How to Lubricate and Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Chances are if your garage door is slow to open or is having a hard time and you’ve checked all of the other things, it could just be that it needs some lubrication. Constant lubrication is something that you should do regularly if you want to prolong the life of your garage door and it will make it quieter.

What is the Best Lubricant for Garage doors?

One of the most recommended garage door lubricant is the Blaster Brand, it goes for around 5 bucks, so on Amazon. They are a few other brands and the only thing is the difference in nozzle. But the cheapest nozzle is about five bucks. It comes with spray hose or tube but then it just sprays straight. But the others cost few dollars more. So check them out. The only thing I can tell the difference was that the nozzle was a little fancier so five dollars to do this repair and maintenance really.


Now, the areas that you want to spray are any part that moves. Now, there’s two exceptions to that. The side tracks and the shuttle rail. The shuttle actually moves but, you only need to spray the rail that the shuttle slides upon. Just spray the top because that’s where it rolls.

There are other materials that you can use, but this one featured is one of the best because it’s not a grease. It’s like a dry lubricant. It won’t attract dust because what will happen is the hinges and the bearings, if you’re greasing those and they’re not sealed bearings, metal dust particles are going to get in and slowly turn that grease into a cement basically, and it’ll just be a hardened mess and it will really lower the lifespan of your garage.

How to Lubricate your Garage Door.

So all the way up and down your garage door, in sections on both sides there are these hinges. And the pivot point is where you need to lubricate all the way down left and right and up and down all of them that you can get to. And you just want to do a quick spray on the part that moves. You don’t have to put any lubrication on the inside. It’s actually just a metal bar that’s hinging right on the two points.

And then it will just seep right down inside. Okay so now what you’re looking at is the bearing and the track. And then there’s another pin that’s a hinge, so there’s actually two moving parts. Now, if you don’t have any access to the inside of your bearing, then you have what’s called a sealed bearing and you don’t have to really worry about it. So you want to do all of the bearings on the inside. And then if it’s a hinge on the end, you want to get those two points as well.

You want to just inspect while you’re here checking all your bearings and your hinges make sure all the bolts are tight. So just go ahead and spray just across the top and it will seep in as you go. And it’ll work itself in every time you open the garage door.

The shuttle show rests on the track. As you slide upon and just go ahead and spray some on the top. Also, go ahead and spray the pulley. The torsion spring needs to be sprayed so just across the top. You don’t need a lot.

As the end of the garage door goes down, it connects to torsion spring. So just go ahead and spray some lubricant down there. The pulley here winds up the cable as it’s being opened and then lets it back down as the garage door is being closed.  You want to spray right there.

Put some spray in the track. You also don’t need a lot. But there are points on the track that your garage door can pinch. So if there’s any way that you can give it any kind of help, then you might as well. Do that on both sides. But you don’t really need to worry about the upper side of the track, just the bottom.


Should you Lubricate Garage Door Chain?

You may be thinking I need to do the chain as well. Not necessarily. Usually, they come with a special coating on them. You can if you want to. If it’s really having a hard time but it’s not necessary. Just be sure that if you’re going to be spraying the real, the show real or the chain or any kind of component here that your cars are not in the garage. You don’t want them to get this grease dripped on them.

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Hopefully, this will help you in maybe solving a problem of your garage door or at least prolonging the life of it if. There’s a lot of variables, a lot of moving parts, a lot of electronic and mechanical components all coming together to open up your garage door. This might not cover it all, but let me know on the comments below if you have a question or any ideas for fixing a stuck garage door or a noisy garage door.


Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Review

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