6 Best Hardwired LED Garage Lights (Reviewed 2021)

hardwired led garage light

LED lights are great options for many garage workshops due to their energy-saving abilities and long hours. Most of them come with lifespan of over 50,000 hours and thus one will not need to replace bulbs constantly on high ceiling garages.

Most of them especially hardwired LED garage lights are super bright and a must-have for homeowners who spend most of their time doing DIY-projects or repairs in the garage workshop.

When choosing hardwired LED garage lights for your modern garage, several things needed to be put into consideration. These include longevity, efficiency and energy efficient among others. To help you narrow down your choices, we have reviewed 6 best hardwired LED garage lights

Hardwired LED Garage Lights

Kihung 8ft LED Shop Light FixtureCHECK PRICE
Sunco Lighting 6 Pack Flat LED Shop LightCHECK PRICE
Barrina LED Shop Light, 45W 4800lm 5000K Daylight WhiteCHECK PRICE
Bbounder 8FT LED Wraparound Shop LightCHECK PRICE
JESLED 8FT LED Shop Light, Integrated T8 LED Light Fixture,CHECK PRICE
5000K LED Shop Light Linkable,CHECK PRICE
  1. Kihung 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture

hardwired led integrated light


If you’re looking for the best hardwired LED light for your garage, then you will never go wrong with the Kihung T8. At an affordable price, these LED lights are well-suited not only for garages, but they can be placed at the basements or even utility rooms.

These hardwired lights boast of having the best lighting option unlike the traditional lights. With so much brightness, you can comfortably finish your projects at all time, day and night.

They also save on energy consumption since they have low output led chips. The lights are fixed with aluminum so that the heat can be evenly distributed all over and also for its longevity purposes. So you can be rest assured you will not be replacing them any soon.

Another important feature of the Kihung T8 hardwired garage lights is that they can be connected for up to three lights and they come with long connector cords. They are no doubt the best LED lights.

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Main features:

  • Large beam angle of 360 degrees.
  • 48 inches long connector codes.
  • Comes with three-year warranty period.
  • Efficient and can be used for many other places.


  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable.
  • Can be linked together.
  • Long lasting.


  • None.


2.    Sunco Lighting 6 Pack Flat LED Shop Light


The efficiency of this integrated garage LED is exquisite. It is manufactured in the US by a reputable company known for making the best lights. It has healthy light and very bright, you can finish your DIY projects in the garage workshop without any hassle.

It saves up to 84% of your energy usage as well as electrical bills. Due to their amazing low power usage, they can easily replace halogen, fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. Their lifespan is more than 50,000 hours.

These LED lights can serve their purpose in bathrooms, shops, garages, barns, office bench, warehouses or indoor fixtures. These LED lights are antique flickering, saves energy and are super bright. It doesn’t have mercury and doesn’t emit any ultra violent or infrared light.

The deployment is a simple and easy plug and play the switches pulled cord for on and off procedure kindly see the description for this product. For the great price and longevity, these integrated LED garage lights have earned the best ratings by customers who are coming for a second or a third purchase.

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Main Features:

  • Linkable: It has easy chain to help create an extendable design.
  • Simple to install: It is quick and comes with pictorial presentation on how to install it.
  • Reliability and long-lasting: It comes with 7-year warranty period.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • High performance.
  • High quality.
  • Efficient.


  • Installation is somehow difficult if you don’t have any expertise. You might need a extra hand.


3.   Barrina LED Shop Light


This type of hardwired LED garage light is unique in the sense that you will not find it on local shops. This is because the parent company-Barrina specializes in online business model. And for this reason, a lot of the cost is cut to meet the customer needs. This is a good saving option for LED garage light.

Although the company has been in existence for a few years but it has gained popularity and trust of satisfied customers undoubtedly. The brand is known for manufacturing all kinds of lights from LED lights to lights for home use too. All of their products boast of very high quality.

Dissipating light of 6500K, the Barrina LED light is brighter and that is the best light temperature for a garage. Your garage will be lit but at the same time underpowered. This only means that it will save on electricity costs and energy. With these types of hardwired garage lights, you will not pay hefty amounts to electric bills.

Apart from a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this LED light is well-protected and comes with a warranty period. And it is also very affordable with a neutral color that will match with the color of your garage workshop. If you are on a budget and looking for a energy-saving bright LED lights, then choose Barrina.

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  • Affordable.
  • 20W bulbs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Warranty period.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Complete package of 6.


  • Complaints of the lights affecting electronics nearby.
  • It is noisy.


4.   Bbounder 8FT LED Wraparound Shop Light


For a garage with limited space, a mounted light may not be the best option. And light will not be directed to every corner. But with the BBROUNDER hardwired LED garage lights, you can comfortably provide maximum light to your garage.

This LED garage light comes equipped with steel wires that will be used to hang the tube anywhere you would wish to place it on the garage. Although they may look tinier than the other hardwired LED lights reviewed on this list, the BBROUNDER hardwired LED garage lights is very sturdy and they hold up the fixtures strongly.

Since most garage ceilings tend to be very high, the manufacturer has included wires to help you lower them to the level of your comfort. And also, the wires prevent overheating. This five-star rated garage lights will definitely solve all of your lighting needs in your workshop.

And just like the other best hardwired LED garage lights, the BBROUNDER is very bright and can work efficiently not only in your garage, but in supermarkets, warehouses, offices or even your home. It is a great choice if you want high quality lights and you are on a budget.

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  • Long-lasting.
  • Efficient.
  • High quality.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very bright.


  • None.


5.    JESLED 8FT LED Shop Light, Integrated T8 LED Light Fixture


This high performance Integrated garage LED lights from JESLED is definitely a pro when it comes to large areas that require enough light. With 7200 lumens and 150 watts, these lights will save on electric consumption by over 55%. Yes, your electric bill will reduce by half.

They are also very easy to install and comes with easy-to-read instructions with pictorial representation showing you how to connect them step by step. Apart from being long-lasting with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they include bulb and fixtures too.

Another thing about the JESLED Hardwired LED garage lights is that you get the option of connecting up to 6 LED tubes, nice. And not only that! the manufacturer has included all the necessary connectors and even the connector cords so that you will not make separate purchases. Other goodies include on/off switch code and a plug and play.

The JESLED Hardwired LED garage light is designed with the highest precision possible with keen details to all that’s needed for a great garage light.  With a perfect quality, these garage lights can be placed anywhere from warehouses, shops, supermarkets and home too.

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  • Easy to install.
  • High quality.
  • Beautifully crafted.
  • Expandable.
  • High performance.


  • It can cause EMI if connected near other devices.


6.    5000K LED Shop Light Linkable


Another great quality LED light that has made it to our list of the best hardwired LED garage lights is the 5000k LED shop Light Linkage. This super bright LED light is one of the best lighting option for garages, shops, warehouses, offices among others.

It is durable with 50,000 hour life while at the same time saves on electricity bill. It also comes packed with cord that can be used to switch it on and off. Apart from the five-year warranty coverage that has been included by the manufacturer, this garage light is made of composite aluminum making it even durable.

The installation process is very breeze. This is because it comes with easy manual that is crystal clear and you will not need someone to help with installation. And since garage ceilings are high, it comes with connection plug to hang it. Also, you have the option of handing several lamps.

These hardwired LED garage lights covers all the needs of your garage. You will seamlessly do all your projects and repairs inside your garage without a hassle. It is also affordable.

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  • Very bright.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty coverage.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Efficient.
  • Durable.


  • None.


Best Hardwired Garage Lights Buyer’s Guide

With a dozen type of lights out there in the market, it can be quite challenging distinguishing which lights should be used for residential, for a garage or even for commercial purposes.

For this reason, I have rounded up the main features to be determined while shopping for garage light. Some of these features include the type the level of brightness and even the size of garage light you need to purchase.


Most garages are poorly light and hence the need of a bright light. This is actually one of the important things to be put into considerations. Before lumens were introduced, the level of light brightness was determined using watts.

With technologic inventions, lumens are now used to measure the brightness of lights. In a nutshell, lumens are the measure of the accurate light. If you see an indication of highest number of lumens, then that fluorescent is the brightest. Good thing is that most bulbs put this indication so it will not be hard to choose.

How much light do you need for a garage? Simple answer, anything above 3,000 lumens will light up your garage. If you have a bigger garage space, then you will probably need more LED lights with more lumens

Lumens Incandescent light bulb (watts) Fluorescent / LED (watts)
375 lm 25 W 6.23 W
600 lm 40 W 10 W
900 lm 60 W 15 W
1125 lm 75 W 18.75 W
1500 lm 100 W 25 W
2250 lm 150 W 37.5 W
3000 lm 200 W 50 W
3800 lm 250 W 60 W
4500 lm 350 W 75 W

Lumens to watts table


As mentioned earlier, garage can have really high ceilings. Replacing lights can be quite annoying. With integrated LED garage lights, this problem is solved. LED lights can last for many years to come and they also don’t require any maintenance. That is why LED garage lights are the best for a garage.

Energy Efficiency

A light with energy saving option is another important consideration for garage lights. Studies show that 65% of Americans spend most of their time in the garage doing a thing or two. This only means a lot of energy translating to hefty amounts on electricity bills.

Since you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on electric bills, then it is good to choose the Best LED garage lights. Integrated LED lights can save up to 70% of energy compared to other garage lights. They can be quite costly, but totally worth it in the long run.

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Easy Installation

This is another very crucial thing you should watch out for. Integrated LED garage lights are very delicate and expensive. You don’t want to break it while trying to figure out how to install it in the garage.

On our list, choose one with super clear instructions or better yet LED garage lights with pictorial representation that will guide you on how to install it. If not, then you might want to consider professional installation if it is your first time.


Since all garages don’t have the same dimension, you should be keen on knowing the light that will brighten up the garage. In some cases, you will require to purchase up to 3 lights or even four especially if you have a lot of things in the garage.

We have also highlighted this guide on how to layout the garage lights and one of these four different layout might actually help you.


With so many activities going on inside a garage, accidents are unavoidable. They can sometimes lead to damage of your light in the garage. If possible, get a protective cover for all the lights in the garage. This will save a ton by increasing the longevity of the integrated LED lights, and also saves on the costs needed for replacing new ones.

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Types of Switch

There are so many types of switches out there in the market. From conventional wall-mounted switches to chains, the type of switch needed in your garage is entirely up to you. Choose one that will best suit your needs and garage.

Color Temperature

When you hear the term color temperature, do not be mistaken and think it is the normal temperature you’re used to. Color temperature refers to how bright you need your garage lights. A color of temperature between 5500-7000K is ideal for normal garages.


There you go, the best hardwired LED garage lights you can use to brighten up your dark garage. These types of lights are perfect and the best lights for cold garage. So you will not need to worry if winter comes knocking, these hardwired LED garage lights got you covered. Well, hope we have helped in choosing the best lights for you.

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