Blower.


It’s the cleanest wood burning stove, a proud EPA approved member and safety tested to US standards. It’ll heat your home more efficiently with a longer burn time and accept bigger logs. It sizes 37 and 13 fourths inch deep, 34 and three fourths inch in width and thirty two and a half inches high.

This stove features a pedestal base, rear heat shield, side heat shield and is constructed with three sixteenths gauge reinforced steel with firebreak lining making the stove a sturdy guarantee.

Aside from having larger log capacity, it’s also capable of a 14-hour burn time. You can leave the house for work and come home with a warm house waiting for you. Since it has a 14-hour burn time, you don’t need to feed the stove or attend the fire at night. You can go to bed worry free from chill without the need to stoke it up and wake up in the morning fully refreshed.

The product has a large cast iron feed door and a rear end side heat shield, so you don’t have to worry about bumping or burning yourself while feeding or tending the fire. It’s ceramic glass window with size of 15 inch by 19 inch helps radiate more heat into your room while giving you the fantastic view of the brilliant dancing flames inside the fire box.

This stove includes the silent 100 CFL adjustable high speed blower with a heat output of one hundred and fifty two thousand BTUs per hour. It’s capable of heating up a space of 3,200 square feet. The Vogelzang Ponderosa has an overall weight of 400 pounds with three manufacturer warranties. It has a three year warranty for the fire box, flue collar and door with a one year remainder and a 90-day returnable option.

Best Wood Burning Stove for Garage Buying Guide

It’s easier to find the right stove for the space than to find the right space for the stove. Therefore, purchasing a wood stove starts with identifying the right spot for it in your house. Based on this, you’ll know how big of a stove you can get.

Necessary clearance.

Of paramount importance are clearances to combustible. Wood stoves have to be installed at mandatory distances to combustible materials such as drywall or wooden studs in the walls. If your stove carries one of three recognized US certifications, UL, CSA US or InterTek, then you’ll find clearances in the stoves manual and spec sheet typically in the 12 to 16 inches range.

It’s important to ask for this information before you buy the stove. If the stove doesn’t carry one of the above marks, it means it’s an uncertified stove and will need to be installed according to your local building code for uncertified appliances which typically means a much higher 48 inches clearance on the sides and in the back.

However, do not lose heart. You can reduce the clearances or even do away with them completely. Remember, clearances are too combustible as only. If you remove the combustible, then the clearance requirements will be gone. For instance, if you cut off the drywall around the stove, replace wooden studs with steel studs and use a non-combustible board such as the hardy backer, then quite often you’ll be able to install your stove right next to the wall.

The same goes true for a solid brick or block wall. Make sure there are no combustible materials on the other side of the wall within 48 inches of the stove. You can also cover your combustible walls with heat shields and though not eliminate, but greatly reduce the clearances.

A heat shield can be a simple solid sheet of steel installed one inches away from the wall. This will usually reduce the clearances by 66%. And if you use a UL list that heat shield by 87%. It’s important to understand that the above two ways to reduce clearances will work on both certified and uncertified stoves.

However, if you’re buying an uncertified stove such as any antique stove check with your home insurance company first if they’re willing to insure it. Now, that you know how big of a stove will fit it’s time to choose the right stove.

EPA rules

Almost all stoves sold in the USA and many sold in Canada are EPA-approved which means they’re already very efficient. EPA rules guarantee that the stove fully burns its fuel. Even burning the actual wood smoke before it goes into the chimney. This is what the term secondary combustion stands for. Be aware that EPA rules have a few loopholes and one of them is a stove meant for outdoor use. Such stoves do not need to be EPA-approved. You’ll see many of them for sale seemingly for outdoor use.

However, we recommend to not try using these stoves indoors. These stoves are not nearly as efficient as EPA stoves. The difference in their efficiency and wood consumption is dramatic. They’re usually just an empty fire box chamber made of steel or cast iron and will consume tons of wood providing little heat compared to EPA stoves.

What about the catalytic stoves? These are regular woodstove that do not get hot enough to rubber in their smoke which is what they need to do to meet EPA requirements. To circumvent the problem, they use a special device to heat up the smoke to the point that it catches fire.

The converter or combustion as it’s also called is covered with precious metals and chemically ignites the smoke inside the stove. It’s hard to maintain and will likely need to be replaced every few years at the cost of a few hundred dollars each time. You’ll also need to operate the stove manually each time it’s fired up.

The smoke should not go through the converter at a temperature below 500 degrees Fahrenheit because the converter will not ignite it, but it will get covered in soot making itself useless. It’s only after the stove reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit that you can direct the smoke through the converter with the help of a damper.

Conversely, when the temperature falls, the smoke will again need to be manually directed straight into the chimney bypassing the converter. This can be hard to manage especially at night and therefore our advice is to go with a non catalytic stove.

Electric blower

Another thing to consider is if you want an electric blower in your stove. Keep in mind that wood stoves are mostly space heaters and do not force hot air around the house like a furnace. They tend to overheat the nearby space and under heat other rooms. If your concern is moving air inside one room or a few connected rooms, then a blower is a good idea.

But be aware that however powerful the blower is it will not compare to the central heating air duck system. You can also purchase separately non-electric stovetop blowers which require only the stoves heat to turn. In short, do not base your decision on the presence of a blower all the more so since in the case of a power failure it will become useless.


Another important thing to consider is whether you also want to use your woodstove for cooking and baking. Wood cookstoves have made a comeback in the last decade. They’re exempt from EPA rules since EPA recognizes that they’re used primarily for cooking, but cookstoves are very powerful heaters too.

You should get a cook stove only if you are in fact planning to cook on it. Otherwise, you’re probably better off with a smaller stove. Modern cookstoves have sleek designs and allow you to cook, heat and bake all at the same time. Some of them even come with a water heating option.

There are two types of water heaters. Some cookstoves will have a closed integrated water tank heated by the body of the stove and others will require a separate free standing water boiler and copper tubes to feed water through the fire box of the stove and back into the tank.

Be aware that hot water turns to steam and where there is steam, there is pressure. And where there is pressure, there could be an explosion if pressure is not released. For this reason you’ll need to install a temperature and pressure valve. You’ll also see coil kits for sale designed to be retrofitted inside the fire box of a non-water heating stove to heat water.

We highly recommend to stay away from this option. In the very least, you will avoid the stoves warranty immediately. All in all, water heating can be a great option but only if set up safely by a professional.  We hope you have enjoyed this woodstove shopping guide.


Well, that sums up a review of the top five best wood burning stoves on the market. Using a wood stove to heat up a space is a traditional way, but still loved by many people. However, there are many other ways of heating your garage. Also check some of these garage heaters.

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