Behr 1 Part Epoxy Reviews

The Behr 1-part epoxy will transform your ordinary concrete into an elegant surface and can be used on either the interior or exterior concrete floors of your home. Behr’s 1 part epoxy can be used on concrete masonry and brick. So it’s perfect for garage floors, porches, patios, walkways, entry ways and basements.

Behr 1 part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint is available in custom colors or can be custom matched to the color of your choosing. Now, you can coordinate your concrete floors with your home’s wall, trim or accent colors.


How to Apply the Behr 1 part epoxy

The Behr 1-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint is a high performance interior and exterior ready to use floor paint.

Apart from being water-based epoxy floor paint, it is available in a satin finish and it is specially formulated to be applied on porous concrete, masonry, stone and brick. It perfectly works on garage floors and is just the next floor paint for your garage.

The Behr 1-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint, it is essential you have a properly cleaned and prepped surface. Now that the surface is clean, prepped and primed, it is time to apply the Behr 1-part epoxy garage floor paint.

Make sure to stir before applying. Apply a thin even coat using a three eighths inch nap roller cover, pad applicator or a nylon polyester brush. Be sure to cut in using a brush to coat the perimeter of the surface area that is next to the wall. If you are using more than one can, intermix all cans of same product to ensure color uniformity.

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Use the appropriate spread rate per gallon. Use this product when air and surface temperature are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit cleanup is easy with soap and water. The Behr 1-part epoxy will dry to the touch in one hour. Allow the first coat to dry for four to six hours before deciding if a second code is necessary.

For uniformity, apply a second coat in a crisscross direction. Do not apply more than two coats. An annual touch up may be required in areas subject to tire traffic. Be sure the surface is fully cured before use. Allow 24 hours for light foot traffic. Allow 72 hours for heavy foot traffic and furniture. Allow 7 days before subjecting to automotive tires.

If necessary, corrugated cardboard may be placed underneath automobile tires after 72 hours. Premature or heavy traffic will cause paint failure which will require spot recoding. Be sure to allow 30 days before rinsing or cleaning with a mild detergent.

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