Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Review

The Genie Garage Door Opener

Why Genie garage door opener? Because Genie screw driver garage door openers are two times faster than most other garage door openers. Two, times faster because you’ve got better things to do than wait for a garage door to open.


Genie screwdriver is simply the fastest most powerful garage door opener on the market today. High power DC motors with Genie Sands technology actually monitor door speed and way to increase power as load increases, so they can deliver maximum lifting power to genie’s proprietary direct drive screw.

As doors get larger and heavier, other openers slow down because their motors can provide more power. The Genie’s high powered DC motors act like the cruise control on your car. Increasing power to the direct screw drive is needed less, for lighter doors, more for having your doors and only Genie offers screw drive technology.

Genie garage door openers are designed front to back for durability and decades of dependable service. The garage door opener and rail are maintenance free, no lubrication required. And Genie’s unique anti vibration design makes them super quiet.


They’re easy to install with sliding rail connectors, wire quick connectors and really clear step by step instructions. Rails just snap together. They’re easy to use and trust transmitters are pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box. This garage opener has encryption that automatically changes the access code each time you use it to prevent unauthorized opening.

With Genie LED bulbs another genie exclusive, you’ll get 25,000 hours life plus and no significant interference between the remote and opener like most ordinary LEDs. And Genie safety meets or exceeds all regulations or door safety.


Main Parts for the Genie Garage Door Opener.

  1. Aladdin App.

Aladdin Connect lets you control and monitor up to three garage doors from anywhere with your smartphone so you can make sure the door is closed, and know instantly if someone opens it. Know who’s coming and going and when.

Open remotely for sitters or relatives from most iOS or Android devices anywhere. Even see a history of door operation including dates and times and so much more. That’s real convenience and peace of mind.

With advance time-based features, you can even create virtual keys that expire whenever you choose. So service workers or friends can enter on their own without compromising security. Aladdin connect really does give having a Genie in your garage a whole new meaning Aladdin connect is a smarter, safer, more convenient for your busy life.


Genie Remote Control Programming.

If you bought it as an accessory, please refer to either of them for complete detailed instructions and warning notices. Please note that a moving door can cause serious injury or death. Keep people clear of the door as it moves and do not allow children to play with the keypad, wall console or remote controls.

You should review the manual for other specific safety points before proceeding with installation. Also, keep in mind these additional points when programming your remote control. You have 30 seconds to execute each step. If you see two flashing red LEDs on the opener, you have run out of time and must go back to the beginning of the step and start over. You can restart as many times as necessary.

Required programming, remove protective film 4 battery from the remote. Insert device or clip into the slot on the back of the remote. Please note that you should not hold the remote control too close to the opener when programming the remote buttons.

Press and hold the square program set button until the round LED light turns blue. The long LED begins flashing purple press and release the button you have chosen on the remote to use. The long LED that is blinking purple now turns into a solid purple. Press release the same button on the remote.

Both the long and round LED will flash blue then turn off. Press and release the same button on the remote. The door should open or close and your remote is ready to use. Repeat as necessary for additional remotes.

To program the same remote for other openers, repeat the steps using the other two remote buttons. Each remote can be programmed for up to three openers.


How to Successfully Program the Genie Garage Door Opener Intelligi

Before you begin programming, familiarize yourself with the installation process as described in the installation poster. Follow the installation poster instructions to properly assemble and install the power head and rail.

Install the safety beam system and associated wiring and hang and wire the wall console provided in the box. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet as per the Installation manual.

It is very important to ensure the bullet is engaged to the carriage before setting the limit.  To do that, pull the release handle down and toward the power head. Ensure the carriage is engaged before moving to the next step.

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The Intelligi garage door openers feature Smart Set programming technology to quickly and easily complete programming. The power head software features the following menu of options remote program, limits program, speed program and force program.

Using the power head panel buttons, you can quickly access the necessary menu and complete your programming. To enter the programming menu, press and hold the program set button until the LED lights both come on blue.

It begins in the remote program menu, but you can press the open travel button to move through the menus to limits then speed and then force. The LED light’s change to Indicate a different menu. You can scroll back through the menu to return to remote program or any of the other menus.

To enter your desired menu, press the program’s set button. To start over, wait 30 seconds for all lights to go off. To set the limits, first enter the programming menu by pressing and holding the program’s set button then press the open travel button to move down the menu to limits program. And press the program’s set button to select limits programming.

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Press and hold the closed travel button to set the door in the full closed position. Press the program’s set button to save the closed limit position. Press and hold the open travel button to set the door in the desired open position. Press the program’s set button to save the open limit position.

To complete the limit setting, use the wall console to open and close the door one full cycle and set the force profile.

The intelligi garage door opener features Genie sense monitoring and diagnostic technology that senses the exact amount of force needed at every movement of the door to automatically set the force profile. The opener will automatically set the force profile during the first full open and close cycle after setting the limits.

To adjust the force profile, simply enter the force program menu on the power head panel and make necessary changes. Detailed instructions on changing the force settings are available in the troubleshooting section of the operations manual included with the unit.

To program the included in telecom to remote, first press and hold the program set button then press the program set button again to select the remote program menu. Press and release your desired remote button. Press and release the remote button again. And finally, press and release the remote button a final time to operate the door. The remote is now programmed.

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How to Program Genie Intellicode remote 1

To program an Intellicode 1 remote, you must have an Intellicode 2 remote available and already programmed. To begin programming the Intellicode remote, first press and hold the program set button then press the program said button again to select the remote program menu.

Press and release the already program button on the Intellicode 2 remote then press and release the desired button on the Intellicode 1 remote. Press and release the button again. And finally, press and release the button to operate the door. The remote is now programmed.

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How to program Genie Intellicode 2 Wireless Keypad.

To program an Intellicode 2 wireless keypad, first set the pin. To begin, press and hold the program button and the up down arrow buttons until the lights go out. Then press 3, 5, 7 program. Enter the pin and press the program button and wait for the lights to turn off. The pin is now set.

Next on the power head, press and hold program set to enter the programming menu. Then press the program’s set button again to enter the remote program menu. On the wireless keypad, enter your PIN number and press the up down arrow button once. Then press the up down arrow button again. Then press again to operate the unit. The wireless keypad is now programmed.

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These model openers feature diagnostic codes via the LED lights on the power head refer to the manual for detailed information to help you translate those codes.


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