Can you put Wood Floor in a Garage?

can you put wood floor in garage?

Installing flooring in your house can be a walk in the park. However, this cannot be said of garage floors. Basically, installing garage floors is a bit tricky. Unlike flooring in your living space, garage floors have to withstand an immeasurable amount of wear and tear caused by different elements such as different tons of automobile parts, not to mention your vehicle.

Additionally, the wear and tear can equally be caused by different tools, oil spills and different project spaces. In a nutshell, a garage space can be a minefield of different wear and tear elements. Therefore, you need a formidable flooring that can withstand all the pressure exerted on it.

While there are different garage flooring systems, the question as to whether you can use wood on your garage floor is still to be defined. Even so, if you are wondering if you can use wood for your garage flooring, the answer is yes you can.

Can you put wood floor in garage? Yes. You can definitely put wood floor in your garage. Typically, garage wood floor systems come in two types. First there are those with peel and stick joints and on secondly wood floor systems that come with interlocking joints. Both come with different similarities, but floor systems with interlocking joints come in handy for use in garage floors.

Can You Put Wood Floor in a Garage?

As mentioned before, installing wood floors in a garage can be daunting. However, the good news is that it is quite doable. So, are you looking to install wood floors in your garage? Well, if you intend on doing it yourself, then there are different aspects that you should put into consideration prior to getting to work.

As you might know by now, installing the floor isn’t as simple as grabbing a plank of wood and placing it on top of a concrete surface. You will need to work on the surface itself to ensure that it’s not only level, but workable as well.

Here are things that you should keep in mind when installing wood floors in your garage.

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Begin at The Bottom

When installing wood floors, it comes highly recommended to start working straight from the concrete. Ideally, this means ensuring that your concrete floor is in good shape to lay the wooden planks on.

When working on your concrete floor, ensure that any unwanted layers, such as lumps and bumps, are completely stripped away. At the same time, ensure to clean off any paint or oil residue on the floor before laying your wood floor.

Remember that since your garage can be a beehive of activities, chances are that your concrete floor might be in bad shape. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to clear any dirt or debris before moving on to lay your wood floor.

Insulate Your Garage

Regardless of your intention to convert your garage space into your living space, entertainment space or simply a gym, you must ensure that your wood floor is installed in an insulated floor. This means that your floor should be well-insulated from any damp and cold.

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Although you might not get a first hand experience of dampness on your garage floor at the moment, you can rest assured that your living space will become less ventilated once you install the wooden floor.  Basically, this is due to the fact that wood as a material is good at maintaining heat but less desirable at dispersing accumulated moisture.

Therefore, ensure that your floor is well insulated to ensure that you have a comfortable living environment. Perhaps one of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a polyethylene sheet to hinder the movement of moisture from the floor to your wooden floor. Additionally, ensure that your garage is well-ventilated all through.

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Go For The Best Type of Wood

Just like any other product, when choosing wood for your garage floor, you should ensure to go for the best quality wood. More so, is the case when you are looking to convert your garage space into a living space.

Contrary to common believe, good wood for your garage floor doesn’t have to be expensive. There are common features of the wood that you should be on the look out for. One of the features of an ideal piece of wood is that it should be pressure treated. With such wood, there minimal chances of damage from different pests. Additionally, pressure treated wood floors tend to be stronger and highly durable.

Apart from ensuring that the wood is pressure treated, it’s of utmost importance to also ensure that the wood has been treated to repel against any chemicals and oils. Such wood comes in handy when you are looking to use your garage space to store your vehicle or carry out any mechanical repairs.

Remember that your garage space is a space that is designed for numerous heavy activities. Therefore, using normal wood will only mean that it can’t stand heavy mechanical pressure as well as wear and tear from different elements such as oil and chemicals.

Laying Your Wood Planks

This is the hardest part in the process of installing wood floors in your garage. Even so, with a little knowledge , coupled with formidable materials, you can perfectly place the wood with ease. One of the most important materials that you should use is adhesive glue. Adhesive glue ensures that your pieces of wood are secured firmly in the concrete floor.

When using adhesive glue, it’s of paramount importance to ensure that you evenly spread it on the floor space, prior to placing the piece of wood. While at it, ensure to place the wood on the desired place before the glue dries off. Thereafter, use a hammer to gently tap the wooden block to ensure that it fits together perfectly.


Installing wood on your garage floor is a home improvement activity, and just like any other home improvement activity, it’s of paramount importance to amply prepare. However, you shouldn’t take so long to carry out this project ,once you decide to. This is because with time, your old floor will be wearing off continuously.

Therefore, while installing wood floors for your garage is highly recommended, it’s equally important to ensure that you make it part of your routine to manage and repair any damages that may occur in due time.

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