Which is better, Belt or chain Driver Garage door opener?

Belt Garage door opener vs Chain garage door opener

Chain openers are the most common. While these are the most affordable option, they have a few downsides. Chain garage door openers are also the loudest. If your garage is away or detached from your living areas, this may not be an issue.

professionals highly recommend belt drive systems as the best  compared to chain drive garage door openers. A belt drive garage door opener uses a rubber belt instead of a metal chain to open the door. Because of this, noise is reduced and they tend to be quieter than chain openers.  On the other hand, belt drive garage door openers are relatively expensive, but they area value for your money because they last longer.

Choosing between belt drive garage door opener and chain drive garage door opener is largely dependent on preference and needs.  However, there are two similarities between the two, one, both chain drive and belt drive are two mechanisms used in power transmission. And also the speed to which they open the garage door is fairly similar.

If you have a  large garage door, then you might have to consider going with a chain drive system because they are heavier and you will not be replacing anytime soon. Still undecided on what type of garage door opener will suit your need? Check out our list of the best garage door openers.

In most of the chain driven mechanisms, the power is conveyed using a roller chain made of metal links passing over a sprocket gear. A loop that is made out of flexible material and used for the purpose of power transmission is usually known as a belt drive.

Chains are made of alloys. Belt drives are made of polymers.
Chain drives can operate in high temperature and moist conditions. Belt drives cannot operate in high temperature and moist conditions.
Chain drives are lubricated. Belt drives are not lubricated.
Chain drives have no slippage. Belt drives undergo slippage.
Chain drive can operate under high loads.Belt drives can operate under high speed conditions.
Chain drives are used in motor bicycle by signals and other types of automobiles.Belts can also be used for tracking relative motion and as a source of motion conveyor belts.

The video below shows the difference in sound between a chain-driven garage door opener and belt-driven garage door opener.


Chain drive is fairly noisy. It’s perfectly functional garage door opener. Works well. But in situations where the noise could be annoying or problematic especially if the garage door is directly above a room. If you have guests or young kids staying there, it can be quite annoying as it makes quite a bit of noise and can be rather disruptive especially if someone’s trying to sleep or do some kind of quiet activity to have that sound directly below them.

There is quite a big difference between the level of noise or sound from the chain drive opener and the belt drive opener. You pay some extra money for the belt drive. But it obviously comes with quieter. Quieter opening and closing up the garage door.

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