Are Garage Tiles any Good?

Types Garage Tiles

Perhaps it is around that time you want to upgrade your garage floor but unsure if tiles should be your go-to. With so many different garage flooring options, tiles is one of the best, but did you know that all garage tiles not the same?

Are garage tiles any good? Yes, garage tiles are very good when it comes to garage flooring. Not only are they durable, but they really look good on the floor as well. If you choose the right type of tile from the beginning, you will sure love them.

There are two main types of garage tile. There’s the hard plastic tiles and then there’s the soft PVC plastic tiles. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Depending on how you want to use your garage one might be a better fit over the other.

Hard plastic tiles.

These types of garage tiles are made up of high quality impact resistant thermal plastic polymer. That means these garage tiles are highly durable, their color won’t fade and they’re chemically resistant too.

Hard plastic tiles are perfect for custom flooring designs. You can choose something as simple as a checkerboard pattern or you can even go all out and make an eight foot style pattern. You can even use hard flooring design tool to make an image of anything and put it in your garage floor.


Hard plastic tiles on the pro side, hard tile doesn’t stain easily and it’s molding mildew- resistant. Since hard tiles have water permeable interlocking joints, there won’t be any water left on the surface so the risk of slipping is reduced.  Plus people love how easy it is to put together these types of tile.


On the con side, hard tiles can be loud underfoot and the water permeable joints can allow for debris and dirt to get underneath the tile. Some tiles but not all can actually expand when they’re introduced to high temperatures or direct sunlight. When they expand, they run into colder tiles run out of room and then buckle upward.

If you plan to work into your car a lot of hard plastic tiles probably won’t be a good fit for you. The hard surface may not be the most comfortable to work on and the rigid plastic can break under the weight of the carjack.


How to fix the cons:

There are a few ways to address these challenges. First, with the debris getting underneath the tile surface, you can easily hose that away and down a drain. If you haven’t here any of your drive to seize more heat or direct sunlight, you can try the vintage tiles because they won’t absorb as much heat. You can glue down tiles to avoid buckling. And there even others with expansion joints to allow more room for movement.


Soft PVC Plastic Tile.

This flexible tile is a custom PVC blend that offers the anti-fatigue qualities of rubber flooring and the chemical resistance of PVC. Soft PVC plastic tiles are known for their durability, long life and comfort.


On the pro side, this floor easily absorbs sound and temperature for a quieter more comfortable floor. It’s also water resistant. You don’t have to worry if your car brings in moisture or if you have a big spill.

DIY mechanics love the soft PVC tile for its comfort and its resilience. You can work on your car for extended periods of time without a problem and it can even handle the weight of the car.


On the con side, soft tiles are as design friendly as hard tiles. Tar and some car tires can also stain soft tiles leading to that less than perfect appearance. You can also still experience some dimensional instability with temperature changes and the consistency of the tile will soften dramatically with extreme heat until the cooler temperatures return.

How to fix these issues.

You have a few options to address these challenges. Stains from road tar can be removed with a product called Purple Powder. While stains from car tires can be removed, you can get black tiles that won’t show the marks. You can also lay a rug over regular heated areas prevent the tile from expanding and overheating.


Tile Surface Patterns.

Now that you know more about both types of garage tile it’s time to learn about tile surface patterns. Each pattern has its own unique benefit. Diamond coin invented pattern tiles provide the most slip resistance.

Vintage tiles are also ideal for drainage areas. Smooth and texture tiles allow for easier movement of rolling chairs, tool chest and work benches. Slated tiles are meant to be more stylish and functional, but they still provide some slip resistance and work with rolling objects.



So what should you choose? Hard plastic tiles or soft PVC plastic tiles. Hard plastic tiles are best for housing high performance cars that offer potential for staining. These chemically resistant tiles will keep looking great even if there spills or drips.

Hard tiles are also the top choice for people who want detailed designs for the floor. Soft PVC tiles are great for any garage more practical garage and especially since soft PVC tiles are so durable.

If your garage doubles as a workshop with rolling cabinets, soft tiles are a great option. Even if you just want a deck out your man cave with a comfortable floor, this is the way to go. And that’s everything you need to know about grass tile flooring.

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