How do you Seal an Old Garage Floor?

If you have not replaced your old garage floor, chances are it might be rough and cleaning can be difficult. And also, an old garage floor is prone to attracting dust and other allergens that can pose health threat and damages to some tools by dust that accumulates over time.

So if you are not ready to replace the garage floor, then you can seal your old garage floor to make it durable and resistant to dust. A sealed garage floor not only makes it look newer, it makes the cleaning process easier as well.

What are the different types of garage floor sealers?

How do you seal an old garage floor? You can seal an old garage floor using the following types of garage floor sealers.

  • Epoxy sealers
  • Polyurethane concrete sealer
  • Clear concrete sealer


Seal old garage floor using epoxy Sealers

The best and probably the most common type of sealer is by use of epoxy. Most homeowners prefer epoxy sealers due to the many benefits it has. First, epoxy is known to be durable and this only means it will prolong your old garage floor. Epoxy sealers are also water-resistant and cleaning is very easy.

Another good feature of using epoxy sealers is that you get to customize according to your liking. This ranges from low gloss to middle to high gloss. Make sure it does not become too shinier because the shinier, the more slippery it can become. This is a common issue with epoxy sealers.

Using polyurethane concrete to seal your old garage

This is the perfect sealer for concrete garage floors. They are not only resistant to abrasives, polyurethane sealers it strong and durable. It will definitely prolong your old garage.

Compared to epoxy sealers, polyurethane are much cheaper and are available in different forms. One unique feature of this sealer is that it does not have any ugly-colored tint common in other types of garage floor sealers. Once you apply on the garage floor, you are guaranteed of having a beautiful finish.

Sealing your old garage using clear concrete sealer

Most concrete garage floors withstand heavy foot traffic from cars and other tools. This normally results in oil spills and chemicals that can be stubborn to remove. The best way to achieve a newer look is by sealing with clear concrete sealers.

This sealer is the best since it is resistant to chemicals and oils spills. Although you don’t get the advantage of different color options, you will love the finished outcome. They are also readily available and affordable.


Why should you seal your old garage floor?

Keeps off moisture and dampness

If your garage is not well-insulated and you don’t have humidifiers, a common problem you will encounter is your molds and mildew that can damage your important tools in the garage. This is because most parts of the garage including the floor will be ‘’sweating’’

A sealer being a protective shield will solve these kinds of issues since they are resistant to water and moisture. It may not fully do the job, but it will still keep off a lot of moisture.

For longevity purposes

Replacing a garage floor is not at all cheap. And at the same time, most garage floors cannot withstand high traffic, hence constant need for replacement. If you are on a budget, then seal the old garage floor. You will be able to use it for several years to come.

Sealing also repairs wear and tear caused by heavy equipment and vehicle. If you seal your old garage floor, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You will prolong the life of your garage and at the same time repair and prevent cracks and chips on the floor.

Makes old garage floor look new

Some people opt for other types of garage floor options example epoxy or using garage floor tiles or even mats. Why? This is because concrete does not look all that appealing. An old concrete garage floor is even worse.

Since garage floor sealers are available in many different colors, example epoxy sealers, you can play around with the colors to make your old garage floor look new and fresh. This will also increase the value of your garage in case you’re looking to sell your home. Sealing an old garage is the trick to make it new.

Cleaning process will be easier

The most common type of materials used for garages is concrete. As we all know, cleaning concrete garage floor is not that easy. And it is tedious to do regular cleaning which only means it will be stained with oil spills and other chemicals.

If you have been experiencing this kind of problem, then seal your garage floor. Most if not all sealers are resistant to not only dust, but oil spills and water too. Cleaning the garage floor will be seamless and a breeze process if the garage is sealed.


Are there any disadvantages of sealing old garage floor?

Yes, there are a few downsides associated with sealing a garage floor.

The garage floor can be slippery

Since the garage floor you are sealing is old, it can lead to loss of grip. This can be very dangerous as slippery garage floors can cause accidents in a busy garage workshop. You want to avoid this.

Make sure the sealer you are purchasing is non-skid and resistant to slip. Otherwise you will have to improvise and use mats or vinyl cover which will only add to expenses you are trying to avoid.

Presence of VOCs

Some sealers are not environmentally-friendly. This is because they emit poisonous VOCs and are toxic. Since the garage is full of chemicals, make sure they will not react to form dangerous chemicals.  Always check on the labels for non-toxic sealers so that you don’t encounter any sort of problems.


If you are not a DIYer, then sealing might be expensive. This is because you will need the help of an expertise to install the sealer. But if you follow the process carefully, you can apply the sealer yourself reducing expenses.

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Since most people spend a duly amount of time inside the garage, a great-looking garage is apparent. That is why you need the floor sealed to improve the aesthetics and appearance of your garage floor.

Have you ever sealed your old garage floor? Which sealer did you use and what was the outcome? Please leave a comment below and let other people know what your experience was.

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