Best Mop for Garage Floor (Reviewed 2021)

Cleaning the garage is never fun nor easy especially if you have a wide area to take care of. It can take a couple of hours or longer to achieve that desired level of cleanliness. The result can also vary depending on the quality of the cleaning materials that you use especially your floor.

The floor is the part of your garage that quickly gets dirty, so it’s necessary to invest in a form up that can clean even through tough dirt for hard-to-reach areas. At the same time, it should be easily assembled and fit even in a narrow part of your home.

If you’re looking to buy a new floor mop yet don’t have the time to go looking for one, we can help you without raising you from your seat. Here is the review of the five best floor mops for garage floor.

Best Mop for Garage Floor

Swiffer Wetjet Floor Mop Starter Kit.CHECK PRICE
O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop Bucket Floor Cleaning SystemCHECK PRICE
Bona Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors.CHECK PRICE
Libman Freedom Spray MopCHECK PRICE
O-Cedar Promist Max Microfiber Spray Mop.CHECK PRICE
  1. Swiffer Wetjet Floor Mop Starter Kit.


It includes one power floor Spray Mop, five mopping pads and one 500 milliliter bottle of floor cleaning solution. The Swiffer Wetjet floor up is easy to assemble and lightweight with its assembled product weight just over four pounds. It makes them off easy to use when pulling or pushing from one direction to the other.

This product is undoubtedly a better replacement for the traditional mop and bucket that were often used before. Swiffer floor mop has a swivel head and its mop is narrow making it able to get even to the tightest areas. This is definitely a feature little save you from moving around items in your garage which is usually the situation when using a traditional mop.

The Swiffer Wetjet floor mop is a type of surface cleaner that guarantees perfect cleaning service on virtually any type of floor in your home. The mop is safe to use on ceramic tile, laminate floor, natural or marble stone, vinyl, linoleum and even unfinished hardwood.

However keep in mind that the hardwood floor mop is safe only on all polished wood floors, so it’s not designed to be used on any unfinished ,wax or oil wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they might be sensitive to water.

When you clean the floor using the Swiffer Spray Mop, you’ll notice how it can easily absorb and lock in strips of grime, trapping the ingrained dirt on the surface and gets deep into the pad so that the dirt doesn’t just get pushed around.

Indeed this product is one of the best out there that makes cleaning convenient and fast. An all-in-one mopping system created to dissolve and breakup resistant messes on the floor.


  • Dual spray nozzle.
  • Reinforced handle.
  • Cleaning solution.
  • Absorb and lock.


  • Handle is delicate.


  1. O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop Bucket Floor Cleaning System.


This unique affordable mop is excellent to use around your house and will undoubtedly get your floors clean and dry as well. This O-Cedar Easywring spring mop is also easy to use by simply holding the mop loosely. Then step on the foot pedal to activate the ringer.

It has a push pedal to wring that’s ideal for mopping hard surfaces of your house without having to bend down. Also, no more wet hands because of the telescopic handle that can be adjusted up to 51 inches in length. It has a splash guard that helps keep the water splash and spray inside the bucket only when spinning.

It has a flexible mop head that’s designed with 360 degree rotation, so it can easily be maneuvered at fit under equipment or every corner of your garage. The spin mop has a unique triangle mop head that’s designed to get into corners. It’s made from 100% high quality microfiber that’s safe and effective for cleaning any hardwood floors, services and ceramic tiles.

A microfiber has a deep cleaning power that removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime. It can be used wet for a deep clean or use dry for dusting floors and other services. The mop head is machine washable up to 10 times, and it’s advised to replace and refill every three months for best results.


  • Removes over 99% bacteria.
  • Hands-free wringing.
  • Clean hard to reach.
  • Effective and safe.


  • None.


  1. Bona Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors.


This spray map for hardwood floors is the perfect solution to clean and reveal the natural shine of your hardwood. It also has an easily refillable cartridge and very durable lightweight design. This next generation Bona Spray Mop for hardwood floors is safe for all on waxed, on oiled, polyurethane and finished hardwood flooring.

It comes with a full size 28.75 ounce ready to use original formula Bonafide hardwood floor cleaner. It also has a machine washable microfiber cleaning pad. The unique formula cleans the floors effectively by removing dust, dirt and any other sort of grime revealing those beautiful floors.

Equipped with an extra large mop head and sturdy handle, this floor mop makes cleaning quick and easy. With its rubber flexible corners, it safeguards the baseboards and furniture from dings and scratches and it can easily navigate into those hard-to-reach areas.

It also has a secondary grip that allows for added cleaning power and a retractable hook that makes it great for securing storage. The spray mops added features include easy refillable cartridges to keep your wooden floors clean and fresh. Also, this handy product has durable lightweight design in which it makes the cleaning process quick and convenient.

This tool treats hardwood floors a care making it the best solution to your hardwood floor problems. You can achieve superior cleaning by using this product while maintaining the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. The Spray Mop is undeniably worth every penny.


  • Cleaning process easy.
  • Easy refillable cartridge.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Extra large mop head.


  • Can be clunky.


  1. Libman Freedom Spray Mop.


This is an easy to change premiere microfiber pad that lifts and locks away dirt. That cleaning pad is extra absorbent and leaves your floor drier and faster. The tight spray pattern prevents damage to your walls or cabinets and it cleans wood floors, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, stone and other services all while being done more environmentally friendly.

This Spray Mop also maintains interior hardwood floor surfaces easily. It has a long 50 inch steel handle with a trigger spray top and a hanger feature for convenient storage. The trigger is self-powered to spray solution with a squeezable trigger. No batteries are needed and that means you don’t have to run out to the store to buy them or hunt them down one using your mop.

The 16 and a half inch head and 360 degree swivel lets you cover large areas and reach into corners easily. It also features a removable and reusable microfiber pad that helps you get rid of stubborn dirt and mud without damaging the floor.

When you’re done cleaning the floor, just toss it into the washing machine and it can be done 50 times before needing to be replaced. Also, it has a removable tank supplying you with your choice of filling on the top or off the mop.

The Spray Mop as essential. Having one nearby Make it quick and easy work to clean up little messes that often occur. Libman freedom Spray Mop doesn’t use expensive batteries disposable cleaning pads or harsh chemicals. Instead, it lets you use whatever cleaning solution you’d like.


  • Safe for all hard floors.
  • Trigger spray handle.
  • For use with any fluid.
  • 360-degree swivel.


  • None.


  1. O-Cedar Promist Max Microfiber Spray Mop.


It has a deep cleaning microfiber pad that removes 99% of bacteria like ecoli and staff with just water. This mop spray also allows you to control the amount of spray with the comfort grip handle and trigger without needing those costly batteries.

The microfiber Spray Mop also has a large dual-sided head. The dual-sided microfiber top also flips 180 degrees allowing you to clean floors fast without having to change the mop pad. It also means it cleans two and a half times more of the surface area and can clean for longer without stopping.

It also has a refill bottle. Just fill the bottle with water and add two small teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution, and you’re ready to. An innovative one touch bottle release allows you to remove the spray bottle quickly and efficiently and you can change the refill every three to six months for the best results.

This Promist Max Spray Mop uses the magic of thousands of micro fibres to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles. When switching between cleaners or preparing for storage, fill the bottle with water and spray five times discard the remaining water.

It uses a wet or dry versatile microfiber pad that allows you to use it damp for thorough cleaning the shinier floors or use it dry for dusting. This reusable map pad also saves you money because it’s machine washable and can be done up to 100 times.


  • Removes over 99% of bacteria.
  • Eco-friendly nature.
  • Dual-sided head.
  • Refillable bottle.


  • Expensive.

Best Cleaning Mops for Garage Buying Guide

If you need to tackle serious cleaning jobs for everyday mopping tasks, then the above mops are the best options for you. These wet mops and accessories come in many different materials and styles to suit your specific cleaning needs.

Types of mops

Cotton mops: For general cleaning tasks, cotton mops are great options. They are absorbent, have high liquid retention and are easy to clean.

Rayon mops:  Rayon mops excel at releasing liquid for a fast smooth finish. These mops are ideal for applying sealers and disinfectants.

Blended mops: By combining two or more different materials, blended mops can attain the ideal combination of absorbency, durability and range of uses.

Microfiber mops: Microfiber mops are highly absorbent and excel at collecting and trapping dirt. Microfiber mops also dry quickly and weigh less than other mop heads.

Cellulose sponges: Cellulose sponges are highly absorbent and extremely durable meaning they can withstand frequent use.

Styles of mops:

Styles of mops vary greatly.

Cute end: cut end mops are an economical and absorbent option for cleaning up all types of spills.

Loop ends: Mops with loose ends are even more absorbent and perfect for cleaning up larger spills

Strip: strip mops have thick strands for cleaning corners where dust and dirt build up.

Pad: pad mop heads are lighter in weight than traditional mop heads yet can cover a larger surface area with fewer swipes.

Sponges: sponges are generally used for smaller everyday cleaning tasks yet are the easiest to maintain and most durable mop head option.

Mop handles

Designed for the perfect balance of reach and control mop handles are made to fit comfortably in the hands of your staff, so they can quickly wave up footprints, mud, dirt and spills to maintain a professional appearance. When combining with an adapter, one handle can be used with many different mop heads to keep your establishment clean and sanitary.

Clamp style handles hold mop heads firmly between their jaws and are designed for heavy use. This style of handle is ideal for mop heads that have a wide headband. Stir up style handles are lighter duty and designs to quickly release them up head making changing mops fast and efficient.

If you need to reach in out of the way places choose a telescoping pole. These poles are easily extended or retracted to give you the perfect length for any job. These poles are most commonly used with microfiber pads.


Mops are offered in two different sizes of bands narrow band sizes are used with stirrup style handles or on finishing maps for applying sealers or disinfectants. Wide bands are thicker than narrow bands and can be used with clamp and stirrup style handles.


No matter which type of wet mop you choose, the above on our review are the best for cleaning garage floor. If you are looking to do a thorough job cleaning a dirty garage floor, then check our review of the best vacuum cleaners for garage or even choose one of these pressure washers.

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