How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button: Best Guide!

If you are one of those people with a garage door opener, you know how vital the keypad feature is. It’s an extremely important security feature that allows people to enter your property. 

How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button
How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button?

Besides, it’s also a convenience feature that allows a person or a delivery man to enter your garage without disturbing you or requiring a key. Overall a garage keypad makes life a lot easier; however, problems occur when the enter button stops working. 

In this article, we will tell you how to reset garage door keypad without enter button by following some simple steps. 

Is it possible to reset the garage door without an enter button?

Thankfully, yes. You can reprogram the garage even if the enter button stops working or is missing. You simply need to follow a straightforward method by entering the operating mode of the gadget. 

Since most keypads or remote control have similar designs, you should not have a problem accessing them. The garage door opener keypad simply allows you to enter your personal code to open and close the garage door. 

Is it possible to reset the garage door without an enter button?
Is it possible to reset the garage door without an enter button?

While the keypad is placed outside, it connects with the door setup placed on the inside of the garage. The setup mostly has numeric keys with buttons from 0-to 9 and additional buttons for unique functions. 

On entering the correct password on the keypad, the door opens. However, in case you forget this passcode, you will have to reset the entire system. 

How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button

The process to reset your garage door without using the enter button is both easy and straightforward. You first need to enter the operating mode and then punch in your preferred code or garage door code. Once you enter the number you can make a switch back to the operating mode before start working with it. 

Reset process (without the enter button)
Reset process (without the enter button)

💁Disconnect the garage door opener

You might get an electric shock if you try to operate while it’s connected to the electrical outlet. To avoid this, it’s best to unplug the setup. 

💁Enter the operate mode

First, remove the faceplate of the door opener and access the gadget’s dual operation switch. This operate switch often differs from one model to another but it is either labeled as ‘operate’ or ‘program’ depending on the types of garage door you have. 

The switch is set on operating mode as default. You need to change it to program mode. Once you make this switch you can reset the PIN and enter a new one.

💁Reset the new password

On getting into the programming mode you need to change the door opener passcode. Use a four-digit pin of your choice. However, avoid using pins that are easy to crack. Many people also write down the new pin and keep it in a secure place in case they forget it. 

Once you enter the pin, switch the gadget to the ‘operate’ mode. Now, plug it into the outlet to complete the process. 

Now, test the new pin. 

Common Solutions for Garage Door Opener Problems

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to check the locks before going out. Indeed such technologies are easy to use and make our life a lot smoother, however, they also get damaged from time to time, and checking to ensure their optimum operation is recommended.

The same rule applies to your garage door keypad. However, in case the garage door keypad stops working, you can fix it if you have a better understanding of the problem. 

What You Can Do?

  • Test the keypad range. Some keypads can only operate within a limited range of 40-50 ft from the garage door.
  • Check the battery power as it drains off easily with some keypads. If the keypad light does not illuminate or make any action even after you enter multiple pins, it might signal the loss of battery. 
  • Make sure all the wires are working properly and are attached to the ideal places. 
  • Make sure you are not entering the wrong password. In case you have forgotten the pin, recheck it once
  • If nothing is working you can reboot the system and use another pin. Turn off the system completely and wait for 5 minutes before restarting it. Reading the instruction manual to reset the code is recommended
  • You may have to replace the keypad if it stops working completely. Your keypad might get damaged due to clogged dirt or weather conditions

If you want replace the keypad yourself, you may find this video useful

How to Setup a new Garage Door Opener Keypad

Though your first target will be to reset the pin or to fix the issues with your current keypad, in some cases, it might be beyond repair. Under such circumstances, you need to replace it with a new one. Below is the installation guide to help you with your new keypad. 


To make sure your keypad works for longer, you need to select good branded batteries to replace the old one. Additionally, read the user manual to determine what kind of battery is the best for your keypad. Also check if the battery compartment is alright or it is damaged. 

💁Select a code

Select a strong code as this will determine your security. You should not be using a code that’s too common and can be guessed easily. Most keypads require a 4-digit pin, so pick accordingly. 

💁Enter the code

After selecting your garage door opener code, enter it into the system. It’s advisable to read the user manual thoroughly for this step. Many models have a learn button on the door opener, so if your model has it, press that.

A light should start blinking and now you can enter the pin code and the learn button again. For some models the learn button also acts as the verify button, thus you need to press it. 


Finally, test the setup to ensure everything is in order. Before installing the keypad ensure you have entered the correct garage door opener code and check to see if the door is working well. You are good to go if it’s working well, otherwise, you need to redo the previous steps. 


Ideally, the keypad should be placed five feet above the ground, so that you can reach it easily from your car. 

Pros and cons of garage door keypad

All technologies have their merits and demerits, and the same applies to garage door keypads. These keypads make locking and unlocking easy and allow you to enter your garage without much effort. However, there are a few demerits to this technology. 


It’s easy as it allows one to use any key to open and close the door and can also be accessed using a PIN within seconds.
✅ You can use the keypad in the place of clickers as the batteries die.
✅ Some keypads feature a door camera adding another security wall.
✅ You can access some through apps thus making it easy to check whether it’s locked or not.


Hackers can hack into the smart garage easily, so it’s not extremely secure.
❌ Sometimes the keypads stop working due to technical glitches and that’s risky.
❌ These systems are quite expensive.
❌ Some keypads don’t function during a power outage if it’s power backed.


Your garage door needs to remain accessible but for many reasons, you might have to reprogram your garage keypad to ensure security. Thus, we have covered all the important points you need to consider to reset your garage door effectively and what you can do in terms of garage door keypad malfunction.