Garaga Garage Door Reviews

Garaga Garage Door Reviews

Over the years, Garaga company has pioneered in making the best garage doors and they are found in many homes across the country. We have a detailed review of the garaga door reviews! take a look why it is the best garage door.

Garage Door Stops the Wind.

When you go through many months of freezing temperature, it’s good to know that your garage door is keeping the heat inside your garage. That’s why you need an insulated garage door. But insulation alone will not get the job done. Regardless of the R value, when the cold north wind really starts blowing you need help.

What you need under such conditions is a door engineered to stop the wind. You need a door with integral components that seal all openings in and around the door. These components are the bottom seal, the weather stripping and the most important one the ceiling joints between powers.

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To highlight the importance of the seals between panels, the Garaga garage door designed a test to measure the resistance of garage doors to the flow of air between panels. To ensure fairness for every manufacturer, the exact same method was used to test each door.

The length of the tested seal between the two panels was exactly the same for every door tested the bottom of the container was completely sealed to the door so water could only escape through any gaps between the panels.

The setup was made 24 hours before panels were tested to ensure that curing time was reached. The amount of pressure applied between two panels was according to each manufacturer specifications. The test measures the effectiveness of a Doors resistance to wind. The longer it takes for a gallon of water to drip through the seal between two door panels, the better the performance against the wind will be.

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Door performance fell into two categories the two doors in the faster category had their gallon of water emptied in less than two minutes. Obviously, this is not a great performance. You can just imagine cold there infiltrating your garage chasing away the heat.

The two other doors took more than five minutes 20 to empty. That means they’re performing at least twice as well as the faster ones. Now, let’s see how garage is efficient system responds to the challenge. Garaga triple contact interlocking joints are engineered to stop the wind better than any other door.

In fact, you get three joints for the price of one. Some people may call that over engineering. The garage door performs so well that the test was stopped after 30 minutes. The water that had passed through the seal between the two groggy panels couldn’t even fill a regular glass.

The other doors certainly don’t measure up to Garaga. When you buy a garaga door, you get the right value for your money. It’s an investment in quality that pays off.

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Keeps the Cold Cut

Winter causes a lot of stress to your garage door. Your garage door plays a crucial role in protecting the inside of the garage and adjacent rooms from the elements. It has to repel wind and cold, so the inside of your house will stay as comfortable as possible with minimal help from your heating system.

In order to compare the thermal efficiency of different doors on the market, the garage company decided to use an iron to demonstrate the flow of energy from one side of the door to the other. Here, an iron was placed on medium setting against the outside surface of a garage door. On the other side, a thermometer was installed to record the increase in temperature resulting from the transfer of energy from one side to the other.

Energy is flowing from one side of the door to the other driven by the high conductivity of steel. Some door panels perform better than others, but they all share the same engineering floor called a thermal bridge. In only 10 minutes, one door has even transferred twenty five degrees.

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But with same test on a Garaga garage door. In order to combine strength with thermal break performance, Garaga uses wood and blocks. The reason testing is done at the edge of the door is to measure the performance of the wood and block versus the steel and cap.

Most manufacturers use steel end caps as low cost reinforcing braces. In fact, they’re the weakest link in the efficiency of door insulation. Garaga’s wooden blocks act as efficient barriers to keep cold out and stop heat from escaping the garage.

As amazing as it may seem, Garaga’s would end locks stop the transfer of energy for a full 10 minutes. Garaga engineers rely on wood, a time tested material from Mother Nature in order to combine strength and thermal efficiency.

Garaga also uses the best quality weather stripping on the bottoms, sides and tops of its doors to enhance their cold climate performance. The performance of Garaga’s triple contact interlocking joints is clearly superior to all other doors.

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Brightness and Beauty.

If you are satisfied with the Garaga garage door reviews, we still have to check the brightness and beauty. From far away all houses look alike. Even at street level there’s a lot of similarity. That’s why proud homeowners try to bring their own personal touch to their house. Since the garage door is a highly visible part of your house, it’s a good idea to select a garage door that increases curb appeal.

To help you appreciate the striking impact that small details make on the appearance of a garage door. Garaga reflects 17% more light than the door from manufacturers see. Furthermore, the surface of a garaga door doesn’t have any of those drip lines used by other manufacturers to hide flaws on the surface of the steel. The surface of a garaga door is flawless.

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In order to scientifically compare doors we need to take you inside where we can control the environment and make accurate comparisons. We set up a test to measure how much light is reflected by a door. We beamed a fixed quantity of light onto a door panel and measured the intensity of the current generated by a photo cell trigged by only the reflected light.

Again all conditions are the same for each door tested a door that reflects more light will keep your garage cooler when the sun shines on it in the summer and be more appealing to the eye of passersby. A door that reflects more light will also keep its original appearance longer and will not fade or tarnish over the years.

We perform the test under low and high intensity light conditions to make sure results would be consistent. Science has confirmed what our eyes were already telling us. The Garaga door performs far above the competition.

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Garaga without a doubt prides in making the best looking garage doors there are and we make sure every detail is executed to perfection. The fit and finish of Garaga doors reflect the quality that goes into every single door manufactured by Garage. Well, this sums up our Garaga garage door reviews.

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