How to Store Bikes in a Garage: Pros and Cons of each

No matter how you slice it, storing bikes is a big old pain. They’re cumbersome, they’re oddly shaped, they don’t stand up on their own and they never seem to fit exactly where we want them to when it comes time to store them.

Well, at times, people mess up multiple times and can end up hurting their bikes by laying them on something that wasn’t stable or don’t have any better place to store it in a garage full of junk. You don’t want your riding partner to get damaged because you did not store it properly. You might end up losing a significant amount of money and resale value more than you would have bargained for.

There are many ways that you can use to store bikes in the garage. But the three most common ways and efficient solutions are:

  • Using bike stands.
  • Using bike hooks.
  • Using bike lift and pulley system.

Using bike stands

If you’re really into biking or maybe you’re just getting into it, a bike stand is a great investment to work on your bike. It gives you a great place to attack the drive, trains, suspension, everything else. Along with that, keeping it in the bike stand like doesn’t hurt the dropper seat post and allows your bike to stay up, so it’s not going to fall over. It gives it a great grip. It actually looks really cool on display in your garage and it protects your bike.

Now, not everybody has the money to go and buy a bike standard really feels like they need one that wants an easy way to store their bike in kind of a standing up way. But there are very cheap bike stands on Amazon. You can adjust it to the wheel size in your wheel just rolls right back into it. Literally it takes like half a second and then you can walk away and your bike stays nice and sturdy.

It puts your bike right where you can access, it allows you to work on your seat, post your handlebars, your front fork, and a lot of things, and it’s so slick and streamlined that it just looks great. And it works really, really well.


  • Different sizes to hold multiple sizes.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Rubberized to protect garage floor and the walls.


  • They take up a lot of space.


Using bike hooks.

There’s all different styles of hooks that you can use kind of for whatever you want. There is multi-use one which you actually use to hang scooters and it allows you to hang three or four scooters all on one post.

So the great thing about hooks is they can actually slide right off the end of the track, but you can also, once they’re on, you can just move them really easily. It will space things after you put them on or you can just stick them

You can put hooks in studs in your garage or in a storage shed if you have one and they make it through your bike hangs up, it really keeps it out of the way. And this is a great option for people who maybe don’t ride their bikes a ton, or just don’t feel like they need to have them accessible all the time.

It’s a very inexpensive option. It works very well. The only is it is kind of a pain to lift up. That’s why there’s a couple of better versions of hooks that are highly recommend.


  • Quick solutions.
  • Save on space.
  • Very easy to install and you will not require tools.
  • They have trays that protect walls


  • Can be hard to screw to drywall and excessive force can damage them.


Best way to hang bikes from garage ceiling

The bike hook slides underneath your seat. If your bike seat is angled in such a way that the hooks slide off, you can install some cord to attach to the front of the seat as well to make sure it stays secured.

Pull the slack out of the line and then attach the hooks underneath handlebars and makes sure the bike is secure. And then you can start pulling up. It’s honestly pretty effortless, so much easier than other cloistered bike storage systems.

Once you get your bikes to the top, there’s a locking mechanism that keeps the bike hoisted and secure until you really say, I want to bring it down. You can use it to store adult bikes, but they are also compatible with kids’ bikes. You will just need to measure the distance between the handlebars and the seat of the kid’s bike. Then when you install it, you’ll install the pulleys at that length versus the distance shown for an adult bike.

You can find them on Amazon. They’re pretty cheap. They’re under 40 bucks. You get actually two of them and it allows you to get your bike all the way up on the ceiling, completely out of the way so that you can park a car under. You can do so many things and still have your bike available when you need. It definitely is a little bit of a hassle to lower it down and read lower it up. But after you learn it, you can do it pretty quickly


  • Easy to set up.
  • Saves on garage space.
  • Can hold several bikes.
  • Easy to put the bike up and down.


  • It has weight limits.


Hope one of these will work out for you. And more than anything, if you have other ideas of how to do bike storage easier, there’s some various up so that you can get a bunch of bikes on one open wall or people make their own stands out of two by fours.

What methods have worked for you in the past? Share with us in the comments below. But there are many ways you can store bikes in the garage, these three are just by far the most common and popular readily-available methods employed by many people.

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