Best Flooring for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

Oil spills, chemical drips and road salt can damage your garage floor. If left unchecked are unrepaired, it could lead to costly renovations in the future. For those who have a limited budget or who like to do their own home projects, garage flooring systems are a great choice compared to tiles or epoxy flooring. They’re economical and easier to use so you won’t even need help to set it in your workshop, storage or parking area.

The garage flooring cover instantaneously improves and enhances the appearance and surface of any concrete floor. It covers imperfections and even prevents further damage by protecting garage floor from stains, chipping, crumbling and more.

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Unlike other garage floorings, this type of cover protector is easy to install. There is no drying time as you only need to roll it out and trim when necessary. Our team has reviewed some of the top rated and most durable floor covers to help your buying experience become better and easier.

We’ve listed our selected products based on their durability, efficiency, versatility and feedback from customers. If you’re ready and I’ll see what’s on our list, we present the five best garage flooring covers in the market today.


  1. G-Floor Coin 10 by 24 Foot Slate Commercial Vinyl Garage Cover and Protector.


G-Floor Coin cover is rugged and texture to help shield and conserve your floor. It’s easy to trim and easy to clean. Its construction is poly vinyl and durable enough that it won’t quickly crash or detach from the floor.

This multi-purpose tough mat can be used anywhere in basements, laundry rooms, warehouses, utility rooms or even offices. The best part is it can be installed over concrete or wood sub floors without adhesive.

This product is heavy duty and long lasting. It instantly prevents concrete corrosion, hides cracks and stains, plus it also produces a moisture barrier. The slate gray raised coin design creates a great looking appearance. You can never go wrong in choosing this garage flooring cover and protector as it’s made of tough specially formulated poly vinyl resistant to most contaminants found in a garage or work environment.

The G-Floor Coin slate grey commercial grade vinyl garage flooring cover and protector is ideal for businesses and home use. It’s backed up with a limited lifetime warranty. You can rest assured that this 100% poly vinyl will have no layers or fillers to break down and cause deterioration.

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  1. G-Floor Raceday Peel and Stick Tiles.


It’s specifically formulated from 100% poly vinyl with 24 inches by 24 inches square. It’s ideal for any floor type like a basement, laundry room, office or garage. It also has a rugged texture made up of standardized diamonds for traction and slip resistance. Each carton contains 10 tiles that’ll cover an area of up to 40 square feet.

This peel and stick poly vinyl tile is easy to install and will last for years. It’s built from tough solid materials that offer a high level of protection to remain undamaged from contaminants commonly found in garage or work environments. The flooring tile is easy to apply due to its self-adhesive properties that ensure staying power. Plus it’s easy to trim by simply using a utility knife.

The standardized diamonds provide exceptional traction while also collecting debris from outdoor and spills from inside making it easy to clean up using a damp mop or a vinyl cleaner for a deeper cleaning.

The Polyvinyl tile from G-Floor comes in different sizes and colors for you to choose from allowing you to create the pattern of your own. It’s water, chemical and debris resistant. The tile is strong enough to drive a car on and can withstand heavy loads yet is comfortable underfoot. The product is easy to install, provides durability and improves the appearance and value of your space in an instant

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  1. HDX Diamond Black Universal Flooring.


This product is made up of tough specially formulated 100% high quality poly vinyl to resist the most common chemicals and contaminants located in residential and commercial garages. HDX flooring covers gaps in discoloration. It helps to limit concrete decay and stains. It forms on oyster barrier and prevents staining on newer floors.

This flooring is perfect for those who love to do their own projects. The HDX Universal flooring, can be placed on concrete and wood flooring with or without adhesive just roll it out onto your selected area, trim if necessary and enjoy.

You can opt to use an acrylic-based vinyl adhesive or Roberts 2310 or 2315 tape edge with an acrylic-based double sided tape such as the Roberts Max grip. The HDX floor can easily be cut to your ideal size using a utility knife. You can use one mat for a centered space protection or multiple mats to produce wall to wall coverage.

The HDX seven and a half by 14 foot Diamond Black Universal flooring can be used indoors or outdoors since the raised Diamond surface pattern gives it a rugged appearance and is great for slip resistance.

The HDX flooring is appropriate for flooring installations on above or below grade. Great for garages, basements, kitchens. bathrooms and offices. It can be placed anywhere you need an attractive high quality flooring to protect your floor. It’s easy to clean up with a damp mop for deeper cleaning. You can also use a decreasing vinyl floor cleaner as directed.


  1. Motordeck Diamond Graphite Modular Tile Garage Flooring.


If you’re trying to renew your garage to make it more pleasing, this modular tile is a great alternative for your home garage. Installation is simple and there’s no waiting time. The interlocking modular tiles are easy to clean and won’t stain.

The tile could be a cool choice for garages, shops, parking pads or basements. The Motordeck 12 inch squared is durable and strong and can withstand rolling loads of 44,000 pounds. The Motordeck Diamond graphite modular garage tile flooring is made of polypropylene.

This flooring resists household chemicals, petroleum, oil, grease and antifreeze. It’s also built to be salt and stain-resistant. The double diamond is plastic with slip resistance whereas keeping in the air and moisture out.

The Motordeck 12 inch squared tiles can be installed even without glue or tools in just a few hours. The interlocking system lets you assemble any color combination you’d like that will fit together perfectly and on a budget. Each modular tile covers 24 square feet. It weighs just under a pound. Great for laundry areas, exercise spaces, offices or anywhere.

These tiles are good for indoor and outdoor use and they’re easy to clean and won’t leave any stains chips or peels just simply mop up and have no problem at all with car oil, dirt, dust and other mess.


  1. G-Floor Vinyl Garage Flooring Cover and Protector.


This company produces products that are great for floors. The G-Floor Cover Protector is made from tough specially-formulated a 100% high quality solid Polyvinyl. It’s resistant to most contaminants commonly found in the garage and working environments. It is designed with a parallel ribbed channel that helps to keep moisture and debris from spreading across the floor.

This product comes in 17/12 by 17 feet in size. It helps prevent concrete deterioration and peeling, hides cracks and stains and prevents new stains while creating a moisture barrier. This high grade product has extreme durability. It can be used indoor or outdoor in areas such as a garage, basement, laundry room, trailers, vehicles workshops, warehouses, exercise rooms, offices and utility rooms.

It’s tough enough to withstand the harshest elements. It’s also attractive and stylish. It can be installed over your concrete or wood sub flooring even with or without adhesive. The G4 vinyl garage floor covering and protector is perfect to use for commercial or home use.

It’s easy to clean simple with a damp mop or deeper cleaning, you can use a degreasing vinyl floor cleaner. Its stain and mold resistant. So if you’re looking for a garage floor covering that’s durable that will surely protect your floors, this one is the one you’re looking for.

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Best Flooring for Garage Buying Guide

One question people ask is what type of garage flooring to choose. And it really is such an important decision because it can be a big investment, one that you’ll live with for many years, if not forever. And it’s the foundation of your design. So it not only has to work with your style, but be functional for your lifestyle and needs.

Look for flooring that’s not only aesthetically beautiful and not too trendy, but also durable for tenants and of course affordable. If your existing garage floor is old and cracked, the grout falling out, uneven transitions, which can tripping hazards and slippery surface, you need to rethink your flooring option. These kind floors are not safe and not nice to look at.

How to choose the best flooring for your garage

Now, when it comes to choosing new floors, there’s lots of options to consider. So I’m going to walk you through steps to take to help you in your decision making process and hope that it’ll help you decide what will work best for you.

For a major decision like flooring, I always recommend seeing it in person first, since I could look really different in photos online.

Hardwood flooring in garage

wood flooring in garage

In a perfect world, I don’t think you can really beat the look of hardwood. It’s so plastic and inviting, can warm up any space and it’ll go with any decorating style, but there are some negatives. So here in central Florida, real hardwoods are not a viable option. They buckle and warp in the humidity and it’s advised to avoid them altogether.

In drier climates, they’re great, but they can also be really pricey and they usually require some maintenance and there’s alternatives out there that give real wood a run for its money.

Laminates made of a composite wood with an image of real wood printed on top. The biggest selling points for me are price, durability and style.  I especially love that it’s an extra wide plank, which is pretty rare and really expensive with real wood.

So the closest alternative to real wood is engineered wood, which is a thin layer of real wood on top of a composite. Engineered hardwood they look beautiful once installed. You can find the cheaper stuff for under $2 a square foot, but a lot of the better ones are in the $5 to $10, a square foot range, which makes it a great option for many homeowners who want a higher quality flooring with a wider range of styles and price points.

Garage floor tiles

garage floor tiles

Here in Florida and in other warmer climates, one of the most popular choices tiles, one of my favorite materials to work with because there’s an unlimited number of styles, colors, and patterns you can get creative with. And they’ll always be my top choice for garage, but there are a couple of drawbacks to using it throughout your entire home. First of all, the materials and labor involved for the install can make the total price go way up even if you use a budget friendly tile.

Tile also has a more specific look and won’t necessarily transition well, if you change your style or even color palette over time. It can also both look and feel cold and it doesn’t bring a warmth to a room like you would can.

It usually requires more maintenance like having to clean or repaint your grout and you have to worry about cracks and shipping. It’s also a more permanent choice and removing it can be a pain.

Vinyl flooring for garage floor

vinyl floor garage

Another option that’s become popular, especially with investors is luxury vinyl. We have luxury vinyl tile, which are thin strips of vinyl that glue or stick down. It can mimic the look of both wood and stone and it’s one of the cheaper options. It’s less than a dollar, a square foot, but they just look and feel cheap.

Garage floor mats (containment mats for winter)

garage floor containment mat

Garage mats can be the most economical, initial investment, but it’s too easy to stain in or damage. Professional, deep cleaning is expensive and you’ll have to replace it sooner or later

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And there you have it, the best garage flooring covers on the market today. We hope this review helped you in deciding which flooring cover matches your home garage. Whether you want to use it in a workshop carport basement or warehouse, all of the products we shared or verse little enough to fit on any surface. With a rake garage flooring cover, you can rest assured that your pocket is safe from those costly repairs.

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