Best Surge Protector for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

Surge protectors are one of the most overlooked items when purchasing products for our homes. Little did we know that these small units are ready to sacrifice every component that they are equipped with acting as a firewall between your wall socket and your precious devices, protecting them from power surges which can shorten their lifespan.

By having one of these units, you are not only protecting your devices but also your family as well as your home since it can divert unusually high surges therefore avoiding damages such as fires. Surge protectors will protect equipment such electric heaters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, Air conditioners, among others.

If you don’t have a surge protector yet and are thinking of getting one well you come to the right place today. Let us help you pick the best surge protector for your home as we look at the five best surge protectors out in the market today.

Best Surge Protector for Garage

Belkin 12-Outlets Surge ProtectorCHECK PRICE
GE Ultrapro 10-Outlet 2-USB Power StripCHECK PRICE
Bestek 8-Outlets Surge ProtectorCHECK PRICE
Gogreen Power 6-Outlets Surge ProtectorCHECK PRICE
Belkin 12-Outlet Surge ProtectorCHECK PRICE
  1. Belkin 12-Outlets Surge Protector-with eight foot power cord with cable satellite protection.


Built to ensure that all your appliances especially your home theater are safe to endure high voltages. This item is definitely one of the best purchases that you will ever make. Featuring 12 outlets with 4,000 jewels of surge protection, this item will allow you to power up to 12 high end electronic devices.

It also protects your Ethernet, phone lines and coaxial while ensuring that it is working at peak performance protecting your data. It has one-in-one-out ports for Ethernet and coaxial to support uninterrupted connections and one-in-one-out coaxial protection safeguards. Cable and satellite connections for clear picture and sound while the telephone lines offer a one-in-one-out RJ 11 telephone fax protection to ensure open and continuous phone line connections.

It is further enhanced with a recessed power switch which safeguards against accidents while making reboots quick and easy. It comes with a heavy duty 8 foot power cord with a low profile plug that enables you to keep it safely tucked away hidden from plain view while still conveniently providing optimal power flow while its low profile plug can easily fit anywhere. even behind furniture or really tight spaces.

The advance surge protector is constructed with a mounted all damage resistant housing with sliding safety covers that help protect it from dents, scratches, fire, rust and impact.


  1. GE Ultrapro 10-Outlet 2-USB Power Strip.


This surge protector from GE, from the number one brand and surge protection. This surge protector will not only offer more outlets to plug your devices into but it also provides security with its wide array of features specifically designed to protect your devices.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable surge protector, then this may be the one that you’re looking for. First of all, the amazing features that this item is equipped with is its automatic shut down technology that protects your devices from unexpected power surges keeping them safe by shutting down automatically through its integrated circuit breaker that comes with a 28 80 Jewel protection rating.

It’s also equipped for the power filter that reduces interference and provides a better picture and sound experience. It is further enhanced with an indicator light that lets you know when your devices are working properly. This item will allow you to power more devices since it’s equipped with 10 outlets plus two USB ports to enable you to charge mobile devices conveniently and securely.

It has added space between the ports to allow for bulky plugs and adapters. You also won’t have to worry about unused plugs as it comes with a slide to lock safety cover to ensure that no one accidentally touches it. The ultra pro comes with a four foot long power cord along with a flat plug that you can conveniently hide behind furniture or shelves.


  1. Bestek 8-Outlets Surge Protector.


This amazing product provides premium power protection for all your devices. This high quality outlet has an advanced built-in intelligent recognition technology. The USB ports can automatically detect each device and deliver the best current for your devices. You can charge all your devices at full speed faster than other chargers.

It has multiple outlets for all your devices. It comes with eight AC outlets and four USB ports allowing you to charge up to 12 devices simultaneously. It’s ideal for home use and professional workstations.

This surge protector is absolutely safe to use. It’s made of high quality antique fire alloy plastic materials that can resist high temperature to protect your devices from damage. What’s more with this outlet is its overload protection switch feature that ensures your safety. In the event of power overload, the switch will turn off automatically to protect your devices and your home.

The indicator light will accurately tell you the power and charging status so that you can notice any danger in time. This product also has high quality charging cable. The wire is made up of 2.08 millimeter single strand premium copper wire and thick to 9.5 millimeter overall diameter that ensures high durability and security from electricity leakage. Bestek 8-Outlet Surge Protector is perfect for home and office use.

It has an anti slip match that keeps it from sliding around the floor. It’s extremely versatile and easy to use. The flat plug makes it easier to plug in and out with whitespace D.C. outlets that allow charging many devices without interfering with others.

With its powerful charging ability, you can keep all your devices on the go all the time. It’s sleek and slim with built in all around protection. This outlet is so flexible it’s, easy to use and store and you won’t have to worry about space occupying problems. Surely worth your money.


  1. Gogreen Power 6-Outlets Surge Protector.


It protects electronics during a power outage and with the electric surge that can harm and do permanent damage to your devices. This outlet has a 15 AMP circuit breaker and uses 1875 Watt and provides 90 jewels of simultaneous protection for six adapters at once that gives your appliances and device protection.

It’s a perfect accessory for your home office or entertainment center. You are absolutely safe from a short circuit which makes the socket more to use. It also has an active indicator light to confirm the operation.

This product is bolstered by a heavy duty case made of durable plastic. The cord is three feet long. The outlet is a great deal and works perfectly. You will get the protection you need and the quality of the product is amazing, but it’s cheaper than other surge protectors on the market.

With this outlet, you will get full protection from an electrical Strike. Gogreen Power 6-Outlet Surge Protector is the only one that provides an environmentally-friendly design. With plenty of options on the market, you might find it hard and confusing to choose which one to buy. In terms of durability, price and performance, this awesome product is one of the best choices.


  1. Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector.


This outlet comes with a heavy duty 8-foot power cord and telephone cord which ensures protection to open and continuous phone line connections. It has 12 surge protected outlets with 39 40 Jewel energy rating. You never have to worry about power surges and spikes damaging your valuable devices.

It has an intelligence circuitry feature with built-in voltage sensing which detects and responds to your device’s power needs while safety features ensure that your devices are protected. The sliding safety covers provide reliable protection for your workstations, printers, broadband modems and your home theater systems and to your everyday household electronics. Simply plug in the surge protector into any AC wall outlet and you can connect your device to keep it safe from surges, lightning strikes and AC contamination. T

his product has six regular surge protected outlets and six blocks based surge protected outlets that can accommodate large power adapters like an oversized printer and charger plugs without blocking other outlets. The detachable cord management clip keeps cables organized.

The power filtration on the surge protector reduces electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference that blocks unwanted line noise ensuring better performance of protected equipment. It also helps in preventing equipment lock up.

Belkin 12 outlet surge protector has a power strip featuring coaxial cable protection to protect cable box or satellite connections. Its right angle plug makes its slender in space saving.

It easily fits into tight spaces and behind furniture it’s ideal for a home office entertainment center or any room with multiple electronic devices. This surge protector is a good choice. You will surely achieve the protection you need for your home keep your high end equipment protected as well as your home and family.

Best Surge Protector for Garage Buyer Guide

In today’s world, most people have equipment they require search protection. The common function of power search protection is expanding your power socket. But there are more important functions of power surge protection. One of the most important functions of these products is protecting your appliances. If there is an electrical overload on your appliances without proper surge protection, it can ruin your appliances.

You know if you think about it, powering your electronics is a lot like cooking a waffle. Just the right amount of heat will give you a delicious breakfast date and you can code in maple syrup, but too much and you’ll end up with a charred pile of crap.

So similarly, the sensitive equipment inside your garage air conditioner, garage heater, home theater, gaming console, dehumidifier, or even the garage door openers needs a certain amount of electricity to run properly, and too much will cause malfunctions or even destroy it entirely.

Voltage surges.

So the power that comes out of your outlet on your wall is actually susceptible to voltage surges. So that is why many people use surge protectors to keep their stuff safe from nasty electrical mishaps.

How do surge protectors work?

So then how do these work and what can they actually protect against. It might be helpful to first understand when a surge protector isn’t it. Is not the same as our regular power strip which provides no form of surge protection or suppression or anything like that. It is not the same as an uninterrupted power supply or UPS which provides emergency backup power during an outage. And it is not the same as a power conditioner which can clean up mild interference that causes electrical noise if the power running to your home isn’t the best.

Instead a surge protector does exactly what it says, it protects against voltage surges which happen whenever there’s an unintended change an electrical charge somewhere on the circuit that’s going to your power outlet. Because voltage is basically just a difference in charge that allows current to flow, so too much voltage can cause too much current which can fry your electronics.

Causes of surges

Although surges are often associated with lightning strikes, the most frequent culprit is actually power-hungry appliances. Though things like bad wiring and problems with the power grid itself can also cause surges.

So then how does a surge protector help?

Whenever it detects a surge, it actually shunts the extra electricity through a semi-conducting material to a grounding wire which connects to that third prong on your plug. This will send excess voltage back to the return line and the building’s wiring which might trip a circuit breaker, but won’t damage whatever is plugged into the surge protector.

How to choose proper power surge protectors.

Then how do I even know what to look for? There are so many kinds that try to lure me in with fancy packaging and promises that they’ll protect me from the hammer of Thor or whatever. Well first off ,Thor’s hammer is actually a physical object and not really anything to do with electricity.

Understand Joules

Before we figure out what type of power surge protection product is proper for your setup, we need to explain the definition of a joule. A joule as a unit of electrical energy. It is the absorbing power of a power surge protector. It means the higher number of joules the more electricity it will absorb.

This will allow you for more power so you can protect more devices. If you want to have higher power devices such as a home theater receiver or high end speaker system, you need to choose the power surge protection product with a higher Joule rating. If you don’t need to turn off the power surge protection devices and then uses cables bother you, you can choose a power in while tab.

But before you rush out to buy one remember that all surge protectors have limitations. Most importantly, they don’t last forever. Every surge protector is rated for a certain number of Joules a measurement of energy that it can absorb and once a certain number of Joules hit your surge protector and won’t offer any more protection and hardly anything will save you from a really strong power surge such as from a nearby lightning strike.

Power Strip

Power in while tabs are easy to use. But what if you need to extend the length of your power cable? A power strip is right answer for you. For the general needs, a power strip between two hundred joules and 1050 Joules is practical. Of course, power surge protection products which have a higher number of Joules are always the best, but these products have a higher price than the lower Jewel rating products.

Lab tested.

And second of all, make sure you get one that is certified by Underwriters Laboratories or UL, a consulting company that tests electronics equipment. There are a lot of cheap oil options out there that haven’t been independently tested and may not actually protect anything.

Clamping voltage

Also pay attention to the clamping voltage which is what the surge protector will reduce the voltage to. Although the power that comes out of a North American outlet is one 120 volts, most electronics can actually deal with small surges on their own. So anything with a clamping voltage below 400 volts is probably fine.

And as I mentioned earlier, you’ll also want to protector that’s rated for a high number of joules so it’ll last longer and protect against larger surges. 600 is a good place to start but there are plenty of units that offer much more protection.

Replaceable options

Finally, many manufacturers will replace fried equipment up to a certain dollar amount. So make sure you read the fine print carefully so that you don’t end up losing half a million bucks and stuff that you had plugged into your surge protector and have to haul all that stuff to the scrap yard. But that kind of thing can be good to watch out for as well.


As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if you don’t have any of these amazing units right at your disposal yet that now might be the best time to get one. After all, it not only protects but also offers convenience not to mention that they come with amazing features.

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