Ryobi Ultra Quiet Garage Door Review

Ryobi ultra quiet garage door opener is pretty cool. It has a lot of cool features, but the first thing that we noticed as soon as we installed it was how quiet it was. I can’t believe how quiet this thing is. Our old garage door opener, it was chain-driven, but we could hear the garage door opening throughout the entire house. The floor would rumble above because we’re in a townhouse right above us is our living room. We could feel it on the floor and all the way up to the top floor.


After I installed this garage door opener, I opened and closed it and nobody in the house knew that I was opening and closing the garage door. I can’t believe it. We can’t feel it or hear it upstairs. Now, this is especially awesome when you have a baby in the house like we do because we’ve got a rocking chair right above us here, and when we’re putting baby to sleep and somebody is coming in out of the garage you can hear the door open and close anymore.

Now, even though this is an ultra quiet garage door opener, it has a 2 horsepower motor which allows for faster opening and closing as well as a steel reinforced belt driver which allows for a longer life.

It also has a nice and bright LED light on the bottom of the unit, but what’s nice about it is that I can actually turn the light on and off on the wall remote. And it has a motion sensor on the bottom, so I don’t even have to push a button to turn on the light in my garage.

And just like any modern garage door opener, it also has safety sensors to make sure that if somebody is walking through the garage door as it’s closing that it’s going to stop in its tracks.

Now, what’s really great about this garage door opener is that it comes with optional modules. So that means you buy the base unit by itself and then you pick the modules that are right for your needs. Now, it’s really easy to install these modules. They just simply click into place.

Once you remove the cover plates, you simply install the modules like and you can put them in really any position that you would like. So for example, if you want the fan on the left or the right side, it’s up to you to decide which side you want the fan to be on.

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Extra Features.

Now, really important feature that I like is that you can actually put Ryobi’s one plus battery into this unit here. It will keep the battery charge but what’s nice about it is that in the event of a power outage, your garage door opener will still work because it has a backup battery.

Now, we love having all of these modules attached to my garage door opener because this way I can have a retractable extension cord that I can simply pull down and I can use to plug in things like my shot back or I can use it to work on my car for example if I needed to.

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Now, the retractable extension cord actually has three outlets on it and a little green light indicator to show that it is on and working properly. And when you’re done with your extension cord, you simply give it a tug and it’ll retract back into the real.

Now, having a bluetooth speaker in the garage is pretty cool because I can actually use it to listen to music as I’m working in the garage or use it for hands free calling with my smartphone. Now, having a fan on the garage door opener is pretty cool too because if it gets hot my garage or I need to vent some aero, I can turn on the fan. Plus it has three different speed settings that has a fast medium and slow setting.

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There’s actually more modules that you can get. For example, there is a laser park assist module that will actually point laser beams at your car so that you know where to park it and a carbon monoxide detector. But make sure to check out Ryobi’s website for a full list of all the modules that are available for the garage door opener.

So the Ryobi garage door opener comes with a wall mounted remote. Now, this remote is really cool too because you can use it to operate some of the modules. So for example you can turn on the fan. You can turn on the Bluetooth speaker. You can also set vacation mode. So if you push the little lock on the remote, what it will do is it a lock out all the exterior remotes so that you can only operate it from the inside or from your smartphone app.

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So aside from the multi functional wall control, it also comes with two remotes and a wireless keypad that you can amount to the outside of your garage door. So if your remotes die or you forget them or you just want to take them if you’re going for a jog for example, then you can enter the code on the outside of your garage and it’ll open up for you.


About the App and Bluetooth.

Now, what’s really cool too about this garage door opener is it can connect up to your Wi-Fi network which means that I can actually control the garage door and some of the settings using my smartphone app.

Now, as you can see with a smartphone I can actually open and close the garage door. I can turn the fan on and off, I can turn the Bluetooth speaker on and off. I can also change some of the settings and notification options. So for example, I can have the garage door notify me every time it opens and closes when it’s been open for a certain amount of time. I can also set the time that the LED light will stay on.

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Now, if you’re like me sometimes you drive away and you forget to close your garage door or you drive away and you forget whether or not you did close your garage door. So I really like having the Ryobi big garage door open app on my smartphone because then I can check whether the garage door is open or closed and if it is open I can actually close it for my smartphone even if I’m not home.

Now, just to be safe I set the notification options on the real big garage door opener app to notify me if I’ve left the garage door open for more than 20 minutes. This way, I have a bit of peace of mind that I didn’t leave the garage door open all day or all night. And if I did, it’ll notify me 20 minutes after it’s been opened so that I can close it remotely.

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Final Wrap.

Well there you go folks, that is the Ryobi ultra quiet garage door opener. We really love it because it is really ultra quiet and we love all the different modules that you can get for it.

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