Should a Fan be placed in a Garage?

where should a fan be placed in a garage

If you are a homeowner and using a garage that is attached to the house, then the heat inside the garage can be transferred to your house during summers. This can be caused due to poor ventilation and insulation common in many garages. Heavy equipment and parking vehicles inside the garage can contribute to unbearable heat.

Should a fan be placed in a garage? Yes, a fan should be placed in a garage because not only does it maintain an indoor temperature that can be extended to your house, it also helps protects your treasured items inside the garage. This includes the car, a cool garage won’t cause your car to heat up.

If your garage is not attached to the house, then probably you will still need to do work inside the garage. A hot garage is probably not the best environment to work in. That is why you need a fan to allow better air circulation.

When can a Fan Cool Your Garage?

Most of the time when fans are mounted in exterior garages, they are placed so that the fan exhaust is directed outwards towards the fresh air outside. This means that if the outside air is colder than that inside the garage, the garage ends up being cool. To prevent this, fans can be run continuously to bring in an endless stream of cool air into the building.

A fan is designed to move air around. When it is not being used, the fan blades stop rotating and the shutter closes to prevent heat from entering the room.

Why Does Your Garage Get so Hot?

If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing at night, then you probably know that your garage gets pretty cold during the winter months. If you live in a warmer climate, however, you might not realize that your garage can get quite warm during the summer months.

When temperatures rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, your garage can become uncomfortably hot. In fact, if you leave your car parked in your garage for too long, you could end up spending a lot of money on air conditioning bills.

A garage without air conditioning can get as much as 10°C (18°F) hotter than the outside temperature. There are several factors that can contribute to this increase in temperature.

  • Location of the garage
  • Garage insulation
  • Color of garage door and color of the exterior
  • Whether or not you have a ventilation system

Where Should a Fan be Placed in a Garage?

If you’re looking to add a bit of style to your garage, then you might want to consider adding a fan. A fan can be placed anywhere in your garage, but there are certain places where it’s better suited than others.

A fan can be used to cool down your car, keep insects away from your garden, or even provide a nice breeze during hot summer days. However, if you place your fan too close to your car, it could cause damage to your paint job.

If you are building or renovating a house, garage, shed, barn, etc., there are many factors to consider when deciding where to place your ventilation fans. These include things like if the garage is above ground or below, what the purpose of the garage is, and where the fans can be placed.

So, where should you put your fan? Here are some suggestions:

1. In front of your car

2. On the ceiling

Types of fans suitable for a garage.

If you don’t have the budget for air conditioning units that ensures your garage is cool at all times, then the best and the cheapest method to keep your garage cool during the summer period is using a fan.

The type of fan needed for your garage will entirely depend on what you intend to use it for. The three main types of fans ideal for garage spaces are:

  1. Industrial strength fans
  2. Tabletop blower fans.
  3. Wall-mounted fans.

Let’s dive a little bit into the three types of fans.


  • Industrial strength fans

where should a fan be placed in a garage

If you have a particularly large garage space, then a typical garage fan will not be ideal since it will not achieve the maximum cooling capacity. You most likely won’t feel the cooling effect. In this case, you will need an industrial fan.

These types of fans are huge with powerful rotating blades that can cool space in minutes. They have different cool settings and the more they rotate, the faster they cool the garage.

They are available in different sizes and shapes. The type you want to choose will entirely depend on your budget. They are also available as free-standing units, panel-mounted ones, and duct fans and blowers.


  • They create healthy environs by circulating air and removing odors, pollutants, and smoke among others.
  • They are very efficient and can be used to cool large spaces.
  • They decrease heat and also humidity leaving the place cool.


  • Expensive compared to other fans.
  • Tabletop blower fans

where should a fan be placed in a garage

Tabletop blower fans are suitable when it comes to heating up smaller spaces. Just as the name suggests, they can be placed on the table and help cool the environment around you.

These types of garage fans come in handy when you’re doing small projects inside the garage. They are normally small and portable and can be carried around as you’re doing things like repairing a car where you need constant movement.

If you’re not into remodeling your garage and insulating it properly but still need to finish your hobbies, then these are the types of fans to go for. They are available in different sizes and this always varies according to the price.


  • They are portable and can be carried around when needed.
  • Very affordable. They often cost about $50 at most.
  • Efficient and can be used in the house or even the office.


  • They cannot heat up large spaces.


  • Wall-mounted fans

where should a fan be placed in a garage

Apart from air conditioners and evaporative coolers, these are the most common types of garage coolers. They can be mounted on the walls of the garage and are capable of distributing a cool environment inside the garage.

The price also depends on the oscillating power and the pivoting models. If your garage space is filled up with things, they are the best since they can be placed on the wall saving up on the space.

Most of them have the capability of cooling a large garage space and therefore can be a good investment if you find the proper one. They also cool a large space in a matter of minutes that is why they are the preferred garage coolers by many homeowners.


  • They save on space.
  • They are powerful and can cool space in seconds.
  • Very efficient.


  • They tend to be costly.


Why do you need a fan in your garage?

If you want to get the most out of your garage, then you need to invest in a quality fan. A fan helps circulate air throughout your garage, keeping you cool while working. It also helps prevent humidity build-up inside your garage space, making it easier to stay focused on your work.

A fan is an inexpensive investment that will pay off in the long run. Let’s take a deeper look at why you need a fan in your garage.

Improves Air Circulation

If you work on a project in your garage, you may be subject to the fumes of carbon monoxide from the exhaust of your car. You may also be breathing in other chemicals and gases that are circulating in your garage. Did you know that when you open the interior door of your garage into your home (or vice versa), you are letting in toxic fumes that permeate both areas?

Garage fans will help you reduce the temperature of the air in your garage. As this happens, the warm air will be carried out of your house and into the cooler air outside. This process will make your garage’s interior feel cooler.

Moisture Elimination

If you live in a humid climate, you may find that your garage is full of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can be very dangerous if they get inside your house. To prevent this, install a fan to expel any moisture from your garage.

Insulate Garage Door, Walls, and Ceiling

The vast majority of garages lack insulation. Insulating your garage keeps heat inside a building. Insulation can be added to the walls and ceiling of a garage to reduce the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside.

Insulation goes a long way in making the cooler air generated by the fan escape outside. Generally, a garage fan will help make your garage insulated if you don’t have any insulation system in place.


The average person spends most of their time in a garage. If you have not invested in a proper insulation method to keep your garage area cold during hot seasons, then the garage will be the last place you would want to be.

The good news is before you plan on how to do insulation, you might find quick and cheaper solutions by using fans to cool the garage. Most fans save on electricity and they are equipped with smart features such as connecting them to your iPhone. You can switch them on and off using your phone when the temperature has cooled enough.

Among other things, you need to watch out for when out shopping for garage fans include longevity, energy-saving capabilities, different settings, and also auto-shut features.