Monkeybarstorage Review

The monkeybarstorage storage system is engineered for strength and efficiency, providing a durable and efficient storage solution. With this storage system, you can truly rise above the mess.

About the monkeybarstorage storage unit.

The open configuration of the shelving allows you to store various shapes and sizes with ease and without limitations. The shelving is extremely heavy duty as well. Every four feet can hold more weight than any other on the market.

The inverted shelf that is perfect for the wasted space above the garage door, windows and doorways. The rack system features removable bars that allow your system to be customized in countless ways. The bars are inserted through holes in the shelf breaks that allow the bars to be positioned incrementally away from the wall.

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Any of nine different styles of hooks can be placed along the hanger bars, either forward or backwards to utilize all of the space and allow you to hang nearly anything from handles to buy cycles. Because of the unique design, the rack is capable of heading heavier larger and a greater variety of items. It can hold three to five times more than other rack systems. The system is like no other because you it accommodate a lot of items. You can put them in layers up against the wall and up off the floor.

History of monkeybarstorage

This system is a result of one man’s quest to rescue his disorganized garage from the hands of chaos. Jared Newman sought a way to organize his garage storing tools and toys in a convenient accessible manner while still living room for his car. Jared designed a garage storage shelf combined with the most versatile rack system on the market.

The storage concept is separating the long term storage from things used more often such as sporting goods, bicycles and other things, you want easy access to resolve. This allows you to get your cars in the drive because you have a lot more space and also cleaning you drive is easy. Everything’s off the floor.

The change was so fantastic that many of Jared’s friends and neighbors approached him for tips on how to organize their garage as well.

Main Features

Separate items: It will help distinguish items and better organization

Cleaning is easy: Once everything is up, cleaning of the garage is extremely easy.

Everything is off the floor: Large enough to put all things off the floor.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Efficient
  • Affordable



The Monkey Bar Storage system is a game changer when it comes to keeping your garage workshop clean and organized. It is also very efficient in locating and doing the things and storing the things we need without ever having to spend too much time looking or trying to find anything. With its flexibility, you are safe that your items will be well protected in case of hurricanes as the water will not damage your goods since they are all up.

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