The 11 Best Ladders (For Attic, Garage & Home)

The stepladder is a compact self-supporting ladder with flat steps, small platform and posts on each side. It’s commonly used to reach high points safely. John H. Paisley a carpenter in Dayton Ohio invented the first wooden folding step ladder.

Although ladders believed to exist long before Beasley introduced it, it was still granted a patent for the improved design of a folding stepladder. In this day and age, we no longer use wood. Step ladders are now made of more durable and rugged materials like fiberglass and aluminum.

There are also different types of ladders and each of them has their specific use. Some are suitable for commercial constructions or residential construction while others work breaks for both. They also come in various heights ranging from four feet up to 20 feet.

Before you climb and start your home construction project, it’s best to know which stepladder you should use. Doing so will help you save time and money from buying a product that just doesn’t fit your needs.

In this review our team is coming to the list to help you decide which stepladder is best for you. These the top five step ladders on the market for attic and your daily use in the garage.

Best Garage Attic Ladder

Werner 6.FT Fiberglass Step LadderCHECK PRICE
Gorilla Ladder 5.5 F.T Aluminum HybridCHECK PRICE
Costco Signature Series 8 foot Premium Aluminum Step LadderCHECK PRICE
Little Giant Flip-N-Lite LadderCHECK PRICE
Werner 6 Foot Aluminum Step LadderCHECK PRICE
Rubbermaid RMS 3-3-Step Steel StepstoolCHECK PRICE
Louisville Ladder 6’ Fiberglass Step LadderCHECK PRICE
Little Giant Ladder Systems 15286-001 Airwing FiberCHECK PRICE
Louisville Ladder 8’ Fiberglass Step LadderCHECK PRICE
Werner 8’ Type IA FB Twin Front LDRCHECK PRICE
  1. Werner 6.FT Fiberglass Step Ladder.


It offers a heavy duty 300 pound load capacity. It’s great for electrical jobs because of its non conductive fiberglass construction. It’s highly ideal for homeowners and even professionals.

It has whole set top features with the locking system to secure tools from falling while keeping them right at hand as it increases productivity. These types of accessories allow you to safely hang tools or hold work materials to increase your work surface and decrease the number of times you have to go up and down the ladder.

This step ladder offers a full set of rear horizontal spaced one per foot and sturdy internal spreaders. All the steps and top rear horizontals are knee braced and its foot pads are riveted to the edge structure to the edge bracing system helps to protect.

The rail from damage and each traction treads step is slip-resistant and double riveted for a safe climb and descent. Every rivet is backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect the rails.

The Werner six foot fiberglass stepladder is designed for heavy duty use. This product is perfectly designed for a job site or for household repairs. It has a shoulder bolted nut on the top hinge and the backup plates reinforce all the top connectors. If you’re looking for a step ladder that’s functional and will increase your productivity, then this step ladder from Warner is the best option for you as it provides a sturdy and safe working surface.


  • Magnetic strip and hardware bin.
  • Heavy-duty internal spreaders.
  • Provides edge bracing.
  • Weather-resistant.


  1. Gorilla Ladder 5.5 F.T Aluminum Hybrid.


It can take a load of up to 250 pounds. This ladder is perfect for your indoor or outdoor projects and chores. You can use it for work or even doing just daily yard chores. This letter features dual platform top steps which give you three times the step depth of a regular ladder and provide a safe, secure and comfortable place to stand at multiple heights.

It has an aluminum construction which is lightweight yet safe and strong. Plus it’s easy to use and transport. This ladder can easily be open and close with one hand, and it has a built -in project top that’s perfect for paint, tools, hardware or anything else you need to get your job done without the need to go up and down the ladder multiple times.

It also has a slim folding design and folds up to just four inches in depth for easy storage. The aluminum hybrid ladder offers the convenience of a compact step stool combined with the benefits of a larger stepladder. It’s easy to use and you can use it in a single handed operation with a comfort grip which reduces pinch points.

If you’re looking for a safe and sturdy step ladder, then the Gorilla Ladder Five and a half foot aluminum hybrid is perfect for you. It’s easy to transport, easy to use and has a convenient top cap that keeps tools and accessories organized and easily accessible.


  • Dual standing platforms.
  • reach height.
  • Safe and strong.
  • Easy to use.


  1. Costco Signature Series 8 foot Premium Aluminum Step Ladder.


This step ladder is perfect for industrial and residential use. You can use it for different purposes such as building, construction, roofing and much more. It has a large top platform step that provides comfort and stability. It weighs 22 pounds yet it can support up to 300 pounds of capacity.

This ladder is made up of platinum aluminum boxed frame including it’s wrong and steps. With its aluminum construction, it’s durable and sturdy. This ladder from Costco is marked as one of the best byproducts because of its superior quality and value. It has two project trays that can hold your tools right where you need them.

This ladder includes a deep top cap, recessed areas for paint cans, tools, a locking drawer for your small parts and drill holder and it also has a large platform top step with comfort hand grips to give you a secure working space. It’s skid-resistant and has stabilizing feet to help protected on flooring services to keep that ladder steady.

It’s easy to use and easily folds with a one hand leg lock which allows easy portability and storage. It has a carry handle that makes it easy to transport around the house or job site. The Cosco Signature Series 8 foot premium aluminum step ladder is the ladder you might consider if you’re looking for durability inconvenience.


  • Ideal for most household tasks.
  • Easy portability and storage.
  • ANSI type IA standards.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  1. Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Ladder.


A ladder is an essential climbing tool for any home. It’s extremely useful for builders, electrical, contractors and DIY construction project enthusiasts. In choosing a step ladder, it’s important to pick the one that best suits your style and need. The Little Giant step ladder system is especially designed to be a top quality ladder that features sturdy construction, innovative convertible design and secure locking system.

This little giant flipping light is 6 feet in height with only 12 pounds of weight yet it can support up to 300 pounds of load capacity. It’s industrial rated aluminum construction is the reason why it’s super lightweight and durable. The Flip-N-Lite light boasts the lightweight design and slim profile for easy transport and storage.

It also has the stability and height needed to move stuff in and out of a storage room hassle-free. With a step ladder, you can now start a small home construction project. What’s more is this product is safe and affordable compared to other step ladders on the market.

It has four large steps with deep large rungs and a standing platform that will let you work in comfort. These steps have the right amount of depth so you’ll have great ease and walking up and down the ladder. It’s easy to use and can easily be open using just one hand.

With the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite, you can climb without worrying about your safety. Climbing a ladder can be risky if the letter you choose doesn’t suit your needs or is made of substandard materials.


  • Extra heavy duty construction.
  • Security and convenience.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Full foot support.


  1. Werner 6 Foot Aluminum Step Ladder.


This product from Werner is one of the best options on the market in terms of ladders. It weighs 14 and a half pounds but can support up to 250 pounds of weight. It’s also made of aluminum which is why it’s extremely safe, durable and lightweight. This product is perfect for commercial or residential use as well as home projects.

It has six feet in height but its maximum reach height is up to 10 feet. This step ladder has a spill proof pail shelf that opens and closes with the ladder. It also has a unique tool top which is convenient tray for tools or paint and mini slots for paint rollers. This feature will save you from climbing up and down the ladder from time to time to get the tools you need.

Its traction treads steps are foot pads that are slip-resistant and have external pinch proof spreaders. The top and bottom steps are braced for extra strength which makes it extremely safe for climbing.

You don’t have to feel nervous on a step ladder again because the Werner 6 foot aluminum stepladder is guaranteed to provide comfortable standing platform that offers heel to toe foot support. If you’re for a high quality and reliable product, then the Werner six foot aluminum stepladder is for you.


  • Multi-functional built-in tray.
  • ANSI and OSHA certified.
  • External pinch-proof.
  • Slip-resistant.


  1. Rubbermaid RMS 3-3-Step Steel Stepstool


If you’re looking for the perfect partner to help you reach those high areas around the house or job site, well, you’re going to love this rubber maid three step stool. It was designed with safety in mind.

It’s sturdy and stable. That is a slim profile that makes it easy to store. Its product dimensions are 48 by two by 18 inches when fully it’s relatively compact and it weighs only 14 pounds. It can hold up to 225 pounds.

It also has a locking mechanism to keep it open and stable, and the top step automatically locks into place. To secure the footing, it has large steel platform steps with tread inserts to provide improved traction.

This ladder also has large non-slip non-marring large rubber pads on the bottom of the feet to keep this stool firmly in place and protect your floors from getting scratched. You will also appreciate the soft comfort grip that makes it easy to move about wherever you need it.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Non-marring feet.
  • Large and non-slip.
  • Slim profile.



  1. Louisville Ladder 6’ Fiberglass Step Ladder


It’s time to climb with confidence with this exceptional and safe ladder. It’s perfect for working on rewiring light fixtures, ceiling fans, or other electrical work. It comes with product dimensions of six by 22 by 73 inches, and it weighs 15 pounds.

It can safely hold up to 225 pounds. It has a curve front that provides comfort for your legs during long working periods. It has multiple slots to hold power and hand tools, paint, brushes, a hardware tray, and a pale hook. It also keeps your tools at hand and improves the performance in safety when on the job.

This product is equipped with the exclusive shock system. It absorbs impacts and provides extra durability and resistance to heavy use. It also has an additional pinch resistance spreader base and a large back rail bracing to help with stability.

It also has slip resistant, rubber feet and deep anti-slip aluminum steps with riveted in channels that add strength, bounds, and safety. It’s very lightweight and there’s a plastic clip on each side to keep the ladder closed after using or transporting it.


  • Extra-durable fiberglass.
  • Work become easier.
  • Safe and stable.
  • Easy to use.



  1. Little Giant Ladder Systems 15286-001 Airwing Fiber


Sturdy, reliable, safe, and inexpensive are all words to describe this ladder. This fantastic product comes with a top step height of two feet, 10 inches, and as a maximum reach of nine feet, four inches.

It’s made of a lightweight material so it only weighs 12 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300. The lLittle Giant has a slim profile and extra heavy duty construction. That’s perfect for using it all day. It’s just as comfortable to use.

You’ll love the deep wrongs with treads that prevent foot fatigue and a vast square standing platform on top of the ladder. It has an excellent size to avoid accidents or falling. It has a safety handrail that can minimize the possibility of vertigo that can sometimes be associated with climbing.

It has a very convenient top cap, so you can set down your tools and keep them close at hand. This excellent ladder has a one-hand operation. It’s easy to maneuver, set up, take down and transport with one hand.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Highly functional ladder.
  • Sturdy and fantastic.
  • Ultra-lightweight.



  1. Louisville Ladder 8’ Fiberglass Step Ladder


This ladder is dimensions are six by 25 by 97 inches and it weighs 21 pounds. It allows you to reach a height of almost 12 feet and it’s capable of supporting 250 pounds. This ladder is made with exceptional quality in non-conductive fiberglass to ensure superior safety, sturdiness, convenience, and comfort.

This ladder is perfect for tasks that are related to electrical maintenance, both indoor, outdoor, at home or on a job site. It has an additional pinch resistant spreader bracing and large back rail that help us stability and keeps the ladder firmly in place while climbing and working.

It also has slip resistant, rubber tread on all four legs to ensure footing and features the slip resistant aluminum steps, which are riveted in for increased stability. It’s equipped with a shock system that will absorb any impact and provide extra durability.

It’s perfect for maintenance work that requires a lot of tools. It has multiple slots for holding power and hand tools, paint cans, or other items. It also has already pale hook. It keeps your tools at hand to improve performance.


  • Slip-resistant feet.
  • Safe and stable.
  • Easy to set up.



  1. Werner 8’ Type IA FB Twin Front LDR


This is a high quality ladder and is an AIANSI type, so it means it’s made for heavy duty and industrial years. It can support up to 300 pounds and it allows the user to carry heavy items up and down the ladder. Some will even hold two people simultaneously allowing two users to accomplish task in record time, something that would be too difficult for a single person.

The ladder’s dimensions are 97 by 15 by seven inches with seven steps. Each step has the perfect depth of three inches and three inches in width. It also weighs 35 pounds. You’ll appreciate the base spread that measures 64 inches to ensure stability.

The ladder is also equipped with non-marring bonded, tread mechanically fastened to the upper booth to create secure slippers is the footing for added safety. On top, it has a tool tray to keep your tools organized. It has a holster, drill magnets, to hold screws and more spaces for other devices.

It’s also made a fiberglass which has a higher weather resistance compared to aluminum ladders. Also, fiberglass ladders are non-conductive, which means they’re safer around power lines.


  • Heavy-duty industrial use.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Work becomes easier.
  • Easy to use.


Best Step Ladder Buyer Guide

Whether it’s a light bulb that had to be replaced or repairs needed on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet, you will literally come up short without a ladder. And if you think about it, there are plenty of times when you’re going to need to climb a ladder.

It’s no wonder ladders are making their way into the majority of homes and offices. Gone to the days when only construction professionals climb ladders. This guide will help in choosing the best step ladder. With different styles, sizes and ratings, choosing the right ladder can mean the difference between a job well-done and serious injury. Don’t worry, you got this .

Task and Types of ladders

Think about your task and the style of ladder that best suits the job.

  • Stepladders use a standard a frame shape great for simple painting or changing a light bulb.
  • Extension ladders are designed to lean providing extended reach for higher tasks.
  • Multitask ladders combine both designs functioning as a step or extension ladder as needed.

These versatile models can adjust legs to different sizes or serve as a workhorse or scaffold with minor additions.


Think about the height you need to reach. Step ladders typically reach from four to 10 feet. Extension ladders reach 20 to 32 feet and multitask ladders fall between the two. Maximum safe reaching height is roughly four feet above the height of the ladder.


Ladders are available in aluminum and fiberglass. While aluminum ladders are lighter to carry, fiberglass models add increased durability. Fiberglass is also essential for electrical work due to lower conductivity.


Consider how much weight will be on the ladder. Ladders are safety rated to handle different durability and weight demands. A ladder designed for heavy construction will have a higher duty rating than a ladder used by a later person around the home.


Depending on your task, other climbing products may perform better. Steps tools are great for quick kitchen reach assistance. Telescoping ladders can fit in a car trunk or closet if spaces limit. Scaffolding and Work Platforms are best for stable long term work in high places.


In choosing a step ladder, you must consider its construction so your safety will not be compromised. Having a robust structure with functional features doesn’t mean it has to be pricey. All the products shared are made of durable high quality materials but are also affordable.

For every job, there is a ladder style, size and safety rating that’s just right for you. With that knowledge in your pocket, choosing the right one for your next job just got easier.

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