What Color Temperature is Best for Garage Lighting?

best color temperature for garage

Garage lighting has become an integral part of every homeowner who is looking to add lights to the garage. Good thing, we now have lights specifically made for garages. But still, you still need to familiarize yourself with the many terms to achieve the best light for your garage.

What color temperature is best for garage lighting? The best color temperature for a garage should range between 5,000 Kelvin and 7,000 Kelvin to achieve both form and function in your garage. This is just an estimate. The color temperature for your garage will entirely depend on what you are doing in the garage among other factors.

When you hear the term color temperature, the thing that might come to your mind is normal temperature you’re used. But it is not the case. Read on to find out more about color temperature and which one is the best for your garage and home.

Color temperature definition and concepts of color temperature.

When a solid body is heated, it emits visible radiation. The color of this light is determined by the temperature of the object. This dependency is used to quantify the White tone of lamps. This so-called color temperature is used to objectively describe the White tone of a light source and is expressed in Kelvin, the standard unit of temperature.

color temperature definition

The flame of a candle which burns carbon particles at a temperature of around 2000 Kelvin emits a yellow light.

color temperature

The filament of an incandescent lamp which has a temperature around 2700 Kelvin to 2800 Kelvin is yellowish white.

color temperature

The sun at noon which has a temperature around 5000 Kelvin is white.

So to summarize, the lower the color temperature is the warmer more reddish the color of the light will be. On the other hand the higher the color temperature is, the cooler more bluish the color of the light will be.

The color appearance of a light source radiating a white light is determined by the spectral composition of its light and can be characterized by its color temperature. A white light source with a high proportion of red and thus a low color temperature such as an incandescent lamp will appear warmer.

color temperature

And a white light source with a higher proportion of blue and thus a higher color temperature as with natural daylight will appear cooler.


Color temperature guide

Color temperature is also used to classify groups of color temperature or color appearances. Why do lamps come in such a variety of color temperatures? Can’t we just use one color temperature for all applications?  The reason for this is that the choice of color temperature depends on a number of factors.

  • Activity taking place in the room: Warm white light will create a relaxed ambience. Cool white will make people more active.
  • Furnishing of the room: Wooden furniture will look better under warm white. Gray and white on the other hand will look better under cool white.
  • Climate: People living in hotter climates generally prefer cooler white. Warm white is preferred in the colder climate regions.
  • Lighting level: Cooler white light requires higher lighting levels to prevent the room from looking gloomy.

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How do I choose a color temperature?

Color temperature refers to how warmer cool bulb color appears. The lower the Kelvin rating, the warmer the bulb will appear. The higher the rating the cooler and seemingly brighter the bulb will appear.

color temperature

Warm white lighting will have a Kelvin temperature of 2700 K. This temperature promotes a warm and cozy environment and it’s best utilized in restaurants, hotel lobbies and homes.

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color temperature

Soft white lighting will have a Kelvin temperature of 3000 K. It’s best used in homes, retail settings and restaurants to create an intimate and personal space.

color temperature

Neutral white lighting will have a Kelvin temperature of 3500 k it is ideal for reception areas, retail settings and homes where you want it to feel friendly, inviting and non-threatening.

color temperature

Cool white lighting will have a Kelvin temperature between 4000 and 4200 K. It’s commonly used in conference rooms, classrooms and hospitals. It has the appearance of pure white it will make a room feel neat, clean and efficient.

color temperature

Daylight lighting will have a Kelvin temperature of 5000 K and higher. It’s best use in garages, warehouses, medical exam rooms, museums and print shops. It is very bright which promotes alertness and is exceptional at representing colors correctly.

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What does color temperature means in light bulbs?

color temperature

When Thomas Edison invented his incandescent bulb, he didn’t have a choice about the color of the light. What color light do you want? Every light bulb has a color temperature that can influence the mood and coloration of the room in which it is placed.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin and the basis for color temperature comparison is the sun. Thanks to the new lighting facts label, all lighting products now Kari Kelvin ratings to help you decide which color temperature you’re purchasing.

This color temperature information is called Light appearance, and it tells you whether the bulb is warmly colored, coolly colored or in between.

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Bulbs that approximate the hue of light that comes from the sun will have Kelvin ratings near 5000 to 6500 K and will carry a daylight description. Daylight bulbs have a bright clean light that is ideal for lively active areas in your home.

Bulbs that have a cooler neutral light have a Kelvin rating of 3500 to 4100 K. Their packaging will stay cool, neutral or bright. These cool bulbs make for a balanced light that works well for the bathroom vanity.

Bulbs that are warmer in color tend to have more red or yellow light in them. Their Kelvin rating is 2700 to 3000 K. They are described as warm or soft.

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Warm bulbs create an inviting relaxing cozy ambiance. All Energy Star qualified bulbs carry Kelvin ratings to help you decide which color temperature you’d like. It’s up to you to choose the color temperature you’d like best for the mood you want to create. Edison would surely have enjoyed the options you have today.

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