How Do I Cool my Garage Workshop?

How Do I Cool My Garage Workshop?

Carrying out your day-to-day chores becomes quite unpalatable, particularly with high moisture. Exceedingly hot days are an issue if you relish spending time in the garage.

Your garage’s temperature can be up to 5-10 degrees warmer than the outdoor temperature. Whether you’re in the garage working on vehicles, using it as a workshop, or working out, there’s no fun if oven-like garage temperatures limit you from reveling what you love.

Even when you near the garage, you can feel the overheated steam coming out of it.Let’s look at some ingenious solutions for garage cooling to enhance the coziness level.

Why Your Garage Gets Sultry

Before looking at some garage cooling solutions that you should take into account, let’s examine the root cause. Several factors can impact on the garage’s temperature. This includes;

  • Where the garage is situated (garages to the west are exposed to the sun’s severe late afternoon heat)
  • Your garage’s insulation functions
  • Garage’s paint (darker colors conduct heat)
  • The garage’s ventilation system
  • Parking your car in the garage after driving on a sultry day

Garage Cooling Solutions

Now you know why your garage can get warm. Use the below garage cooling solutions to lower that temperature.

Several of these tips are inexpensive and require just a little effort, while others need a larger investment.

The bottom line is that every measure you take to cool your garage makes a difference, be it big or small. When your garage is like a sauna, every small bit you do help.

  1. Be smart about when to use the garage

The easiest way to make the time you spend in the garage more tolerable in hot weather is choosing the most reasonable time during the day for you to be there.

The best time is early in the morning (until about 10-11 am) before the daytime temperatures start to rise. Before you go working out, open the garage doors for some time to let off the trapped previous day’s heat, particularly if your garage is well-insulated.

Don’t be in your garage between 3 to 6 pm on a very hot day. In hot weather, arrange your garage workouts for the most reasonable and cozy time of the day.

  1. Fans are one of the cheapest garage cooling solutions

Upgrading your ventilation system and insulating your garage from top to bottom can cost more than you’d prefer spending. Using an air conditioner in the garage might be costly.

A simple and effective oscillating household fan is one of the most affordable garage cooling solutions that you can use. Box fans, pedestal fans, or even a more powerful shop fan will set the garage air in motion.

If you have several fans, put them at a window or at the open garage door to gust hot air out of your garage door. Direct the other fan towards the area where you’re in the garage so that a little breeze blows on you.

Using fans doesn’t lower your garage’s temperature than the air outside. They just generate airflow and offer a bit of relief from the heat.

  1. Park the car you’ve recently used outside

This is one of the simplest garage cooling solutions suggested. After driving on a hot day, just leave your car outside if you want to use your garage on arrival. The heat is radiated from a car long after it’s turned off, which can raise the garage’s temperature by a few degrees.

Don’t forget to park your car inside once you’re done. Using your garage for parking isn’t only safer, but also offers many other benefits.

  1. Select lighter colors for the garage doors and home’s exterior décor

Selecting lighter colors for your outside walls and roof makes your home’s exterior generate less heat from the sun.

If your garage faces west and you want to use the room for extracurricular activities in hot weather, consider this when purchasing new garage doors. Selecting lighter garage door colors is convenient based on your home’s orientation.

It may be advisable to select a garage door model with no windows or choose windows that lessen how much sun gets into the garage. Contact a garage professional to find out what custom options are available.

When purchasing a home, selecting a house location that provides more shade for the garage also pays off in cooling the room.

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  1. An air conditioner is expensive, but also efficient

Air conditioning is a costly option, but the most effective to quickly lower garage temperatures. If your budget permits, you can fit your garage with central air conditioning. Other air conditioning solutions for garage cooling involve the use of smaller air conditioning systems.

If your small garage has a window, a window-connected air conditioner can retain the garage temperatures at a cozy level. If you have a larger garage (but not too big), a movable air conditioner with sufficient BTUs is perfect.

Don’t forget that you require external ventilation access for this device type. With each of these garage air conditioning choices, you want to make sure your garage is well insulated so that cool air stays inside.

  1. Ensure your garage is clutter-free

Removing clutter in your garage and organizing it better can help enhance airflow in the room. Large items and stacked boxes on the floor hinder proper airflow and may lead to the garage’s poor air quality.

Garage clutter also limits using the garage fully. By adding useful garage storage systems like closets, slat walls, and overhead storage shelves, you can keep your garage floor clear and neat with little effort.

This keeps the garage air moving much easier. Maintaining a neat, well-organized garage keeps the airflow moving freely.

  1. A dehumidifier may also help in the garage

If you live in a high humidity area, take into account a dehumidifier for the garage. If moisture is removed from the air, there should be a slight temperature difference, particularly if you have a good ventilation system.

A dehumidifier is also useful in the garage the whole year as it minimizes condensation.


High garage temperature is one problem you’re likely to face. There are a couple of simple easy methods to avoid this like we’ve discussed above. With these solutions for garage cooling, your time in the garage on hot summer days will be much cozier.

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