How do I declutter my garage?

Step 1

Garage area is a space that frustrates as many of our homes because it’s that place where everything goes to when we don’t know where to put it. And so in any garage space, we’re really going to be all about de-cluttering and putting in a system that works and keeping it very simplified and budget friendly.

So with our process, it all starts with getting your setup together first. So before you jump in and start de-cluttering, you want to set up your workstations. And how you want to do this is you want to first get your bins together. If you’re putting new bins in your garage, you want to purchase those. If you are using bins that are already filled so you can’t get to them right now, use boxes and they’ll be a temporary fix for you until you can get the actual bins empty.

Step 2

You then want to create a sign that says purge and donate. You don’t need to worry about the keep when at this point. And so you want to put a section for donate and a section for purge somewhere in the garage or if the garages field somewhere outside maybe on the lawn.

You then want to line your baskets up in two lines leaving a owl down the center just like in a grocery store. This is going to be the sorting section, so this is where items are going to transition to that are the keep items. That’s why as mentioned before, you really didn’t need the keep tag.

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So what we’re going to do from this point is we’re going to jump in and start pulling things out and de-cluttering. So the only thing to think about is getting the trash in the trash area and getting the items in the bins. And so those are going to be where to sort them by black items.

All the Christmas items go in the Christmas bin. If that one fills up, move to the next bin. All of the electronics go in the bin. All of the books going to bin and basically just putting items in categories.

Step 3

So now that everything is sorted you can then sort the items that you want to purge by just easily pulling them out and put them in that section and everything else that stays in the bin is already organized in the bin.

So the process is done. So now it’s about getting a system in place to keep it in order. You can get these garage shelves at Amazon, and they’re really inexpensive. They’re all of $160 right at $100 but they’re very durable and perfect for garage.

Final Touches.

It’s just labeling so that you could easily see where the items were and get to them and put them back. And so it was no need to keep things that you do not truly use. So the last task is to simply haul off the trash in the empty boxes and then the garage would be complete.

Where to Start when Cleaning Your Garage Floor.

There may be other methods out there that are faster, but this is the way I do it. So one of the first things you want to do is remove everything from the garage especially things like rugs and cardboard boxes. Make sure none of those get wet.

Next, take a broom and just swept all the leaves and cobwebs out of the corners. Then tale a push broom and just sweep everything out of the garage. Doing this method makes it a lot faster if you get everything out of the corners first and then sweep everything with a bigger push broom.

After getting everything out of the garage, just sweep it all up and the piles and throw it in the trash can. Keep your workplace nice and neat that way. The floor looks terrible because where all the cars are parked, just oil and stuff drips down after a while and just sweeping it out makes it easier for the cleaning process.

So take your pressure washer, set up the pressure washer. I personally have a 3000 PSI pressure washer and it has served me well I highly recommend it. If you’re thinking about getting one when you have one, you can check out on Amazon. More things will come up that you realize you use you can use it for.

just wet everything down first. That’s just it kind of loosen everything up and just get the floor nice and slick so you can flip on it. But really you want to be careful when you wet the garage floor wet especially a painted brush floor because those get very, very sick.

Then just take solution and pour it on all the oil spots and then take a deck brush and just scrub it in. So I use Zep’s concrete cleaner. It’s like 10 bucks for a gallon. Very good price and it works really well. Anything Zep’s actually works really well. If it says it cleans concrete, it does. It says it removes rust, it does. I just really like their products. So on all the hard spots, scrub them well

You can’t use regular pressure washing methods inside a garage because the water will splash up on your drywall and ruin your walls or cabinets or anything else that’s in there. Then just take a push broom and just squeegee it out the whole mirage and then just take some water and the rest of soap out. You can use a combination of spraying water and squeegee out the floor and it will look fantastic.

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