Best Window Air Conditioner for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

Air conditioning is the best way to beat the heat. And a window unit is much more affordable compared to its central air conditioning counterpart. It’s by far the cheapest and most convenient option.

They may be small and simply fit into your window, but they bring a wide variety of BTUs to cool medium to large sized rooms. Most window air conditioners also have energy saving features so you can save from high utility costs. Simply look for the brand that has the Energy Star rating.

These window type units are also easy to install. You don’t need the services of professionals as you can put it in yourself. We have reviewed the top five window air conditioners that are fit for you. Whether you need the best of the best or just the most affordable option, we’ll give you all the best items to choose from.

Best Window Air Conditioner for Garage

Haier Serenity Series Quiet Window Air ConditionerCHECK PRICE
GE Window Air ConditionerCHECK PRICE
Frigidaire Gallery Energy Star Cool Connect Smart Window Air ConditionerCHECK PRICE
LG Window-Mounted Air ConditionerCHECK PRICE
Friedrich Chill Window Air ConditionerCHECK PRICE
  1. Haier Serenity Series Quiet Window Air Conditioner.


It has 16,000 BTUs and comes in a white finish. It’s formed with both metal and plastic. It features a quiet sound package which is recognized as one of the quietest window air conditioners offered today.

You can have a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to its compressor blanket which is solely responsible to reduce the noise which operates at only 44 decibels. The powerful cross flow fan works for a stronger smoother airflow.

Experience greater air control with a dual motor design .Control the unit with its convenient fully functional remote with LED display. It has an add on feature of button lock and a light. Choose from the four customized cooling options such as cool, fan, energy save and dehumidifier. Dehumidification reaches up to one and a half pints every hour.

The electronic display panel shows the temperature and timer display. Run it depending on your preferred schedule with its 24 hour on and off timer. It’s a 2016 Energy Star-rated air conditioner and has low energy saving costs. The luxury of sleeping in one of the most comfortable temperatures is with a sleep mode.

You can also control the airflow in four different ways and it’s easy to clean with its washable mesh filter and easy front access. It also has a clean filter reminder to let you know when it’s time to change. This window air conditioner can cover cooling for up to 250 square feet.


  1. GE Window Air Conditioner.


This 115 volt electronic air conditioner surely will cool your room with the right temperatures. It offers eight thousand BTUs to cool small to medium rooms up to 350 square feet.

It boasts a sleep mode which regulates the room temperature all through the night. Experience a cool, comfortable and peaceful sleep. You can operate this g GE conditioner with it’s easy-to-use controls and digital thermostat. It features four way air direction, 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds. You can also take command of the controls wherever you are in your room with the easy to use convenient remote control.

Set the 24 hour timer for continuous cooling. This air conditioner also features an energy saver eco mode where the compressor and fan only run when the room needs to be cool. When the room is cooling enough, the compressor and fan will shut off automatically.

This unit fits windows with 22 and a half inches to 38 inches wide and a minimum of 13 and a half inches in height. The baggage comes with an easy mount installation kid and cleanup will not take too much time with its washable removable one touch lift out air filter. The manufacturer recommends cleaning it every 30 days to enjoy the best performance.


  1. Frigidaire Gallery Energy Star Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner.


Powered by advanced technology, cool your room through your smartphone. Just download the Frigidaire app and you can switch the unit off and on, navigate the control modes and adjust the temperature at your convenience.

The app also provides you with reminders when it’s time to clean the filters, key notification, up-to-date alerts and much more. Also, make a specific custom schedule when to work at this air conditioner so you can save energy.

Schedule your preferred room temperature even when you’re away and come home to a cool refreshing room. The Effortless temperature control option keeps the temperature inside the room and keeps it comfortable. It’s also Wi-Fi ready and connected it delivers 10,000 BTUs.

With this window air conditioner, you can cool room of up to 350 square feet and 1.7 pints per hour of DG modification. The modern design with Nash grill complements any room’s interior. Enjoy the full functioning remote control, three cooling speeds, fan speeds, auto cool function, sleep mode and energy saving mode. The unit is recommended for people with allergies because it also has a clean air I visor which removes impurities and pollen from the air. It can give relief to people who suffer seasonal allergies.

The 2017 Energy Star certified it uses one hundred and fifteen volts of electricity. And also boasts its magnetic closure allowing you to easily remove the mesh filter for cleaning. The four way directional airflow works in an outboard in circular motion to keep the even cool in a room.

The package also includes components such as a window installation kit which features insulated side panels that work effectively to minimize air leaks and keep the cool inside.


  1. LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner- with remote control.


Delivering 8,000 BTUs, it can be plugged into any 155 volt standard outlet. The unit can cool a room of up to 340 square feet and maintain 2.2 pints per hour of dehumidification.

Choose among three fan speeds and three cooling options for your room. It also has energy saving functions to keep you from spending a lot of money. The insulation kit is also a great help for easy setup. It has an auto restart function where the current settings stay on even after a power outage.

Clean it with ease thanks to its mesh filter. It also has a filter alert which tells you when it’s time to clean or replace the filter. This unit operates very quietly giving you that comfortable peaceful sleep. The noise level reaches only 54 decibels indoors and 60 decibels outside.

It boasts it’ four-way air direction which allows you to direct the airflow wherever you need it. Well, its 24-hour timer preset when you prefer to automatically turn off or on. Its physical design ensures durability because of its gold fin anti-corrosion coating which gives it a protective shield for long term use.

The package comes with a full functioning remote that lets you navigate from across the room and a four inch long power cord. A minimum window width is 22 inches up to a maximum 36 inches with a 13 inch maximum height.


  1. Friedrich Chill Window Air Conditioner.


This energy star certified window air conditioner can cool a room of up to 250 square feet. It can be installed in a window with 7.5 inches depth. Its sleek efficient design displays a more modern style it delivers 6000 beats you use. In regards to performance and comfort, it has three cooling speeds and a fan only feature. In order to get it even cool and air distribution, it also has an auto air sweep that does the job.

This ultra quiet operation also provides comfort and peaceful nights. Navigate and make commands with the digital remote control from any part of the room. The chill -only unit has an energy safe setting through the fan-only setting that can cool the room. The 24 hour timer allows you to preset a program has to one to turn it on and off and its air circulation can reach up to 200 cubic feet per minute.

Installing it is just as easy. Slide out the chassis and the power cord can run from the left or the right side of the front unit. The microbial and washable filters are easy to clean with the entry guard anti-intrusion protection. If you’re replacing an air conditioner unit with this one, don’t attempt to use your former unit’s casing and sleeve. The wall finished hole with his 18 and 7 eighths inches, 7.5 inches in maximum depth and 14 and one eight inches high.

This window air conditioner is ideal for sensitive individuals who are fond of quiet rest at night. It is without a doubt a Best Buy.

Best Air Conditioners for Garage Buying Guide

When shopping for an air conditioner, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you buy. It’s important to know the height, width and if possible depth of your existing unit along with the maximum width and height of the window opening.

You’ll also need to know the BTUs of your current AC, the size of the room you’re trying to cool, if the new unit will be placed in a window or wall and will require 110 or 220 volts power source?


A grounded outlet will need to be near the window or wall space used to power the AC. It should be plugged directly into the outlet. Do not use an extension cord. You’ll also need to know what type of outlet you’ll be using to power the AC. If you aren’t sure, snap a picture of the outlet. If it is a replacement unit, take a picture of the existing plug as well and show it to your salesperson.


It’s also helpful to know the brand of your current AC. This is especially important if you are replacing a sleeve or wall air conditioner. If you’re thinking about getting a portable unit, you will need a window or doorway for venting. Keep in mind that window, wall and portable units are intended to cool one room.

If the room to be cooled is connected to another open space like a dining or family room, the unit will effectively cool both rooms as long as there are enough BTUs coming from the main units. In this case, you should measure the size of both rooms. Think of the total square footage.

However, if the rooms to be cooled are separate you will need to purchase additional units for each room as single room Air conditioning units do not have the ability to push air around corners.


If possible, go for a company that has its own in-house trained professionals who will deliver install and Holloway your old unit. Otherwise, most window air conditioners come with super easy instructions with pictorial representation to guide you on how you will seamlessly install the appliance at home.


If your garage is not properly insulated, then window air conditioners will come in handy. These home appliances are affordable and one of the best ways to keep heat out of your garage. We hope this review has helped you in selecting the best air conditioner for your garage.

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