Best Way to Heat a Detached Garage

Unlike your living space, which is typically designed to keep warm at all times, most if not all garages are designed purposely for storage of extra goods and/or packing spaces. Most of them are not insulated or designed in a way that keeps the cold outside when temperatures are not favorable. In addition, garages are constructed using concrete which is known to be super cold.

This is why it is so important that you heat your cold garage. We have rounded up the five best ways that you can heat up your garage when the temperatures are not very favorable. This will help you use your garage workshop throughout all seasons, cold and warm. Read on!

Use of Garage Heaters

garage heater

Garage heaters are a dashing solution to heating a garage. Bear in mind though, you will have to evaluate some important considerations such as the size of your garage, the type of power source you intend to use among other heaters. The three types of garage heaters are fan-forced, Infrared and natural gas.

  • Fan-Forced Garage Heaters.

They are probably the most popular types of garage heaters. These types of heaters utilize electricity as the main power source. Most of them are very easy to install and all you will need is connecting them to electricity and you’re set to go.

The main advantage of using these types of heaters is that they are very convenient and can be used in many other large areas apart from the garage. And, they are able to evenly distribute heat within a short period of time. There are some that can heat up a large space in a matter of three minutes.

While choosing which type of fan-forced garage heater, go for ones which save on electricity and are portable so that you can use them to warm up the house when it is very cold. Ensure they have holding brackets to ease the transfer from one place to another.

  • Infrared Heaters

If you have seen the heat directed at toddlers at the hospital, then it is infrared heat. It directs heat to where it is needed most. Unlike other conventional heaters, these types of heaters are the most natural form of heat.

They are also them most expensive types of garage heaters, but they do save on energy. Since they direct heat to air, they may not be as efficient in heating your tools which if you are a DIYers, would inconvenient you.

  • Kerosene, natural gas or Diesel

If you have a large space, then using natural gas or diesel would be the most convenient way. Once set up, they are effective and save on electricity bills. Just like fan-forced garage heaters, they also heat up a space very quickly. The only downside is that they tend to be dangerous especially if used in an enclosed space. They can explode causing fire.

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Use of Burning Stoves

Burning stove

This is probably the cheapest form of heating your cold garage. Very economical as you will only require stove and you’re set. Professional installation will be required however, to ensure you will be safe from toxic gases.

There are other things that you will also need to put into consideration if you decide to use burning stoves to heat your garage. Some insurance may not require this type of heaters. So you will have to ensure that it passes all the rules and compliance of the insurance company. Also, there are states that do not allow this type of heaters.

This traditional heating method is very effective and it works just like infrared heaters and your garage will be warm. You can use twigs, leaves among others just like fireplaces. Read our review of the Best Wood Burning Stove for Garage

Use of Portable Space Heaters

garage space heater

Another conventional way of heating your garage is the use of portable space heaters. They are also the cheapest because you can get a small one for around 100 bucks. They are not meant for large spaces though. You may have to purchase a large one or purchase several portable heaters so that your garage will be warm.

They are very effective when you are doing a small project such as repairing a car. You can put it next to where you are working like near the benches. You will have to very cautious when using this type of heating method. They can be very hazardous in case they come into contact with flammable objects. Also, the heaters can be very hot and burn your hands while moving them. Make sure you they have brackets to carry around.

Heating the Ceiling Panel

garage ceiling panel heater

These types of garage heaters are the best if you choose to use the garage as a living a space. They are very efficient and as they cab heat up the garage very fast and also when switched off, they can cool off the garage. This is effective both for winter and also in hot summers.

They work by installing electric panels overhead and the good part is that they won’t interfere with the set up of your garage. They also add extra beauty to the garage, since they are slim and beautiful.

Another important feature of electric panel heaters is that they are very easy to install. In fact, they are the easiest among all the other heaters. It is just drop and switch. Removing them is also easy if you want to replace them.

Combustion Heaters

combustion heater

Combustion heaters are an ideal option for sealed garages that are mostly used for workshop areas. They work by drawing air from outside surfaces and very effective if you already have natural gas or propane installed.

The installation process is not as seamless as the other garage heaters and you may need professional assistance.  But once they have been properly installed, they work very effectively and will heat up the garage in a very short time. They are also the best when it comes to saving on power.

It would be even ideal if you have it wall-mounted so that you can use it only when needed. Since they don’t consume electricity, combustion heaters are very effective and can be used for long periods of time until you are done with your projects.



With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which type of garage heater to heat your cold garage. However, if you keep in mind factors such as your city regulations, size of the garage, the type of power source and what you intent to use your garage for, choosing the best garage heater will be easy.

If you are also on a tight budget and want to heat the garage so that you can complete your projects, you can choose portable heaters that can be used elsewhere and not only in the garage but also in the house if you live in places where it tends to be very cold.

Garage heaters are the best solution for you to be able to use your garage and finish any project in your workshop. And they are super affordable and all you need is access your needs and grab a garage heater. We hope we have helped you narrow down the type of garage heater for your workshop. There is no need of putting your DIY projects on hold or even conducting simple repairs because the garage is very cold.

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