Best Laminate Flooring for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

If you’re considering laminate flooring for your garage, then you’ve made the right decision. Laminate is a wood-based floor that’s affordable, durable and easy to install. It’s the perfect flooring option if you want a hardwood look and feel with the primary material being wood.

Laminate flooring also known as floating Wood Tile is a synthetic flooring with texture and look of either stone or wood. This type of flooring is now a staple in many households in America. It’s very durable, economical and pet proof so it’s little wonder why most families choose to laminate their home.

Our goal is to help make your buying experience better and comfortable. With that, our team has narrowed down and reviewed some of the best laminate flooring is on the market today to help you choose which one is the best for your home.

TrafficMASTER Lakeshore Pecan Laminate Flooring.CHECK PRICE
Pergo XP Coffee Handscraped Hickory Laminate FlooringCHECK PRICE
High Gloss Perry Hickory by Home Decorators CollectionCHECK PRICE
TrafficMASTER Handscraped Saratoga Hickory Laminate FlooringCHECK PRICE
Home Decorators Collection Sonoma Oak Laminate FlooringCHECK PRICE


  1. TrafficMASTER Lakeshore Pecan Laminate Flooring.


Finding an inexpensive best quality laminate is easy with this product. It has a classy neutral color called Lakeshore Pecan that complements perfectly with any home interior decor and design.

Compared to other flooring is on the market, this one is cheaper yet more durable and lasting. The traffic master laminate flooring in Lakeshore Pecan has an authentic would look finish with a wood grain texture.

It measures 7.64 inches wide, 50.5 eighths inches long with a thickness of seven millimeters. Each plank has beveled edges to replicate the look of a real wood plank. One case of nine planks covers approximately 24.17 square feet.

This click lock laminate floor is easy to attach and needs no glue. It’s perfect for DIYers and professional installers who want quick and hassle free installation. The indoor humidity is something that should also be taken into consideration when installing the flooring. It helps prevent possible damage from moisture.

This product is suitable for all grades of installation above grade, on grade or below grade. It can be installed over both concrete and wooden sub floors. The TrafficMaster laminate has no underpayment, but can be installed over radio and heated floors and is durable enough to resist heavy foot traffic, scratches, stains, moisture and fading.

The traffic master laminate flooring is manufactured by Shaw Industries. They offer a wide variety of flooring products. From Lakeshore pecan laminate flooring, TrafficMaster offers a 15 year warranty against wear, fade and stains. Make sure to install coordinated trims and moldings for a smoother exceptional looking finish.


  • Select radiant and heating maybe used.
  • Authentic wood look finish
  • Planks have beveled edges
  • Residential use


  1. Pergo XP Coffee Handscraped Hickory Laminate Flooring.


This laminate flooring brings new life to a vintage design with its classic hickory and rich coffee color. It has dimensions of 10 millimeters in thickness, five and a quarter inches in width and fourteen and a quarter inches in length.

Each plank has a painted click Join for easy SNAP fit Assembly and is ideal for residential and light commercial use. It has a lifetime limited residential warranty and a five year limited warranty for light commercial.

This flooring can be installed over smooth, flat, dry surfaces including concrete, ceramic vinyl tile and wood. It’s also applicable for installation over radiant heating systems. The planks have a beveled edge to create a natural authentic rustic look an elegant finish.

The Hickory was wonderfully replicated it gives this dark laminate the look and texture of real hardwood, but it’s way cheaper than the real thing. The color is so consistent and it’s thicker than other laminate floorings in the market.

This laminate offers sturdiness with its scratch guard advanced technology that prevents scuffing, fading, staining and even holds up better against spills. It has an abrasion class rating of 4 that denotes the durability level of laminate flooring making it appropriate for commercial use.

It also has perma Max surface protection for double the wear and double durability that ordinary laminates. The XP coffee handscraped hickory laminate flooring is one of the best selling products from Pergo.  This flooring is ideal for those looking for style, easy maintenance and a natural look. This product will add pop to an otherwise dull room.


  • Planks have a beveled edge.
  • Lifetime limited residential.
  • Approved for residential.
  • Easy snap-fit assembly.


  1. High Gloss Perry Hickory by Home Decorators Collection.


Its dimensions are eight millimeters of thickness five inches in width and 47 and three fourths inches in length. High density of the fiber wood planks have an attached to millimetre foam under laminate that can reduce noise and provides shock absorbing cushion.

The floor mimics the look and feel of real hickory wood with a dark color and high gloss finish. It can be installed over embedded radiant heating and it can be installed over both concrete and wooden sub floors.

The indoor humidity level is also something you need to consider in determining how you should install flooring in your home as it can affect many different things. The flooring is appropriate to all grades of installation including above grade, on grade and below grade making it easy to install and economical.

It has a beveled edge to each point that allows the dirt to be easily vacuumed or swept. This particular laminate flooring is also recommended for residential use and each plank has a detailed wood pattern that gives it an authentic look adds warmth and elegance to your home.

Today, there are hundreds of brands of laminate flooring in the marketplace. The Home Decorators Collection has been in business for years and has an excellent reputation in its industry.

If you’re looking for style on a budget and want to achieve the aesthetic of hardwood flooring without hurting your budget, this product will definitely satisfy your needs.


  • Attached 2 MM sound-proofing.
  • Planks have a beveled edge.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Residential use.


  1. TrafficMASTER Handscraped Saratoga Hickory Laminate Flooring.


The handscraped laminate flooring creates a warm classy ambiance to contemporary homes. It mimics the look and feel of a real hardwood flooring with a rich hickory finish in chocolate brown and a nice dark colored town.

It also has an embossed register surface that resembles the grain of natural wood for that more realistic look. Equipped with a simple fold down installation system, this laminate is easy to install without using glue which means you can use the floor right after the installation is done.

Since indoor humidity affects the quality of laminate, TrafficMaster ensures this flooring can resist moisture that may seep between the floorboards. It’s also appropriate for all grades of installation including above grade, on grade or below grade.

Each plank is five inches wide, seven inches long and half an inch thick. The product is suitable for indoor residential use and can be installed over concrete or wooden sub-floors. It has no underlayment but there are selected heating Radiant Systems that may be used as the under laminate.

What’s more the planks have beveled edges that accent the floor design. It goes perfectly with many home decors. The TrafficMaster Saratoga hickory laminate flooring is backed up with a 15 year warranty against fade in state.

After installing the laminates, remember to coordinate the right flooring molding and trims to protect the floor and provide a cleaner finished look.


  • Radiant heat may be used.
  • Planks have beveled edges.
  • Saratoga hickory.
  • Residential use.


  1. Home Decorators Collection Sonoma Oak Laminate Flooring.


In deciding what flooring is best for residential use, consider one that’s not only stylish but also durable. Some settle for something classy to upscale their interior home design while others choose durability above everything else.

With this product, homeowners don’t have to be in between anymore. The Sonoma oak laminate flooring has a honey oak medium gloss finish with a wood grain texture that provides a natural look and feel of real hardwood.

It creates a classic warm cozy atmosphere in modern homes making it more appealing and elegant. The flooring is resistant to wear and scratching so it’s perfect for homes with heavy traffic.

Planks have babble edges that initiates the look of solid wood. Each blanket 7 inch to 30 inches wide, 50 and five eighths inches long and eight millimetres thick. Although there’s no underlayment attachment this Sonoma oak laminate are appropriate for all grades of installation.

It’s suitable for installing on both concrete and wooden sub floors. It can also be installed under a radiant heating system as this flooring is under floor warming approve. The click and lock laminate flooring is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want a quick and easy floor installation.

Just lay down the boards, trim planks using a table soft necessary and install matching trim and molding to enhance and complete the look of the floor. Home Decorators collection offers 30-day residential warranty against wear, fading and stain resistant for this product. One case contains eight planks that can cover 21.48 square feet.


  • Easy click-lock installation.
  • Look of real hardwood.
  • Wood grain texture.
  • Scratch resistant.

Best Laminate Flooring for Garage Buying Guide

Which laminate floor is right for your garage? Here are some tips on how to select the best laminate flooring for you. As you look, you’ll want to keep in mind three key considerations the type of laminate, style and durability.

Water resistant laminate flooring.

Water resistant wood-based laminate has become more popular than traditional laminate because it has more benefits. It’s easier to maintain, you can clean up messes with a wet mop or even a steam mop in some cases. It’s kit and pet-friendly. It stands up to the spills and splashes of everyday life.

Traditional laminate flooring

Traditional laminate typically requires transition moldings every 30 feet in a room to allow the floor to expand. There are water resistant wood-based options like awkward guard that give a more seamless appearance to your room and you can go two times the distance without needing transition moldings and doorways or in the middle of the floor.

Style choices

Now, you’ll also want to think about the style of laminate you want. Style can include color, plank size, surface finish. With color, it’s truly a personal preference. There is extensive selection of laminate colors from blond to grey to traditional Brown.

There is also a wide range of playing sizes whether it be a traditional narrow strip or a prominent wide plank or even a multi width and multi length plates which are extremely popular styles.

The surface finish you choose really depends on your overall style of your garage. Surface finishes range from classic smooth and high gloss to rustic hand scraped or even matte or authentic texture. An authentic-textured finish is one of the most realistic style options.


When it comes to durability, you want to consider the amount of foot traffic in your garage. The thickness of the playing is also a factor in stability and durability. 12 millimeters thick is the ideal thickness to be stable without becoming too thick to be a problem.

You want to make sure that the overall thickness of the flooring doesn’t exceed the height of your original floor so you can smoothly open and close your doors.


Laminate is surely the most durable, stylish and affordable floor covering perfect for residential and light commercial use. It’s easy to install and is a great choice for those who want to get high quality flooring at a low cost. We hope our review helps you decide which laminate is best for you.

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