6 Best Garage Floor Containment Mats (Reviewed 2021)

Although they may not be a good solution for longterm, garage floor containment mats are sure the best and quick-fix garage flooring options. Garage containment mats not only spruces up your garage floor; they also protect the garage floor.

Among the many garage flooring options, garage mats are the cheapest and they are also very easy to install. The only thing needed is preparation and you’re good to roll out the garage floor mats. They are perfect if you are on a budget.

With so many garage floor mats available on the market today, how do you identify which one would be the best for your garage floor? In this review, I have included six of the best garage floor containment mats that offer both durability and quality.

Large Rubber Mats for Garage Floors

AutoFloorGuard AFG8520 Black 8'6" x 20' SUV/Truck Size Containment MatCHECK PRICE
Armor All AAGFMC17 Charcoal 17' x 7'4" Garage Floor MatCHECK PRICE
TruContain HD Containment Mat -33% Heavier Fabric (8'6" x 22' HD)CHECK PRICE
Auto Care Products 60049 Clean Park 4.5' x 9' Motorcycle/Golf Cart Garage Mat with 20-mil Vinyl SheetingCHECK PRICE
IncStores Garage Roll Out Parking Mats Standard Grade NitroCHECK PRICE
  1. AutoFloorGuard AFG8520 Black 8’6″ x 20′ SUV/Truck Size Containment Mat


Made of polyester material, this garage containment mat is what every garage owner who doesn’t have time for adding epoxy which comes with lots of preparations needs. The material used to construct this mat is very strong and thus no water will pass through.

The AutoFloorGuard containment mat also known as ATG is one of the best mats for snowy seasons. It will offer your garage floor maximum protection since water will not slip into the mat. Another lovable feature by homeowners is the installation. Actually this containment mat does not need any installation process. All you need to do is unfold it and put it on the garage floor, that’s it.

Although it does not come in one color thus nor providing different color option, this garage floor mat is perfect as it comes in various sizes. You are guaranteed to find one that will perfectly fit the garage floor fully.

Cleaning the AutoFloorGuard has been made easier by the manufacturer. Has a bonus, it comes with squeegee specifically made for this mat. Moreover, this mat is durable and efficient. It is also resistant to mold and mildew protecting the garage floor against mud, snow oil spills.


  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Efficient.


  • Need adhesive so as to stay in place.


2. Armor All AAGFMC17 Charcoal 17′ x 7’4″ Garage Floor Mat


You’ve probably heard of the name Amor while purchasing one of your home improvement gadgets. This brand is not a new one in the market. They have been existent for long and known to make the best products. That is why you will not go wrong with the Amor All garage mat.

Among all the garage floor mats on this list, the Amor All garage mat is the most beautiful and eye-catching garage containment mat. It is aesthetically-pleasing you will think it is not meant for a garage floor. If your garage floor is all damaged and needs a fresh look, then Amor All garage mat should be your go-to.

The Amor All garage mat is engineered to absorb any moisture to keep your garage dry at all times. Live in an area prone to snow? Worry not because the Amor All garage mat also acts as a snow mat. This efficiency ensures your garage is always dry and will not keep any moisture thereby prevents molds and mildew buildup.

Another superior quality of this garage floor mat is the environment-friendly nature. This is made possible by the materials used to construct it. It is made using recycled fibres and not only that, the Amor All garage mat is free of phthalate.

This is a perfect containment mat for the lazy folks because installation is a breeze. You only need to ensure the garage floor is clean and you roll it over. You can easily clean this garage mat without any hassle using many options such as pressure washing and even you can vacuum clean it.


  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Beautiful.
  • Anti-resistant.
  • Anti-skid.


  • Needs constant maintenance.
  • Expensive.


  1. TruContain HD Containment Mat -33% Heavier Fabric (8’6″ x 22′ HD)


If you are on the lookout for perfect containment mat for winter, the Truecontain mat is probably the best choice. This garage floor mat has the ability of keeping snow and traces of water in an enclosed space. It is constructed in a way that gives you ample time to remove the water out of it before it spills.

Most containment mats are known to not last long because of excessive heat imposed on them by vehicles. However, with the Truecontain garage floor mat, you will not experience this problem. This is because it is constructed in a way that it can withstand any amount of heat without breaking. It sure is a long-lasting garage containment mat.

This containment garage mat is superb and efficient. This is because of its nature that it can contain snow, water and even salt ensuring your garage is super dry at all times. And if you have issues with molds and mildew piling up during cold winter, then the Truecontain will ensure you don’t experience such anymore.

Another important feature of this garage floor mat is the breeze installation. For starters, no tool is required. Just ensure your garage floor is clean and you can place it where needed. As a bonus, it comes with its own squeegee to enable you to remove water before it spills over.


  • Efficient.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.


  • Wrinkles over time.


  1. Auto Care Products 60049 Clean Park 4.5′ x 9′ Motorcycle/Golf Cart Garage Mat with 20-mil Vinyl Sheeting


Give your garage an elegant touch of vinyl with Auto Care Garage mat. This heavy duty garage floor mat boasts of its abilities to contain oil spills, water and mad common in garage floors. Available in different sizes, you can use the Auto Care Garage mat to park your vehicle and also to cover the entire garage floor.

The longevity of this garage floor mat is guaranteed because of the robust materials that were used to construct it. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and heat from the vehicle and will last for ages protecting the garage floor.

The Auto Care Garage mat has compression snaps. This feature is important when it comes to installation since they can snap easily on the edges making installation process breeze. This containment mat has low-cost maintenance, since it is resistant to rust. Just sweep the dirt once in a while and pressure wash it monthly.

If you have heavy vehicle and other equipment, then Auto Care Garage mat should be on your bucket list. Though it is cheap, it has features that make it durable and perfect if you’re looking for a long-lasting garage containment mat.


  • Resistant to skid.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Efficient.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.


  • None.


  1. IncStores Garage Roll Out Parking Mats Standard Grade Nitro


This list would not have been complete without roll out garage floor mats. The fact that you can play around with the designs makes roll out mats outstanding. They are available as diamond, ribbed or even coin styles. Check out this article to read more on roll out mats.

As like the other containment mats, IncoStores Garage rollout out parking mats also play an integral part when it comes to offering your garage floor maximum protection and better aesthetics. They are the greatest if you are looking to achieve better looks in any parking area.

This particular type has ribbed style. This ensures any accidents caused due to slips are contained. This is prone in garages where you have many cases of oil and chemical spillage that can cause accidents. They are also known to last longer remaining intact due to vinyl material used in its construction.

The IncoStores Garage rollout out parking mat is very easy to install since you have to only clean up the space and roll-it out. Maintenance is also very easy because the material is not as thick. Use the right detergents and a brush and it will be clean as new.


  • Durable
  • Beautiful.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Efficient.


  • It has a strong odor.


  1. Shield Family Floor Protector – Premium Absorbent Oil Mat 


Just as the name suggests, the Club clean shield is one of the best garage containment mat for absorbing oil and other chemical spillage. This garage floor mat will ensure your garage humidity is contained since it is waterproof and you will drain water out of it easily without penetrating into the garage floor.

The lightweight nature of the Club clean shield is something that goes unnoticed. This is because you can move it with ease from one place to another. Moreover, you can take it out and wash it separately if you prefer it that way. This is contrary to other mats which are bulky and the only time to remove it when you want to do away with it.

The construction of this containment mat is impeccable. Even though it is very light, it is super strong and tough too. It has impermeable membrane and will not leak no matter what. It is just amazing. It can act as the best mat for ice, dust, water and even dust since it traps everything.

Cleaning it is very easy, just dust it and it can even be pressure washed. Just like the other containment mats on this list, the Club clean shield is very easy to install. No special tools required although you might use adhesives to make it stick.


  • Impermeable
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Can shrink in the beginning.


Best Garage Floor Containment Mats Buying Guide

Material used in construction

This is very vital when shopping for a garage floor containment mat. There are many types of mats each with a different type of material. For this, you are not only looking for aesthetics, but durability as well. The best types include PVC, Vinyl and also Polyester. These types are waterproof and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Purpose of the mat

Garage floor mats come in various uses. Some act best as motorcycle mats while others can help when parking vehicle. Also, you can still get one large enough to cover the whole garage space and acts as a carpet. You might be also on the lookout for mats that can be used to contain snow and water during winter period.


As started in the first paragraph, garage floor mats do not offer a long term flooring solution nor do they add any value for resale like vinyl flooring or even applying tiles. But still, you will want a high quality garage mat that will last for long before considering other flooring options. Read my other article here on the different kinds of flooring options for your garage.

Safety features

As we all know, most accidents tend to occur in garage and almost all of them are caused by slippery floors. This is common in epoxy that is almost wearing out. They become too shiny and dangerous. Same applies to garage mats. Once any fluid passes through, boom! you can slip and fall.

Check the label to find the anti-slip property. Also the design and material used in the constriction should come in handy. If you see something like diamond or coin or even ribbed in the details, then that is the go-to containment mat. If you like keeping pets inside your garage, check to ensure the materials used in the construction are non-toxic.

Style and design

An appealing garage will automatically boost productivity especially for DIY enthusiasts like me. No one like spending long hours in an ‘ugly’ looking garage with all worn-out floor. That is why you should look for something interesting that will brighten and enhance the looks in the garage.  If you are a minimalist choose a black-colored with beautiful design and patterns. If you love lots of colors, there are so many colors to choose from.


Let’s face it, cleaning a garage full of stuff is a daunting task and tiring. Your living space that needs regular cleaning and the garage can be left out since it is not occupied. But still, you will want to keep your garage area clean and do thorough cleaning once in a while. Choose a mat that is easy to clean and it can dry quickly without losing its texture and form.


This is also another very important feature when choosing a garage floor containment mat, comfortability. Go for one with better cushioning better yet, anti-fatigue ones so that you can comfortably do your projects without getting tired if you working on something that needs long hours of standing.



If you are on a limited budget, then make sure your garage floor does not look worn out. Spruce it up with a containment mat which will not only add to the outwards looks of the garage floor, but it will also protect your vehicle and even motorbikes from harsh floors and rust.

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