Best Light Switch for Garage (Reviewed 2021)

Best light switch for garage

Smart light switches primarily work like regular or traditional switches. But here’s the catch, a simple tap or press is already out of fashion hence advanced technology offered by smart switches. You can conveniently control your lighting system with smartphone apps or voice commands. Isn’t it amazing?

Come home to a well-lit home by scheduling when to turn on your lights. Through far from home, stuck in a meeting or traffic you can set the timer for your lighting system and appliances through a smartphone app.

When at home, simply make a voice command through various smart brands. These smart light switches can not only be used for inside your house, but you can conveniently use them to turn on and off your garage lights.

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  1. C by GE-C Start Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch


Level up your typical lighting with his amazing smart light switch. Adjust the brightness levels of multiple bulbs in just one click via button, an app command or through voice assistant.

It is easy to install as it does not require a hub. It has no built-in voice assistant so paired up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It is compatible with Android and Apple IoS.

This wireless dimmer switch enhances how the traditional bulb functions by adding up wireless control, scene setting and scheduling. Smart bulbs are always ready at all times. You will see by GE bulbs are always ready to take commands even if the wall switches turned off.

Whether you want a dimmer or brighter light, you can easily set the mood with just a single voice command. Even in the dark you’d still be able to locate your switch all because of its illuminated light.

If you want easy installation, please bear in mind that it requires neutral wiring so better check yours before you purchase one. For purpose of security, saving or convenience turn on or off your lights depending on your preferred schedule.

It has an ambient light and motion detector. The motion detector allows you to turn on the lights based on the motion detected inside a room. It automatically shuts off too to save energy.

If you have pets at home, their movements can be detected too. In order to not ruin the set mood in your home whenever they move, you may set it on a do not disturb mode.


  • Wireless control.
  • Easy to install.
  • LED ring indicator.
  • Smooth dimming


  1. Wemo Wireless Dimmer Switch


Experience the most convenient way to adjust lighting levels in your home with the universal dimmer switch. Not only that, you may schedule operations or set the timer via the Wemo App.

This smart light switch perfectly works with a compact fluorescent lamp, dimnable LED and even on incandescent light bulbs. It features Wemo App compatibility. It requires Apple IoS 10 and Android four point four or higher operating systems to have control of the lights and appliances.

Wemo also works well with Apple home kit, give voice prompts with your iPod, iPhone, home pod or Apple Watch through Siri and Apple home apps. Have the warm lights for a movie night with just one command with Siri.

Have full control of your lights and devices with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant too. You can also enable control with multiple Wemo devices in a single snap of a button.

It has indicator lights as an easy locator set your lights to a night mode with a soft glow for late night snacks or trips to the kitchen. The low level of light it produces keeps your eyes from straining. The package includes four pieces of wire nuts, face plate, wire labels, a wireless dimmer switch and an easy to follow manual guide. It does not require a hub and promotes easy installation.


  • Wemo phone app.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Indicator light.
  • Night mode


  1. Lutron Caseta’s Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch


It features its smart bridge receiver which is easy to install and connects with various smart home voice assistance. Choose from different smart home brands like Sarina shades, Amazon Alexa Google assistant, Apple home kit and Sonos.

Set your lighting and schedule at your convenience. Amazingly, each dimmer can control up to 17 bulbs for each circuit. The statistic given is based on 8.5 watt LED bulbs and 60 watt incandescent bulbs.

You may install the dimmer switches in three steps and as fast as 15 minutes. For old houses, this kit does not require a neutral wire. This light switch can be controlled by Pico remote or a smartphone app that it’s free with Android and IoS devices.

Lutron is universally compatible with over a thousand damnable LEDs, halogen bulbs, and incandescent bulbs. It has passed a series of tests and recommendations. It boasted smart away feature where you can turn on and off the light even when you are away from the home.

This smart light switch has automatic adjustment capability with the lights adjust to a season change and daylight savings time. It has no built-in locator light. Included in the package or a dimmer switch with Wall plate, smart bridge, Pico remote and its pedestal and an easy to follow owner’s manual.


  • Great compatibility.
  • Easy to install.
  • Convenient control.
  • Multi-location dimming


  1. Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch


Experience an enhanced lighting system with this smart light switch. The control unit is removed from its magnetic base plate which you can conveniently enjoy in the form of a handheld remote.

You can also use the on button to adjust the ambient levels and lighting colors. Philips Hue boasts its customizable lighting system. Dim or brighten 1o of the lights in your home in an instant and in the comfort of your bed or sweet spot in any room.

Enjoy every party and movie nights at home with a warm and soft glow of lights for any occasion. This system requires the hubris to maximize its potential. The battery powered dimmer switch allows you to adjust your light intensity.

There is no added installation requirement. Now the dimmer switch with the screws and adhesive tape and control it with your remote or Philips Hue app. To make your dimmer switch more interesting, you may paired up with other Hue accessories such as the Hue motion sensor or Hue tap which are sold separately.

It is compatible with Apple home kit, Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. This indoor device has no built-in locator light. This package includes battery, wall plate, Philips Hue wireless dimmer switch and its remote and an owner’s manual.


  • Installation-free.
  • Light schedules.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Use as remote


  1. Ecobee Switch + Smart Light Switch.


You don’t just set your lights with this smart light switch but enjoy it speakers. The built-in speakers allow you to access Amazon Alexa and make a command. You can ask it to set the timer for you or read the latest news or particular podcast even if you are in the other room.

Its built-in Amazon Alexa can turn off the light bulb when the sun is up or if no one is in the room. Set it up in less than an hour with it step by step video installation and instructions that you can find available in the Ecobee app.

It’s not just intended for indoor lighting, but can also control your outdoor lights make it as your upgraded key which can automatically turn on the light bulb when the sunset comes and turn off depending on your given schedule.

If you’ve got a busy day ahead, don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on your system simply rely on the motion and daylight sensors to give a command to Alexa. Use the Ecobee app or quick tap on the manual button will do.

You can control Ecobee switch plus from your Android or Apple IoS device. Aside from Alexa, it also works with Samsung Smart Things, Apple home kit, Google assistant and IFFT. The package includes an Ecobee switch plus smart light switch, decorative trim plate, wire nuts and manual instructions.


  • Modern design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Built-in Alexa.
  • Great value


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