What is a Garage Ready Refrigerator?

what is a garage ready refrigerator?

A garage refrigerator is a nice item. It spares space and everything. If you don’t have space inside the house, the garage usually is the second most common place. The problem being is most self-defrosting refrigerators have some issues once the temperatures get down to a certain degree.

What is a garage ready refrigerator?A garage ready refrigerator is a specific type of refrigerator specifically designed to meet the harsh conditions of a garage both in cold and warm conditions.  These types refrigerator come equipped with special features such as several sensors to control temperature and thermostats, automatic freezer controls among others. 

The manufacturer recommends that the machine run 50 degrees or warmer for ambient temperature. In real life, once it hits 40 degrees, you start to have some problems. Once a garage hits 38 to 40 degrees, the temperature of the cabinet is going to stay there. It’s going to let that temperature just hover right in there in that refrigerated compartment.


How a normal refrigerator behaves in cold temperature inside the garage

If it gets too cold in the garage, that temperature is really going to soak right into it freezing soda pop and other items inside the refrigerator compartment and then the stuff inside the freezer is probably going to be okay. But once it comes back up to that 38 degree range, that freezer is going to start to fall back out.

The colder it gets, the more problems you’re going to have with that softer defrosting refrigerator. If you bring the ambient temperature inside the grudge about 40 degrees, you’re good to go.

How a normal refrigerator behaves in hot temperature inside the garage

Come summertime, any time it hits 100 degrees inside the garage or hotter, the machine itself has to work a lot harder to maintain that temperature. You have some main components inside there on the back that are really going to be exposed to that temperature.

This going to cut down the life expectancy of the refrigerator and you’re going to raise your electric bill quite a bit. A high electric bill is something you want to avoid when it comes to home appliances.

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How to make a refrigerator work in the garage.

Ensure the garage is properly insulated

A well-insulated garage will no doubt accommodate any type of refrigerator. This is because the temperature climatic condition inside the garage is controlled. Although it might be costly to insulate a garage, your refrigerator will last long and won’t have any issues breaking down.

Your garage should be well-ventilation

If your garage has no windows or a small door, then chances will be the ventilation is poor. Good thing, you can ventilate the garage using space heaters, fans, humidifiers and dehumidifies .

A ceiling fan will also help maintain cool temperature inside the garage and you will worry less knowing that your refrigerator will work well with no possibilities of breaking down four or five months down the line.

Make a special garage fridge enclosure

Since insulating an entire garage can be very expensive let along the time it will take, one of the best ways of making your garage refrigerator-ready is sparing an enclosed space that fits the dimension of the refrigerator you want.

You can then find cheap ways to insulate that specific place and it will save a ton of expenses rather than buying a garage ready refrigerator if you already have one sitting at home.

Get a garage refrigerator kit

If you already have a refrigerator and it doesn’t meet all the requirements of a garage-ready refrigerator, then it will be best if you get a garage refrigerator kit. These kits do amazing job just like an insulated garage does.

They work by cooling down the refrigerator when it is too hot or when it is too cold, a garage refrigerator kit will warm the space in the refrigerator protecting it and the contents inside.  With a refrigerator kit, your refrigerator will perform well for many years.


How to choose the best refrigerator for your garage

When the time comes to replace your refrigerator it’s important that you find the one that works best for you, your home, your family and your budget. All of these factors play a part in what you’re going to choose and there’s some that have more importance than others. Some refrigerators have unique features.

Freeze control

Garage ready refrigerators come equipped with automatic freeze control. This will help maintain ambient temperature at all times ensuring the refrigerator works well both in cold and hot temperatures.


Refrigerators can range in cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. Once you get over the sticker shock, it’s important to remember that most refrigerators will last for 10 to 15 years. So don’t be afraid about spending big on something that has the features that you want.

Really what goes into the cost is the size, the brand and even the style. The simplest model can work well for some people but depending on your family, you may want a little bit more

Dual thermostat.

This is another important feature you should watch for before purchasing a refrigerator for your garage. Apart from saving on electricity, a dual thermostat will regulate the temperature of the refrigerator.


Refrigerators depending on the size of your family for a size family of three to five people don’t work quite as well as a refrigerator that you’d need for a family of 10 or more if you decide to host a lot of parties. That can play a factor in pricing that you get.

So rule of thumb is that if you have to have a family of about three to five people, 20 cubic feet is going to be safe for you. But if you have a large family, if you’re interested in hosting dinner parties, a lot of the time you’re going to want something a little bit larger like a 30 cubic feet space.


Refrigerators come in many different shapes and sizes and they come with a lot of different features. Some have a top freezer which is where all of your ice and your frozen food components are going to be at the very top. Others are at the bottom.

When you’re picking one, you want to decide, are you fine with crouching down to get something out of the freezer or conversely are you fine crouching down to get something out of the fridge? That should play a factor in your consideration.


Another decision factor is do you want a French door style or do you want to side by side. That really is most important with your personal preference. They operate about the same way, but where it is important is if you have what’s called a built-in unit.

This is where a cut out for the fridge has been specifically measured for that unit. You can fix this right away inside the garage because there is plenty of space and it can fit anywhere.

Added features.

Again another factor could just be will it even fit inside the door. The doors may be too big. The unit may be too wide. Those things may not even allow you to get your brand new refrigerator inside your home.

Some other added features you can consider are things like a water dispenser, an ice maker, storage space. Does it have a door and indoor storage? Is it smart? There’s a lot of different features that are coming out in these refrigerators these days and it’s important that when you walk in to buy one you know exactly what you need for your family and what works best for your budget.


If you have a small space in the kitchen and want to accommodate the fridge inside the garage, ensure you follow the right steps so as not to incur extra costs doing repairs or even purchasing a new refrigerator all together.

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