10 Amazing Drywall Alternatives for Garage Walls

Drywall Alternatives for Garage Walls

Today, a vast majority of homeowners use drywalls to decorate their interior walls. Not only is this the case for rooms in the house, but a new wave of homeowners opt to make their garage spaces equally beautiful.

As you would expect, drywall installation comes with myriads of benefits. For starters, it is not only a cheap option, but it’s also quite easy to work with this material. Even so, this material also comes with a number of downfalls, with sanding, taping and mudding being some of the biggest.

Essentially, drywall characteristically produced a hollow sound once you bump on it. Additionally, it does not work well with water and is easily susceptible to damage whenever it is placed in rooms with high traffic. Finally, drywall is highly fragile, fragile and a good breeding ground for different types of bacteria as well as mold. That is why you need to have a variety of drywall alternatives for garage.

Drywall Alternatives for Garage Walls

Garage WallPros
Wood Planks• Easy to install.
• Comes with many options.
Plastic Panels• Easy to install.
• Comes with many colors and options.
• Can easily hang plastic panels.
Plywood• Long lasting.
• Super cheap.
• Can customize according to your taste.
Veneer Plastic• Easy to use.
• It has compact looks.
Pegboard• Easy to install.
• It is convenient and comes with pegs.
• Durable.
Fiberglass Reinforced Panels• Easy to clean.
• It is resistant to bacteria and scratch.
• Durable.
Wood cork• It is cheap.
• It is has great looks.
• Perfect for storage.
Metal slat• Easy to install.
• It is can be customized to look great.
• Lightweight.
Cement Board• It comes in different designs.
• It strong and durable.
Brick Masonry• It is popular.
• Looks great on walls.
• It is durable.

What can I use instead of drywall in garage?

So, with all these disadvantages, what other formidable options are available? The good news is that the market is thronged with myriads of other options to pick from. While they may have a number of benefits, this article will also highlight some of the disadvantages. Read a long to find out.

1.  Wood Planks

drywall alternatives garage

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If you are looking to get a rustic look for your garage wall, then you are probably looking for wood planks. The best thing about wood planks is that they are easy to install. At the same time, once you install the planks, you don’t have to do anything to them.

Additionally, wood planks are naturally beautiful, which will increase the overall look of your garage. In terms of cost, wood planks are highly cost effective compared to drywalls. Generally, wood planks are the a good option for a countryside home garage with a rustic look and is one of the best garage drywall alternatives.


One of the best things about wood planks is that they are quite easy to install. Although they are not as easy to work with as some other garage wall materials, wood planks are generally easy to install.

Coupled with the fact that they are easy to install, wood planks also come with myriads of options. So, depending on your desired look, you can choose from different types of woods.


Perhaps one of the biggest cons to using wood planks is that it only suits country style homes. Therefore, if you are looking to give your garage space a thriller look, then you won’t achieve it with wood planks. While wood planks are utterly beautiful, they won’t offer the opulent look, that is characteristic of modern decor.

2.  Plastic Panel

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If you aren’t familiar with drywall alternatives for garage, then you might find the idea of using plastic panels on your garage wall as outrageous. Well, the truth is that this material comes in handy for many reasons. For instance, a vast majority of plastic panels such as the tongue and groove wall panel are quite easy to install. Once you lock the plastic panel on your garage door, you will be good to go. That’s it!


Although several homeowners use plastic panels to cover-up damaged drywall, it comes with numerous benefits. As mentioned above, a plastic panel is incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is to screw the plastic panel on to your garage door.

At the same time, you can simply hang plastic panels over the studs on your wall.

When it comes to beauty, you can get plastic panels in different forms, design and color. So you have a variety of options to pick from when beautifying your garage wall. One other important reason to pick plastic panels is that unlike drywall, it’s highly resistant to mold. This makes it perfect for a garage space since it has a lot of moisture.


Contrary to common belief, plastic panels are more expensive to get your hands on compared to installing drywalls. Although you can get your hands on less pricier plastic panels-thanks to diversity of the market- they tend to be of lesser quality and lack the desired aesthetic value.

3.  Plywood

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Did you know that plywood is a formidable material for building garage walls? Whilst plywood can be viewed as a weak material, it comes in handy in making your garage door not only authentic, but beautiful as well.

Apart from being a good choice for making garage walls, plywoods are deemed to be inexpensive. Due to its nature, plywood is a pretty simple material to use when building your garage door, regardless of your building experience. All you need to do is to fix the plywood on the wall using nails or screwing it into place.


Due to the nature of the plywood, you can work on this material with ease. Therefore, you don’t need to be a professional builder to install plywood on your garage wall.

As if that’s not enough, plywood is highly affordable. It’s deemed to be one of the cheapest wall materials in the market today. Therefore, you only need to spend a few bucks to make your garage wall beautiful. When it comes to customization of your garage wall, you can simply paint the plywood with your desired color, to make it more attractive.


Whilst plywood is an alternative to using drywall, using plywood for your garage walls isn’t as convenient as using drywall. Generally, drywall comes with some incredible features which include having a natural look and being resistant to fire. Therefore, if you need to save a little money on the side, you can opt for plywood in place of drywall. Otherwise, plywood doesn’t have all the desirable features to be used in a garage space.

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4.  Veneer Plaster

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When it comes to convenience, veneer plastic is undoubtedly as close as a drywall. A typical veneer plastic comes with the same benefits as those of a drywall. Just like installing drywalls, you really don’t have to be experienced in order to hang veneer plaster on your drywall. But is it a worthwhile alternative to drywall? Let’s take a look.

Even so, using veneer plastic in your garage is going to be more time consuming. In fact, using vaneer plastic is going to be more time consuming as compared to any other alternative to garage drywalling on this list.

And although installing veneer plaster can be time consuming, it isn’t as difficult to install as drywall. The process is always worth it, which makes it an incredible alternative to drywalling.

A vast majority of homeowners tend to paint veneer plaster once it has been installed. Whilst this is not a bad thing to do, you don’t necessarily have to go through this hassle. Ideally, veneer plaster has a natural look which adversely adds value to your garage’s aesthetic value.


One of the best things about veneer plaster, just like using plywood, is that it is incredibly easy to use. This means that you don’t have to be highly skilled to install veneer plaster. This is regardless of the fact that the entire process can be time consuming.

As much as the entire process can take a lot of time, the time consumed is worth it. At the end of the process, your garage will have a beautiful and compact look.


If you are looking for a formidable alternative to drywall that is not only quick but easy to install, then using veneer plaster isn’t what you are looking for. Although veneer plaster is convenient to use, the same can’t be said about how fast it will be to install. You will need to designate a good amount of hours to this project. Otherwise, if you are not looking for a convenient alternative to drywalling, then veneer plaster is not what you should be looking for.

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5.  Pegboard

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Many people won’t be of the opinion to use pegboard as an alternative to drywall for a garage. However, pegboard can be a very good alternative to consider.

Basically, pegboard is a good and convenient material to use in a garage space. This is because it tends to add an extra space to your garage that you wouldn’t get with other materials. It is for this reason that most people use pegboards in their garages in order to get extra space to hang all their tools.

When installing a pegboard in your garage store, all you need to do is to ensure that it remains sturdy always. Otherwise, you don’t have to do any other modifications to your pegboard, unless you want to paint your pegboard to add flair and color to your garage.


For starters, you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to fix your pegboard on your garage wall. All you need to do is to screw the pegboard onto your wall.

More importantly, pegboard is highly recommended to use in a workshop area such as your garage space. This is because pegboards come with a lot of convenience in the name of pegs, where you can conveniently hang your tools. This fact alone makes it the best option to hang other tools, aside from being an incredible option to a drywall.

Depending on the situation, a pegboard is material that you should  generally consider for your comfort.


Whilst this option comes with a lot of pros, it also comes with a number of cons. First, this material comes in handy in particular situations. For instance, you couldn’t place a pegboard on your living room. Would you?

Although all these aspects largely depend on your preference, using pegboards in any rooms of your house is that it won’t look natural. So, while pegboards may not look good in any other room in your house, they definitely make a visual impression on your garage space.

6. Fiberglass Reinforced Panels

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This is one of the strongest materials that is formidable for your garage space. It is made of string polyester renin as well as reinforced fiberglass material. Not only do these materials offer the much needed flexibility in building materials, but they are also scratch resistant and durable. At the same time, this material is quite easy to clean and is resistant to bacteria and mold as well as any other potentially hazardous biological materials.

The best thing is that fiberglass reinforced panels can be used in different installations such as wood, drywall, concrete block and pretty much any other solid surface. Coupled with the fact that they are able to last for long, fiberglass reinforced panels are perfect for covering different wall settings such as public restrooms, restaurant kitchens, industrial buildings, medical facilities and food processing plants among other environments that are prone to dirt that require frequent thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Fiberglass Reinforced Panels

Fiberglass reinforced panels come with a host of advantages for any installation project. Although traditional building materials might come in handy in offering short term solutions for short term goals, fiberglass reinforced panels offer letter solutions that can withstand the test of time.

  • Faster installation:If you’re carrying out any infrastructure project, you probably know that time is money. You need to ensure that all your installations are fast and can be completed on time. This installation comes with pre-fabricated components that allow you to screw each part quickly. This way, you can rest assured that you will complete your installation of time.
  • Flexibility: Many people tend to oversee the versatility and flexibility of fiberglass reinforced panels. It was widely used in many installations because it is able to do a lot of things that cannot otherwise be achieved economically by other materials. It is so flexible to that you ca mold almost any configuration with ease.
  • Its lightweight: Perhaps the biggest benefit of fiberglass reinforced panels is that it has a low weight-to-strength ratio. Ideally, the same ratio makes FRP weigh close to one-seventh of a steel panel. Even so, it’s worth noting that the light weight doesn’t compromise the stretch of the panel.

7.Wood Cork

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Wood cork has made a mark for itself in the market due to its many benefits, both to your home, your health as well as the environment. This material is highly essential for installations with high traffic due to its enduring and hardy nature. As if that’s not enough, the self healing properties of wood cork make it a wonderful alternative done wall covering.

Ideally, cork is often harvested from the back of the cork oak tree, which is mainly native to northwest Africa and Southwest Europe. With the super properties of the oak tree, you can expect the wood cork to be a formidable material for your construction needs. Here are some benefits of using wood cork for both floor and wall construction.

  • It’s Eco Friendly:With every aspect of humanity caring for a green lifestyle, you might be happy to know that wood cork is completely safer to the environment than just about any other material in the market. This is mainly because wood cork is a strong material and teds to last for log periods of time. Additionally, it’s highly resistant to a lot of things such as vinyl, that tend to cause damages on construction materials.
  • It dampens sound: Wood cork has a dense and spongy nature, making it an excellent material for damage noise. Although it won’t completely soundproof the room you install it o, it will go a log way to mitigate he effects of external sound.
  • It has great insulation properties:Just like any other wood, cork wall tiles are exceptional sources of insulation. Keep in mind that wood cork is an extraction of the bark of the oak tree, whose sole purpose is to work as a natural insulator. With such abilities, a wood cork installation will work naturally to maintain the temperature in the room that you install it on.

8.Metal Slat

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Metal slats are typically made from high quality medium density fibre boards. They characteristically  contain rows of horizontal grooves that have been fitted with strong aluminium fittings designed for display purposes. This makes them an excellent option for shops, office, workrooms, retail spaces as any other setting that requires a display system.

Contrary to common belief, metal slats are not only easy to install, but they are equally stylish. Their configuration and wall fixtures make them perfect for many different uses. Additionally, the metal slats can easily be moved around without necessarily having to use a tool since the arms and fixtures can easily be lifted out.

Due to this, you can easily change your display strategy in your store quickly and easily. With these properties, metal slats are useful for merchandising needs as well as varying storage needs. Here are some other benefits of metal slats.

  • They are durable: Unlike many other building materials, metal slats have an impressive life expectancy. Since they are made from metal, they are quite difficult to damage. They can also hold heavier merchandise than many other fixtures, especially when metal accessory rails are used to hold the merchandise in place.
  • They are affordable:Putting into consideration its versatility and the variety of uses, metal slats are actually a great bargain. For instance, the basic metal slats (with rills) come quite cheaply.
  • They are easy to install: You won’t need your toolbox when installing metal slats. You simply need to assemble all the fixtures and panels to hook your metal slat on a drywall. Not only will this save you a lot of hassle, but you will save a lot of valuable time as well.

9. Cement board

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Cement board is basically a mineral-based construction material that has been pre-fabricated to specific dimensions. Normally, they measure ½ or ¼ ich hick and 3 by 5 feet long. As the name suggests, this material is mainly made of cement, limestone flour, silica, and water. In order to reinforce its strength, cement boards are usually infused with fiberglass or Kevlar.

Normally, cement board is used to form the base for ceramic tiles. Since cement boards are usually porous, materials such as grout, thin set and mortar adhere well to it. The good thing is that cement boards can be screwed or nailed on both studs or cider locks, concrete and brick mortar. They can also be cut easily with a multi tool, hand saw, jigsaw or circular saw. Some of the advantages of cement boards include:

  • They are durable: Compared to any other gypsum boards in the market, cement boards are far more long lasting. This is mainly due to the fact that cement boards are made from mesh-like molecular structures, providing both stretch and flexibility to the material.
  • They are sensitive to weather changes: When it comes to changes in weather, every construction material faces three main elements of nature. They include water, heat and wind. Depending on how well the material can adapt to changes in these three elements, can it be deemed as formidable or not. The good news is that cement boards are well sensitive to these changes. They also exhibit perfect resistivity towards all these three elements.

10. Brick Masonry

Although making a decision on what materials to use for your drywall needs can be daunting, you can never go wrong with bricks. Wherever you choose bricks, you are assured that you are choosing a material that has stood the test of time and comes with an array of benefits.

Today, exposed brick masonry are some of the most common and stylish home interior design. Apart from being trendy, incorporating exposed bricks into your home comes with numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

  • They are attractive: Typically, exposed bricks on your wall are extremely attractive and will make an otherwise boring looking wall look warm and attractive. This is especially true in old properties since exposing brick masonry brings out the historical feel of the home.
  • Cost effective: Using brick masonry is highly cost effective compared to other construction options out there. The investment always pays off in short and long term by minimizing the extra cost of the wall tremendously.


Drywall comes with a number of benefits. However, this material also comes with equal downsides. Although this material has been around for a while, technology has played an integral role in making these alternative materials viable, the final decision remains with you. What are your needs? How do you intend on using your garage space? These and more questions will help you choose the best alternative material for your garage to drywall.

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