Is it Worth Insulating a Garage?

Are you in a dilemma as to whether or not to insulate and heat your garage? A vast majority of homeowners don’t feel that it’s important to insulate their garage since there are no stipulated laws that require you to do so, apart from minor cases where you will be required to do so if you are sharing adjacent walls with your garage.

Even so, you wouldn’t have to worry about the remodeling cost of your garage walls, at least for the major part. Since a detached garage wall doesn’t necessarily have to be insulated. While this might be the case, some homeowners take it as an opportunity to save a few bucks on their home garage.

But have you ever thought that insulating your garage space might be the best thing? In fact, there are very good reasons that will hopefully go a long way to convince you that insulating your garage walls, as well as garage door is of utmost importance.

This article will explore the reasons why you should consider insulating your garage wall.

Is it Worth Insulating a Garage?

While your garage is useful in storing your car, it also plays a crucial role as a shelter during harsh weather. Even so, temperatures in your garage tend to fluctuate, depending on the weather.

Two of the main reasons to consider insulating your garage is that you are expected to save energy costs overall or you would prefer to have your garage warm during certain seasons of the year, especially during winter.

Basically, insulating your garage space and home as a whole tremendously reduces your energy bills. At the same time, having an effective insulation system makes your garage space more comfortable.

While your insulation system will run all through the winter and summer and cost hundreds of dollars, it’s worth mentioning that the temperature in your garage  doesn’t  really affect your entire homes insulation system.

But is the money and time invested on an insulation system in your garage worth it? The answer is yes, it’s completely worth it. Here are reasons why.

It Reduces Energy Costs

Contrary to common believe, insulating your garage effectively goes a long way in reducing your overall energy costs. But how? You might be wondering. Well, if you are looking to minimize your energy cost, then the best way is to invest your time and energy to insulate the attic space. This applies if your garage wall is attached to your home wall.

Ideally, insulating the attic space on an attachéd garage space not only helps to regulate temperature in your home, but ensures temperatures in your garage are also kept ample.

Unlike insulating your garage space alone, finding a balance between the garage space and your home through the attic will ensure that your two spaces share the energy bills. As you would expect, reducing the energy bills won’t work by insulating your garage space alone.

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It Allows for Partial Insulation

The process of insulating a garage space or your home can be very daunting. In fact, you will need to set aside a substantial amount of money and time to fully install an effective insulation system in your garage, and this is what most people try to avoid.

However, did you know that you can partially insulate your garage space? Actually, you can do just fine insulating the inner wall of your garage space. More specifically, you can insulate the walls between your garage and your living spaces by doing so, you will be experiencing more comfort within both your garage and home space.

By partially insulating your garage, you will be preventing the spread of heat from outside your home and garage space inside during the cold season and vice versa.

It is Flexible

In designating certain functions in your home, flexibility always reigns supreme amongst the vital factors to be considered. You wouldn’t want a certain project or fiction that will cripple all your other functions.

When it comes to insulation, the choice to insulate or not to insulate your garage solely depends on you. After all, considering your home design and the need to insulate your home, some homeowners might be of the opinion not to insulate their garages.

In a nutshell, the option to insulate your garage will boil down to the core purpose of your garage space. If for example you are using your garage space more often as a workshop, it only makes sense that you will insulate your garage to optimize comfort.


Your Items Will Remain Secured

Garage spaces are full of different items. Apart from being used as a storage space for your car, your garage can also be used to store other valuable items that might be sensitive to temperature.

In order to keep these items secure, it’s essential to ensure that you insulate your garage. If you have items such as crucial papers, recreational items, metallic items and anything else that can be damaged by freezing conditions, you wouldn’t want them to mold or affected by mildew, would you?

By installing an insulator in your garage you will be in a better position to regulate heat and humidity in your garage. This way, you will avoid the problem dealing with broken items altogether.

Noise Reduction

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have your garage insulated is to ensure that you minimize any noise produced in your garage. This comes in handy especially if you are using your garage space as a workstation. At the same time, insulating your garage will ensure that noise from the house is prevented from filtering into your garage. Although noise reduction is seen as a small issue, insulating your garage will prove to be extremely helpful in the long run.

So, is it Worth It?

Is insulating your garage space worth your energy, time and money? While insulating by our garage won’t reduce your energy bills by a big margin, you cannot oversee other benefits that come with insulating your garage space.

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